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Best Car Window Shade (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Car Window Shade (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Clear windows aren’t really great for car passengers when the sun is shining brightly. Window tints can help, but the legal issues can be a tad complicated. Car window shades, on the other hand, are simple and quite useful. You can even leave them on when you park the car so that the interiors are protected from the sunlight and the inside isn’t as hot when you return to the car.  However, not all car window shades are the same thus we have the list below of the best car window shade you can choose from.

The Best Car Window Shade

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1. Veneev Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window

This is a 3-piece set, with 2 sidecar window shades measuring 20 by 12 inches. The 3rd is for the rear window and it measures 30.3 by 19.6 inches. There’s a free pouch for the pair of side window shades, and there’s even a free mat cover for the dashboard.

The side window shades are made from tough static material, so they will just stick to your window even without suction cups. You just need to first wipe the window with a cloth or paper towel and then you can firmly press the shade to the window. This works well and it also works on tinted windows.

The bigger rear window shade will need (and does have) suction cups. All 3 shades are foldable and will fit your car accessory organizer.


  • The shades offer SPF 30+ protection.
  • It also keeps the temperature inside the car from getting too warm.
  • It comes with nice freebies like a pouch and a dashboard cover.
  • It works with tinted windows and it won’t damage the tint when you peel it off.


  • You may want to moisten the suction cup first when you use the rear shade.

2. Enovoe Car Window Shade

If you have an SUV or a minivan (or even just a full-sized car), then you may feel that the regular-sized side window shades may be a bit too small. If that’s the case, then you may want to get this 3-pack from Enovoe instead.

The Enovoe does have 2 size options. For the bigger, you have this large size that measures 21 (actually 20.25) by 14 inches. The smaller option only measures 189 by 12 inches.

You just set the material to your car window, and then you can press on it. That’s it. The static material is naturally clingy, so it will stick with suction cups or adhesives. It’s work on tinted windows, too.

When you’re not using it, you can just as easily peel it off. It won’t leave ugly marks on the windows and your window tent won’t be damaged.


  • The mesh material will block up to 97% of the UV rays so that you don’t get a sunburn.
  • It’s very sturdy, so it won’t wear down quickly.
  • It’s easy enough to put up or reposition.
  • It’s great if you have fussy kids inside the car.
  • It has options for bigger or smaller cars.
  • There’s a free pouch as well as an ebook with extra tips on how to keep kids safe from heat during car trips.
  • There’s a lifetime money-back, “no questions asked” guarantee. In fact, you may get not just a refund when you ask for it but you may also get free sun shades from Enovoe for your troubles.
  • They even set aside 5% of their profits for charities that help children.
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  • Like most other car window shades, these won’t allow you to roll down your window when the shades are in use.
  • Since it uses mesh material, it doesn’t totally block out the sunlight. That may reduce its effectiveness if you use it when you park your car under the sun.

3. Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

Some mesh materials are more effective in blocking out the sun than others. Perhaps the most effective is the 80GSM mesh material used for this Kinder Fluff window shade. It features the smallest holes through which the UV rays can pass through, so its protection blocks up to 98% of the UV rays.

It’s larger than usual at 20 by 12 inches, although you can put it on diagonally for smaller windows. It comes with a clingy side, which you can just press on the window so it will stick. You just need to wipe down the window first with a damp cloth because the static material isn’t as clingy when the window surface is dusty.

It comes with 3 pieces, so it can be used for the front passenger side and the 2 rear side windows. When you’re done using it, you can then fold it so it will fit its pouch, which measures 6 by 4.6 inches (and 1 inch thick).


  • It’s very easy to put up on your windows.
  • To remove it, you just peel it off.
  • It works well with tinted windows.
  • It really blocks the UV rays, the heat, and the glare.
  • It comes with a small pouch.


  • You may have to practice folding it before you get it to fit back into the pouch.
  • It may be too dark to use on the driver’s side window, as it may impair visibility.

4. TFY Car Window Sun Shade

If you think that most car window sun shades are the same, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the innovative TFY shade. This is just for a single car window, but it features 2 shades that work like fat arms of a clock. You can then arrange them at any angle you want that will fit, or double them on top of one another so that you get double the protection from the glare.

The pivot sticks to the window, while the shades use mesh material to reduce the sunlight that comes into your car interior. Singly, the shade reduces the heat and the glare while still offering good visibility through the mesh. That makes it suitable for use on the driver side window.

It holds its position very well, so you don’t have to keep adjusting it. The suction cup also works fine as long as you keep the car window free of dust before you stick this on.

This is very lightweight, but it is surprisingly durable. It’s very easy to forget that the shades are there so you may roll down the car window unthinkingly. It will bend due to the pressure, but it will pop back in the proper form right away


  • This offers good visibility so it can be used for the driver’s side window.
  • It really can help with the glare, and you can double the protection if you want.
  • It’s adjustable, so you can adjust it as the sun moves in the sky.
  • The large suction cup keeps in place for long periods of time when you clean the spot you’re going to stick it on first.
  • It’s very durable.
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  • One purchase is only good for a single window.
  • UV protection and heat reduction may not be enough for really hot locations.

5. MDW 4 Pcs Improved Version Adjustable Universal Fit Car Side Window

Most of the time, your standard car window shade comes with a rectangular design that’s smaller than the area of the window. This means that there are spaces around it where the sunlight can go through. However, with these MDW shades, you get full cover for the window because its shape is designed for the back seat windows. You won’t have to be careful in how you sit so that the shade is always between you and the sun.

There’s another unique feature for the MDW—it is placed on the outside of the window. That means you won’t have to be careful when you roll down the window, because it won’t damage the shade. It uses Velcro to keep it in place.

With this 4-piece pack, you then have covers for all the windows, which also helps if you’ve no choice but to park it under the sun. But these screens also allow you to keep the windows open when you park it in a secure place since the screens can let in air while they keep the bugs out.


  • The mesh material is almost solid, so it really blocks the glare and the UV rays.
  • Since it’s installed on the outside, you can roll down your car windows any time you like.
  • It fits most cars and SUVs, and it’s adjustable as well.
  • It keeps bugs out but can let in air through.
  • You have screens for all side windows.


  • You can’t put it on or remove the screens while the car is moving.
  • They don’t really fit truck windows.
  • It’s not really meant for front windows when you’re driving, as it blocks the visibility that drivers need for safety.

6. Jornolly Cling Car Window Shades

Once again we have a standard shape for our window shades, as they’re rectangular and the corners are rounded. These measure 19 by 12.5 inches, so it should fit on all window sizes.

These offer mesh material surrounded by a flexible frame. There’s a static clingy side which you then press against the window. It blocks the glare well enough, yet it still offers enough see-through visibility for safe use on front side windows.

When you’re done using it, you just peel it off and there won’t be any residue on your car windows.

These don’t really use suction cups, but there are 4 suction cups offered nonetheless as a backup. It also comes with a free bag for the 2 shades. To keep it working well, you should wipe the clingy side with a damp cloth so that you can remove the dust that can keep it from sticking to the windows.


  • It’s very easy to install these on your windows.
  • It does help reduce the glare from the sun.
  • It also offers good visibility for the driver.
  • It doesn’t leave marks on the window.
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  • There’s only a single pair, so you may need to buy another 2-pack if you have kids.
  • Very strong sunlight can still shine through.

7. Starlight and Sunny Easy Stick Window Sun Shade

These are very basic and simple car window shades. Each one features a frame that surrounds mesh material to reduce the glare of the sunlight. You have a suction cup on the left and right sides, and you stick them to the window. That’s it. You also have extra suction cups with your purchase.

This measures 17 by 14 inches, so you better check if it fits your windows. It’s more suited for the large squarish windows found in larger vehicles like SUVs. It offers SPF 30 protection against UV rays, but you can still see through it so you don’t get claustrophobic inside the car.

The only trouble here is that the suction cups can be somewhat finicky. The directions for use acknowledge this, which is why they recommend that you should put it in a cup of hot water for a few minutes first. Then you should stick it to a window surface until it cools. You only need to do this once, and not every time.


  • The larger 14-inch width of the car larger protection coverage from the sun.
  • It offers SPF 30 protection.
  • It’s easy to stick on or off.
  • It still offers good visibility for front windows.


  • The suction cups only work very well when it’s warm.
  • There are only 2 of them in this pack.

8. Luvdbaby Car Sun Shades

Here’s another window shade cover that doesn’t use suction cups. It comes with mesh material on one side and a static clingy side that you press to the window. It should fit most windows as it measures 19 by 12 inches.

When you’re done using them, you can just twist the shades into small circular disks, and then you can use the plastic envelope it came with as storage.


  • It should fit most car windows.
  • It’s very easy to put in the window.
  • It does reduce glare a lot.
  • It’s easy to store when you’re done using them.


  • There are only 2 of them for each purchase.
  • Some people may think it’s too small.
  • It’s also not dark enough for some folks.

Conclusion for The Best Car Window Shade

There are plenty of options when it comes to car window shades, so there’s absolutely no good reason why you can’t get them when the sun is shining brightly. It keeps you cool inside the car, reduces the glare, and lets kids use their tablets. It even helps your windshield cover keep your car cool when it’s parked. So get any one of these side window shades so you can all keep your cool inside the car.

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