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Best Multimeter (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Multimeter (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

The best multimeter is able to troubleshoot electrical problems, give accurate readings when making electrical measurements, reading the temperature, or checking the RPM rate. Other features are also expected from the top multimeters, such as those that enable users to handle their operations with ease, as well as a number of protective measures to ensure safety. And as expected, the overall quality of these tools is critical as with anything else worth buying. Below is the list of best multimeters you can consider buying.

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The Best Multimeter (Automotive and Digital)

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1. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Innova 3320 in a handheld multimeter with a number of attractive features that make it one of the best options available. The digital screen at the top acts as an indicator during troubleshooting of whatever electrical problems it encounters. What is immediately noticeable are the protective rubber guards that prevent damage in the case of an accident, so that the quality of the make is aided even further in order to ensure the multimeter can be used for a while.

Reverse polarity protection is one interior feature that adds longevity and security to a product that could risk burning out from entering into contact with as much electrical fluctuation as it does. Built-in straps allow for hands-free testing and optimum security and convenience.


  • Great troubleshooter
  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to handle
  • Various safety measures


Does not read the temperature


Although the manufacturing company, Innova, offers other models with additional features, this is a great tool for the affordable price at which it comes, and it will perform excellently for the majority of jobs for which multimeters are needed. With added measures for safety, it is also ideal for non-technicians who want to go it alone and solve issues without professional help.


2. Etekcity MSR-U1000 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


Etekcity MSR-U1000 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

For a digital multimeter with as much range in what the display shows as what it can actually do, then you have that in the Etekcity’s rather compact handheld model, and that’s not all. This device is able to test AC/DC voltage and electrical current, which it then shows on the LCD screen, bright enough to display at night or in dark locations. It can also test resistance and capacitance in much the same way as it does the former. Frequency and frequency response can easily be assessed, as well as checking duty ratios.

Other functions include diode and continuity testing that is just as easy and well communicated through its LCD readings as it does everything else. Auto-ranging scales go to show just how much effort the features of this multimeter make life easier for all users. The “Data Hold” function also goes to show how clever the interior workings areas this keeps measurements in display and makes it easier to read operations. The toughly built device also comes with a red rubber bumper that protects it from damage.

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  • Large and easy to read display
  • Multiple reading and testing capabilities
  • Automatic sleep mode


Continuity buzzer slow


You might be tempted to claim that this multimeter can do everything. With the range of features it covers, all of which can be tested in such a way that is quick and easy, the Etekcity also manages to be as diverse in convenience and quality as it is in functionality.


3. Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter


Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimete

As a powerful and versatile tool, the AM-510 model is able to deliver on high expectancy, this being verifiable by the high voltage amounts it can safely take. Verified with a safety rating, the multimeter is able to measure voltages of up to 600V of AC/DC current or 10 amps of the same. It is also able to measure resistance to 40 mega ohms and capacitance of up to 100 microfarads.

Completing its reading capabilities is the all-important frequency measurement of up to 10 MHz, measurements of up to 4,000 microamps, and duty cycles to 99%. The LCD display, which gives a clear and easy reading of all of the aforementioned measurements, has a back light that allows for visibility in dark places.


  • Rubber enclosure for protection
  • Diverse measurement capacity
  • User manual included in package


Outlets tough to use


What is apparent from what this multimeter has to offer is that it is fit for use as both a residential multimeter, something home, and car owners can use on their own to solve lighter problems, as well as a sophisticated tool for commercial use, due to the extent of its features. It is by no means perfect, but at the same time, it is as every bit complete as you would expect of a product of its quality.


4. Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter

Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter

The Mastech multimeter stretches the number of what you would expect from a digital multimeter, such as the highly attractive 1,000V AC/DC measuring capacity, a number that extends its suitability beyond that of the average household or vehicle electrical troubleshooting operation. The consistency of these high numbers continues with its capability to measure up to 200Khz of frequency, 40 megaohms of resistance, and a diode check continuity function.

The LED display is easy to read, enabling quick use as operations ensue, and with the backlighting, using the multimeter in dark locations will not be a problem. Also featured is a unique sound warning function that alerts users when incorrect banana jacks are used, something that not only makes usage safe, but it also simplifies things for the inexperienced user. An auto power-off function helps conserve battery life while not in use.


  • High voltage measurement capacity
  • Rubber enclosure for protection
  • Convenient and easy to use


Probes difficult to use


Suitable for some of the tougher jobs, as testified by the impressive numbers this multimeter is able to handle, there is a need for heightened security and safety measurements, and these too are not lacking in the many features the Mastech MS8268 includes. As a bonus, it is also fairly easy to use, so that it is, all-in-all, a complete and fully functional device.

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5. Tekpower TP7244L 7-Function 20-Range Analog Multimeter


Tekpower TP7244L 7-Function 20-Range Analog Multimeter

The Tekpower specializes in low-voltage and current measurement, boasting the most accurate readings, something the average multimeter is not able to do with as much precision as this analog multimeter. Starting off with the ability to measure voltages as low as 10V DC, the device is able to maintain its accuracy at voltages as low 0.1V, all while maintaining its accuracy. The same precision for the more neglected smaller number is extended in the device’s ability to measure current as is evident by its ability to measure even just a few microamps with its 50 microamp range.

Resistance, continuity, and diode tests are all functions this multimeter is capable of with as much accuracy as would be expected from a high-quality product. The device runs on two AA battery that can be easily found and replaced at an affordable price.


  • Accurate measurements for low voltages and current
  • Various functions
  • Lightweight and easy to use


No backlight for dark places or nighttime use


With a device that claims a figure of 10 hours of continuous use, the question as to whether it is worth using it for that long is key to determining whether that figure is a selling point or an utterly uninteresting number. By specializing in measuring low voltages and currents with an accuracy of 3%, something that is simply hard to find, it is clear to see that there are many who will appreciate its extensive working hours.


6. Fluke 177 ESFP True RMS Digital Multimeter


Fluke 177 ESFP True RMS Digital Multimeter

With its slender design, and fitted with support at the back to allow for hands-free operation, this digital multimeter is quick to catch the eye, leaving its functions to justify this attractive look. An accuracy percentage rate of 0.09 percent when measuring voltage, measuring up to 1,000V, it is hard not to admit that the primary functions of this troubleshooting device are not impressive.

It comes with a safety rating for both the aforementioned 1,000V capability as well as a high 600V rating that means it is safe to use when in contact with such high electrical charges. With a bright LCD display, users are easily able to read measurements of other functions, such as the amp measurement the automatic range allows.


  • Highly accurate measurement
  • Hands-free capability
  • Light and easy to handle
  • 6,000 counts display capability


Probes do not include clips


More than anything else, the Fluke 177 can best be described as a quality product, one that does justice to its great exterior design, an aspect that might just lead many to opt for this without much thought. Nothing to regret buying here.


7. Tacklife DM02A Classic Digital Multimeter



Tacklife DM02A Classic Digital Multimeter

Able to measure up to 600V of AC/DC current with an accuracy percentage rate of 0.8% at its lowest and 0.5% at best, it is clear that the Tacklife DM02A multimeter is as capable as it is easy to use. With the simple and straightforward auto-ranging function, measuring frequency and resistance is made easy, not to mention the 1.5% accuracy rating on the former and the 0.8% best accuracy rating on the latter. The LCD screen at the top of the unit has a clear display, with a backlight for locations and times with restricted light, and its utility can be appreciated even more thanks to the “Data Hold” function.

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  • Compact and easy to handle
  • 9V battery
  • High voltage measurement capability
  • The precise accuracy percentage rating


Backlight stays on for a short amount of time


For a handy multimeter that is capable of performing all the many functions expected from such devices, this is a great option, and the fact that it measures all that it can with the percentages it boasts just goes to show that it is able to do the job better than any other product available.


8. ELIKE T-92 Self-Recovery Digital Multimeter

ELIKE T-92 Self-Recovery Digital Multimeter

Diversity does not come better encased than within the confines of this handheld digital multimeter. Though it has a tried and tested safety rating for up to 600V, with careful and experienced users, the multimeter is also able to accurately measure up to 1000V. It has overload protection, as one safety measurement, it can stand alone when needed, and it has an audible continuity function that confirms that the circuit conducts electricity. Featuring something you do not usually see, the multimeter has an infrared detector that can troubleshoot IR transmitters without the need to connect any one of its two probes.


  • Includes clamp meters
  • High voltage capacity measurement
  • Clear digital display
  • Self-recovery protection
  • Auto power-off function


Not as compact as others


The Elike T-92’s bulky size can be pardoned once you consider all that it can do. From performing all the standard functions with as much accuracy as needed, it adds on other features that the competitors simply do not have, making the size understandable and one of the best available multimeters.

Conclusion for Best Multimeter

Different multimeters specialize in different needs. Where one strives to handle the highest of electrical voltages, other works to provide accurate readings for low currents, and so on. All of the above share common features, the essentials of what makes a multimeter, and they are all of high quality, but determining which is best depends on where they are to be used and who is to use them.

In any case, flexibility is often a test of the best products, and these seem to always want their limits to be tested.

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