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Best Roof Cargo Boxes (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Roof Cargo Boxes (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Planning to go on a short vacation on the weekend with your very own car and your family? In that case, you’ll surely need more space for your luggage inside your car. If you have decided to purchase a car-top carrier or roof cargo box a bunch of questions might have popped into your mind like which rooftop cargo box or carrier can perfectly meet your budget? Which one will provide you with optimum storage capacity? And most importantly which one can perfectly match your vehicle? Below is the list of best roof cargo boxes you can consider to buy.

The Best Roof Cargo Boxes

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10. Yakima Sky Box Pro

We will start with famous editor choice winner roof cargo box Yakima Sky Box Pro 16s from the brand Yakima. Yakima is famous for producing high-quality cargo boxes with easy to handle features.  The user-friendly stiff lid and dual-sided opening of this roof storage box will allow you to operate it with one hand.

If you own a medium-size car it is the perfect option for your smaller rooftop. It comes with a comparatively good price and provides you enough space for your extra cargos. Along with its stylish appearance with Titanium color glossy finish some extra details like its higher quality both sided latch handle, internal box pad and cargo net may leave you with no option to avoid the 16 cubic feet car-top box.

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Provide space for large loads up to 16 cubic feet volume

Perfect for hauling gear for up to 3 campers. Great for snowboards and skis up to 180cm.

Highly durable

Easy installation process

Provide enough space for long haul moves and suitable for ski hill trips

Doesn’t create noise up to 70 MPH


Scratches are found easily

Relatively heavy with a 47-pound weight

9. Thule Sonic Cargo Box


If you are looking for a cargo storage box for all trip purpose this can be a great option for you. This classy looking cargo box from the reputed brand Thule comes with great construction quality and a much reasonable price.

Its special features like dual side opening, stiff lid, pull chord and flange around the lock cylinder makes it convenient to operate. It also offers the best security options to the users with its smooth point latching system. As an all-rounder cargo storage box, it can be outlined as one of the best-selling units of 2016.


Shiny finish leaving no scratches and marks

Comparatively light in weight (40 pounds) makes it better on handling and less gas mileage usage

Makes very little noise up to the speed of 70 MPH

Easy to install on roof racks.


Unfit for skis over 155cm

8. Inno Shadow 16 Cargo Box, Matte Black

The next in our list is the Inno Shadow 16 Cargo Box. This elegant looking matt black finish low profile box is best fitted for large vehicles like Subaru Forester and SUV. Its dual-sided lock and button system allows quick opening and floppy lid of this car top cargo box requires both hands to operate it can take some trifling to get it closed.

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The additional molded base of the cargo makes it a much stiffer and stronger cargo storage box. This low profile, a slim-fitting box with 16 cubic feet load-carrying capacity requires low mileage cost and makes its one of the wisest option to pick and comes with much reasonable price. So, you are opting to a low parking garage and have a large vehicle this can be a great option for you.


It provides with comparatively quiet travel experience.

Perfect for larger gear and long skis

Much lighter in weight generates less gas mileage


Comparatively less secure due to its floppy lid

Little tough to mount on roof racks

Takes some trifling to get it closed due to its floppy lid.

7. Rhino Rack Master Fit 550


The next product in our list for you is from the Brand Rhino and model 550. The prominent feature of this model is an easy mounting system on a car roof rack and takes less than 5 minutes to install. This roof top storage box provides much larger capacity and can carry load up to 19.5 cubic feet of volume and best suited for larger vehicles like Subaru Forester.

The elegant matte silver finish with stylish appearance of this unit can help to keep your cargo cool on a hot summer day. So, if you are a citizen of a tropical country this cargo box can be the most suitable option for you.  If you need to transport a larger amount of stuff for business and other purpose, this could be a great option for you.


Easy to install, holds a lot of cargo.

Perfect for larger gear and long skis


Little unsatisfactory construction quality

Floppy lid makes it tough to close, open and lock the cargo box

6. Yakima Rocket Box Pro 14

We present to you another model of reputed Yakima brand and the model is Rocket Box Pro 14 which is cheaper than any other cargo box in this article. The best feature of this model is it is suitable for both large and small vehicles. It is much perfect for large vehicles like SUV, trucks, and wagons and provides with best carrying and easy installation features. It comes with a matte textured look with a slightly rounded and aerodynamic shape.

Its push-button latches, dual-sided opening and good locking features makes its much accessible, user-friendly and secure cargo box. So, in the case of performance and price this model can suit perfectly both your budget and expectation.


Can haul gear up to 3 campers

Suitable for skis up to 180cm’s in length

Easy installation process and large carrying capacity.


Little unsatisfactory construction quality

5. STELLAR 10203 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag


If you are planning to opt to a soft rooftop cargo carrier at much less cost than cargo boxes we suggest you first with the STELLAR Waterproof Cargo is one of the best car Top Cargo Bag and comes with waterproof features along with that will safeguard your cargos from wind, sun, rain and snowfall. This cargo carrier made of premium quality waterproof material provides easy storage and doesn’t need any roof rack for installing on the rooftop of your vehicle.

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So, if you are planning to purchase a good quality, user-friendly and waterproof car top carrier this unit can be a great option for you to pick.


Easy installation process

Secure attachment can be ensured with 8 perfect adjustable straps.

Made with good quality material.

Easy for loading and unloading cargos.


Comparatively less aerodynamic in shape

4. Lund 601016 Soft Pack Rooftop Bag


Our next item is from the Lund brand and comes with a water-repellant feature and best fitted for smaller vehicles. If you reside in a dry-weathered region this car top storage carrier can be the best option for you.


Easy installation process

Made with water repellant material.

It provides good storage.


Suited for only dry regions.

Unfit for regions with heavy rainfall.

3. Roof Bag Explorer Waterproof Rack


The nest item in our list is roof bag explorer which comes with shielding Roof Mats, Storage Bag and Heavy Straps and doesn’t need a cargo rack. It is best to fit larger vehicles. This carrier bag is made of high-quality construction material and free form any toxic material which makes the product environment-friendly. The unique seatbelt type design features of this rooftop storage carrier make it a quality product offering optimum security options. Another flexible feature of this roof cargo carrier is it can be installed on both vehicles having a roof rack or not having a one.

If you own a large vehicle and you have to travel through highways frequently this carrier bag can be a much suitable option as it provides you the best security options.


Easy installation process.

Easy storage features

Secure movement can be ensured even at the highway with seatbelt-type 3,000 pound strong straps.

Made with high-quality material.

Free from harmful materials

Easy for loading and unloading cargos.

Can be installed with rack and without rack system.

Shielding mat keeps roof safe and steady


Not suitable for smaller cars

2. Highland 10396 Black Rainproof Top Carrier

Here is the smallest rooftop carrier of our list of the brand Highland. This carrier with extra weather protection is designed mainly for areas with heavy rainfall is the bestselling cargo bag of Highland. This comes with carrying capacity of 15 cubic feet of stuffs. The built-in wheel at the bottom of the bag makes it easy to use as a luggage as well as a rooftop carrier. It comes with a good size that fits all types of roof racks system. The unique rainproof design feature of this cargo carrier makes it one of the best weather resistant cargo carrier. It also provides easy loading and unloading option for the user.

So, if you are a resident of heavy rainfall region this roof top storage carrier can be one of the best options for you offering you optimum security of your stuffs from the heavy rain. This efficient rainproof rooftop storage carrier can actually give you a chance to enjoy the ride in the rain not worrying about your stuffs and belongings.

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Rainproof design

Easy to install

Zipper closure system allows easy access.


Requires roof rack.

 1. Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

This is one of the best cargo carriers outlined for you from the famous brand Keeper and the model is 07203-1. This cargo carrier is best fitted for a smaller vehicle due to its expanding up feature and can accommodate a larger volume of stuffs. The main unique feature of the carrier is its high-quality waterproof feature which makes it comparatively durable. It requires a rooftop rack for installation and offers tight and secured storage options with strong straps. Soft-sided flex and good waterproof feature make this carrier one of the best car top carrier bags.

The brand value of the product ensures good quality of the product.  So, buyers having a roof rack on their vehicle looking for good durable water proof quality cargo carriers won’t regret at all by choosing this unit.


It provides large vehicle cargo space up to 15 cubic feet of volume.

Made with good quality material.

Provides easy storage capacity


Odd shape.

Requires roof rack.

Conclusion for the Best Roof Cargo Boxes

Finding the suitable and best-fitted rooftop cargo box and rooftop cargo carrier bag amidst a list of many is a complex job. We tried to provide you with enough information of varied cargo box and cargo carriers that might have helped you to find your required product matching your preference, budget, purpose and weather condition the region you are residing in.

We hope that our article helped you in the complex process to pick your best-suited car top box and car top carrier and it would be a great pleasure for us if you don’t need to move to another source before taking the final decision. We wish you luck in the process of finding the best cargo box or cargo carriers for your vehicle and hope so you will have a safe, comfortable, relaxed travel experience with your friends, family and obviously with your necessary pieces of stuff and belongings.

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