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Best Rally Cars to Buy in the US in 2020

So, you’ve decided to become a rally car racer, and now you’re looking for one of the best rally cars to buy to indulge your latest hobby. Well, you’re in the right place. You have to start with a rally car that will help you master your skills.

Before you can become a pro, you should be comfortable as a beginner. Below are 5 of the best rally cars for beginners. Honing your racing skills is the number one thing to strive for to garner success. Accomplishing astounding wins starts with the best rally cars to practice with!

The 5 Best Rally Cars For Beginners

1. Redcat Racing Blackout XBE Pro


  • Sturdy, “Bashable” Design
  • Durable Chassis Cover
  • Tunable Gear + Shocks
  • Interchangeable Components
  • Waterproof Brushless ESC + Torque Steering


  • Minor Mechanical Deficits
  • Battery Operated/Charged
  • Constructed with Poly Material
  • Fast Wear + Tear

As a beginner, it’s wise to start with a rally car that can withstand bumps and crashes. The Redcat Blackout is equipped with steering hubs, gear boxes and suspension arms that all contribute to its innovative design. Each suspension arm can be utilized with any of the chassis corners.

The adaptive hub carriers can be used from all angles as well.

Redcat’s 3800KV RC540 brushless motor runs on pure power. With a waterproof build, this ready-to-run piece of equipment is ready for a challenge. The independent suspension capabilities will keep your Redcat stable and upright through challenging courses and rough terrain.

The shocks are protected with an oil-coated coil. No matter what your track of choice looks like, Redcat has an adjustable camber, toe-angle and ride height. If you plan on putting your Redcat through the ultimate durability challenge, be prepared to replace a few parts. While the overall design is comprised of stealthy materials, this racer is not entirely indestructible!

Even with regular usage, you can expect to replace the shocks, and of course the battery! Certain components of the Redcat are made with aluminum, but other parts of its body are made with a plastic/poly material. Practicing all day sounds appealing, but expect to get approximately 30 mins of battery life. An extra battery pack will keep your Redcat running longer.

For beginners, the Redcat is the best choice because of its general ease of use, design and sturdiness. This model is easy to control because of its low profile and speed index. The acceleration power is outstanding. The Redcat can certainly withstand aggressive handling.

2. Exceed RC 1/10 2.4Ghz Electric Rally Monster Rally Truck


  • 4WD
  • Electric Power
  • Light Suspension
  • Long Battery Life


  • Necessary upgrades
  • Sensitive frame
  • Basic starter accessories

The Exceed RC Rally Monster is ready-to-run. This high-performance package sports 4-wheel drive and is completely assembled with a group of quality materials. The aluminum alloy gives the Rally Monster impressive performance standards. The differential design makes it easy to access the interior components for quick repairs and maintenance. Lightweight suspensions creates quick suspension response.

Capable of accepting challenged both on and off road, the Rally Monster handles well With notable speed capabilities, the brushed design has minor flaws in its torque power. Regardless, the features for a beginner driver are stellar. Handling Lipos with this Rally Monster will be something that every driver must learn to master

Be mindful of your choice of terrain, while the Rally Monster is adjustable, looser tracks with debris might pose an issue. It can get lodged in the Exceed’s exposed interior parts. As you learn to master the flow of this rally car, powerslides and jumps will become smoother. The Rally Monster has reliable shocks for a variety of assisted jump combinations.

The Exceed is covered in a plastic, protective and waterproof body. It can withstand head-on collisions, but be mindful of its sensitive shocks. The built quality of the Exceed is another solid choice for beginners as it is responsive, easily controlled and fast!

3. VRX Racing RC Rally Car XR4


  • Slipper Clutch
  • Speed Controller
  • ”Bashable”
  • Easy Workability


  • Bashable But Not Durable
  • Low Traction
  • Spare Parts Are Scarce
  • Battery Life

The VRX wins for being the most beginner friendly. The VRX sports oil-filled shocks that are equipped with metal caps for added protection and durability. The plastic body is “bashable”. This rally car can reach speeds of up to 27mph with a quickness, but it exerts a large amount of energy in doing so.

Runtime will be low, so an extra battery package is a must. The VRX is perfect for short practice spurts. The Brushless 3000kV motor complements the low voltage of the VRX.

The VRX is constructed with a metal shaft and runs on electricity. To get started, insert eight AA batteries. 4WD Drivetrain gives the VRX moderate turning capabilities, but the movable chassis causes lean and can lead to traction roll. Test your skills on high-bite surfaces with the VRX!

With moderate suspension, the VRX can handle a few large jumps, but does better with landings and recuperation. The body of the car is on the heavier side, which leaves it susceptible to flipping over. On the plus side, the VRX is readily able to handle different ground textures.

Performance varies amongst each one, but is still impressive nonetheless. The soft insert tires make for hard surface challenge, but the VRX’s tires thrive on dirt tracks because of better traction grip. Suspension settings will be most attractive and effective while on off-road bashing courses.

While spare parts might be hard to come by, the VRX won’t need them too often. The combination of exterior plastic materials is strongly configured and does well to protect the rally car! When driving the VRX, keep up with maintenance to ensure all parts are in place and not loose. This tends to happen on the wheel nuts.

The VRX has some of the best notable tires straight out of the box. The smaller body design contributes to speed and absorbing big jumps for smooth landings.

4. Traxxas Slash 1/10 Scale Short Course Racing Truck


  • Water-sealed Receiver Box
  • Torque-Control
  • TQ Radio System
  • Long-lasting Performance


  • Battery Life
  • Sensitive Axles
  • Faulty Charging System

The Traxxas Slash is yet another outstanding beginner’s rally car. The off-road, ready-to-race, durability of the Traxxas is perfect for short-course racing. This vehicle packs power, 900+ horsepower to be exact. With a full throttle engine and enhanced suspension, this racer can handle intense spurts of playtime. High-speed capabilities assist in completing jumps that catch nothing but air. The power-slides deflect dirt and debris and offer excellent traction.

4-wheel suspension mimics that of an actual vehicle, giving the Traxxas excellent, familiar handling qualities. The oil-filled shocks aid in absorbing the bumps from a challenging terrain course. The advanced tire tread provides versatile grip on a variety of textures.

The fender of the Traxxas Slash protect the tires, adding an extra layer of bashable coverage. Sealed electric components are hidden from the elements, making Traxxas one of the most reliable beginner’s vehicles yet. It can withstand any conditions. Each covered part is still accessible and easy to maintain.

The Titan 12T 550 motor contributes to the long-lasting performance of the Traxxas. Complete with cooling fans, the vented airways will keep your Traxxas from overheating which results in an extended motor life and overall longer durability and performance.

5. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler


  • Multi-Link Suspension
  • Aluminum-Capped Shocks
  • NiMH Battery + Charger


  • Will Need Battery Upgrades After Prolonged Use
  • Sensitive Drive Shaft
  • Unreliable Bashable Quality
  • Exposed Gearbox
  • Speed

The Redcat Everest-10 has excellent crawl control and great suspension.Both the suspension and drivetrain are protected with metal for added durability. This rally car is ideal for beginners because of its ability to scale and conquer the roughest paths and terrains. The 54T brushed motor paired with the high-torque steering gives the Everest-10 its monstrous ability. The Everest-10 has telescoping shafts that drive power to all axles.

The oversized tires are dependable and kept firmly in place by beadlock rings. If you’re a beginner looking to scale steep mountainous tracks, then the Everest-10 is the perfect match. The Everest-10 is ready to run, simply insert 4-AA batteries and you’re set to crawl.

The Everest can be customized with add-ons that further showcase its power and performance. While this rally car sports specific aluminum components, the plastic outer shell is durable enough to withstand mild bashing and crashed. Many of the plastic features can be upgraded for substantial improvements.

The links and shocks are adjustable. For a softer suspension, elongate your wheel base. The 4WD gives the Everest-10 a flexible advantage. The turn radius and traction on different textured surfaces can be comfortably accommodate. The Everest-10 is driven from a single motor.

Of all the rally cars for beginners, the Everest-10 is not built for speed, but scalability and challenging terrain ability. If you are more interested in rally racers that are designed for endurance challenges, the Everest-10 will accommodate all beginner’s level performance milestones.

Best Rally Cars FAQs

How Do I Choose The Right Rally Car?

When choosing your RC vehicle, you should consider a few factors like durability, longevity, speed and size. Design is also important depending on what you’d like to use your rally car for. While there are an array of different brands to choose from, as long as you are getting all the qualities you’re looking for, you can’t possibly select the wrong brand or vehicle.

If you still can’t decide which vehicle is best for you, you can work backwards and start by researching the ones that aren’t right for you. You can do this by considering your skill level, factoring in where you’ll be using your RC vehicle the most, whether or not you plan to get involved with bashing or racing matches, and understanding the differences between the variety of features that each vehicle is

known for.

If you are just curious about RC Rally Cars, there are a number of helpful forums that you can consult to further understand the qualities of each vehicle. Checking reviews is important, but not always necessary. In the end, the epxerience you have with your chosen RC car will be entirely unique to you and your rally car hobby!

What Are The Different RC Models?

RCs can come in car, truck and buggy models. These three are the most common. Rally cars are best known for their speed, and they perform the best when on flat, straight surfaces. Rally cars don’t do too well on off-road courses.

RC trucks, otherwise known as climbers or crawlers, are like miniature monster trucks. They can climb, and cut through rough terrain and surfaces. You can choose between a Monster

Truck or a Stadium Truck design.

Making ths final choice between these two designs is up to you and your detailed checklist! If you know you’ll be taking your RC off-road and across heavy duty obstacles, then a truck would be suitable for you. The durable, powerful design of an RC truck means you can challenge its “bashable” limits as well as its ability to withstand the elements.

Be sure to look into the waterproof and weatherproof components of whichever RC truck you choose. Some designs do a better job of keeping sensitive parts covered up and protected from the amount of debris that can get trapped inside your trucks sensitive capsules.

Finally, RC buggies are for just about everything. They’re capable of going both on and off-road. So, if you want a combination of both a car and a truck, consider checking out a buggy! These vehicles absorb shock extremely well, which gives them the power to scale uneven, jagged surfaces with ease. You can drive on pretty much any texture, including grass.

Essentially, a buggy would be the most beginner friendly out of the three becuase of its unique qualities. It can do a little bit of everything, which is perfect for someone who doesn’t quite understand the art of RC racing just yet.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular RC Brands?

The list above includes Traxxas and Exceed racers. These brands produce RC cars that are high-quality, speed demons that are also inexpensive and extremely beginner friendly.

For the most part, these designs are capable of lasting for a significant amount of time, and they’ll do everything that you might have on your beginner’s list. If you find yourself thoroughly enjoying the RC hobby, you can thank both Traxxas and Exceed brands for allowing you to get your start!

What’s The Difference Between A Brushed and Brushless Motor?

Ideally, complete beginners should start with a brushed motor, but it isn’t mandatory. They’re called brushed motors because they use actual brushes to create electricity, which is what propels your RC racer forward. Brushed motors aren’t as powerful, and they can only exert so much energy.

Brushed motors are perfect for new RC drivers, but there are several brushless motors that are excellent for new hobbyist. You’ll get the full experience at a cheaper price. After experimenting with that, you can decide if you’re ready to upgrade to a brushless motor.

A brushless motor is more efficient becuase it doesn’t need to use as much energy to move. Brushless motors don’t have a fixed speed cap like many brushed motors would. These RCs can move faster with a larger push of power. Brushes will eventually wear out and need replacement, but with a brushless motor, this won’t ever be the case.

As you learn the ins and outs of RC racing, you’ll eventually want to upgrade to a brushless motor. These are harder to drive for beginners becuase of the amount of control the driver has over the vehicle. Basically, it takes skill. Brushless motors are far more sensitive.

What About Batteries?

Pretty much every RC racer that is beginner friendly will take batteries. However, not just any battery. Some RCs come with LiPo batteries. These are meant to be long lasting and power packing. LiPo batteries can produce 3.7 volts.

While LiPo batteries are on the expensive side, their power capacity ensures your racer has the ultimate experience. You won’t have to worry about depleting power while you’re in the midst of an epic practice run or even a full on race.

There’s also Ni-Mh batteries. These are quite beginner friendly. They’ll need to be charged to completion before use. They aren’t as powerful as their LiPo counterparts, they only release 1.2 volts. It’s important to note that each battery type will add some weight to your RC car, but that’s usually something you can observe prior to purchasing if you do your research.

Both LiPo and Mi-Nh batteries require special attention, they are unlike your average AA. Be careful not to damage them, they’re sensitive and will short-circuit easily.

Should I Get A 2WD or 4WD?

If you’re a beginner, you should start with a 2WD. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also slower and easier to control which means they’re less likely to break. Overall, practicing with a 2WD will actually help prepare you for a 4WD racer.

As soon as you’re comfortable with your 2WD skills, and all the other features that are necessary for RC mastery, you can reward yourself with a 4WD! Racers with 4WD capacity have better road grip and traction, they’re also very aggresive. You might feel as though you aren’t in control of your RC when you first make the switch, but practice makes perfect.

Overall, RC Rally Racing is what you make of it. Choosing the right vehicle is only part of the overall experiene you will have with these fun, thrilling and innovative little cars. Whether you’re looking to make a hobby out of it, or if you’re trying to master your skills for future competition, RC rally racing takes practice, and it’s important to start with the best rally car to achieve your pro-racing dreams. Happy Racing!


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