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Best Fog Lights for Cars (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Fog Lights for Cars (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

For vision impairment caused by fogs, powerful fog lights do the trick in helping a driver see the way ahead, more often than not. It is always useful to have fog lights available especially for those road areas that are particularly notorious in being always enshrouded with fogs thus it becomes more of a necessity than an accessory. When finding the best fog lights for either your car or truck, one needs to look for are if they can fit in your car and if they are powerful enough. Below are the best fog lights for cars which you can consider.

The Best Fog Lights for Cars

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1. Winjet Chevrolet Silverado Fog Lights

Winjet Chevrolet Silverado Fog Lights

This Winjet model of fog lights, sold as a complete pair, are specially made for Chevrolet models such as the Silverado, Suburban, or any other make of the exact same 6”x 4”x 4” dimensions. They are DOT certified, which is a good sign that the 12 volts, 37W halogen lights are of the required standard, guaranteeing that the lights serve their main purpose in piercing through mist and fog.


  • OE standard lights
  • Affordable


  • Light bulbs not brightest
  • Professional installation required


With the only downside being that these lights seem to need a little done with them after purchase, their overall quality is of a high standard, and as expected from buyers, they do the job of lighting up unclear roads decently enough. Considering their ability to deliver, and given their affordability, opting for these would be worthwhile.

2. Sunpie Led Fog Lights

Sunpie Led Fog Lights

Though these fog lights sell themselves as being made compatible with Jeep Wranglers, the round sized shapes make them ideal for a whole range of Jeep models, including Grand Cherokees, as well as being suitable for other car makes such as Chryslers and Dodges. The versatility in where they are fit is also shared in how they are used, as the lights can function as motorcycle headlamps, working lights, billboard spotlights, among other functions, not forgetting their main intended purpose as fog lights. The aluminum-covered LEDs have a voltage of 13.5V, and out power of 30W, and they are waterproof, all being just some of the factors that contribute to its 50,000-hour expected lifespan.


  • H4 socket for versatile use
  • High-performance lights
  • Color temperature 6000K


Difficult installation


With a product able to do so much, it is almost easy to forget that they are meant as fog lights, and that’s a good thing. Flexibility is often an indicator of capacity, and when it comes to the Sunpie fog lights, capacity is not lacking. With the bright illumination provided by the LED lights, buying a pair of these is sure to guarantee safe passage, no matter how thick the fog, making them simply worth the buy.

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3. KAWELL LED Work Light


These 2lb LED lights, though not made specifically for cars, work well as fog lights for off-road vehicles of any kind. The fact that they are easily installed on the frontal or lateral exterior of a car makes them suitable for any make, as well as functioning as lights for nighttime work on engineering vehicles, focus lights on specialized vehicles such as fire engines, and a wide range of other uses. Despite their brightness, the out power is relatively low, at 18W, making these lights as powerful as they are practical with regards to energy consumption. Covered in the standard aluminum put together by a mounting bracket of stainless steel, these lights are tightly protected, making them waterproof.


  • Optional 90° flood beam
  • Easy to mount
  • Variety of uses


Sealing not up to promised standard


The Kawell LED lights do a tremendous job of adding the convenience made possible by how easy they are to use to their base functionality, which is to illuminate dark and foggy environments, which they do undeniably well. They can easily be summed up as simple lights with extensive use, all for an affordable and secure buy.

4. Kaleep LED Fog Light

Kaleep LED Fog Light

Using CREE LED, the Kaleep is a bright, energy-saving multi-purpose focus light that can be installed on a car and used as a fog light. Its easily mountable structure makes it suitable for any car, truck, boat, or just pretty much anything that needs it, ensuring that you need only worry about its particular features rather than its suitability. With regards to its most essential feature, how brightly it shines, you can be assured that the 18W light illuminates as far as can be expected, and then a little more, no matter how thick the mist or fog ahead. Its aluminum body is built to be waterproof, dustproof, and even quakeproof, allowing users to travel freely without having to worry about them.


  • Up to 32V
  • Life-span of up to 50,000 hours
  • Adaptable
  • Affordable


Requires extra sealing


For all its different functions, and its ability to deliver on the more tasks required of it, the Kaleep LED lights are a great addition to the car, and in the event of any extra duties, they are a great tool to have around. Versatility is never anything to be underappreciated and that does not change with these affordable and practical lights.

5. Cadillac Escalade Fog Light

Cadillac Escalade Fog Light

This light assembly, a DOT certified product, is a great solution for those looking to fit powerful fog lights on their cars. As a complete set of two pieces, they have a great design that resembles Cadillac OEM lights so that they do not change the appearance of the car. The entire assembly is delivered complete, included light bulbs, and they are easily mounted without the help of a professional. The special coating painted over the lens ensures maximum illumination by preventing hazing and fading, adding to the effect of whatever light bulbs are installed.

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  • Easy to install
  • Specialized enhancing effect
  • Perfect fit for specified Cadillac model


Exterior needs extra sealing to prevent water from seeping in


The two-piece complete light assembly is specifically designed for a single purpose, and as long as you are not looking for anything different than what is promised by the company, it turns out to be a satisfying product. For Cadillac owners out there, replacing one of their original lights with this one will be an act soon forgotten, as its overall quality and appearance allow you to forget you had had them replaced.

6. AutoSmart Reverse Back-Up Fog Light

AutoSmart Reverse Back-Up Fog Light

When driving, most of the attention is focused on the road ahead, however, there are times when clarity is needed at the back, and if fog lights are only installed at the front of a car, this can be problematic. With the AutoSmart’s reverse backup lights, a great solution is provided, working to ensure reversing at night, no matter how thick the haze, isn’t as risky as it potentially could be. The already-bright LEDs have behind them a chrome reflector installed at the back of the lens, reflecting the light and adding power to already bright lights. They are also well sealed, protecting the inside of the piece from water and dust.


  • Quality material
  • Sonic welded lens
  • 9-16V operating range


  • Not compatible with all vehicles
  • Not as bright as front fog lights


Though not as bright as they come, the simple matter of the fact is that reversal lights do not need to be as bright as front lights since speeds are assumed to be slower for those going backward than those driving ahead. Other than this, the lights work well and are definitely worthwhile.

7. TURBOSII 4pcs Spot Beam

TURBOSII 4pcs Spot Beam

These two pairs of LED-fit sets can work as a great replacement to your car’s OEM light for a relatively affordable price. Ideal for various models of the Ford, Jeep, and Toyota makes, among others, they are highly adaptable and therefore cater to the needs of many car owners. The material used in the making of this product is also of high quality, which means buyers can rest assured the stainless steel and aluminum lens do not rust or break. The white light emitted by the LED passes through a tough glass that does as little as possible not to impede photon movement and the subsequent illumination of the road ahead.


  • Well sealed
  • Tough material
  • Adaptable for a number of cars


Lights not very durable

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It may seem to suffer a major setback, and one that is not expected from it, but the TURBOSII’s Spot Beam set is still a satisfyingly quality product that will last as long as it needs to, so long as you find a suitable light bulb replacement. Other than that, both the potency and flexibility should make it a no-brainer when looking for a fog light replacement.

8. STANSEN 4 pcs Fog Light

STANSEN 4 pcs Fog Light

Fitted with 9 LEDs each, these four pieces can be fixed anywhere on a car, making their customization as easy as it is to mount them. The round shapes are sealed in such a way that is supposed to make them waterproof. Their flexible mount also allows you to position the lights to cover as much of the ground as is convenient for your needs.


  • Over-under voltage protection
  • 6500K color temperature
  • Easy to use and adaptable
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • Lights do not last long
  • Lights not very bright


The Stansen light could do with a little more longevity since its 30,000-hour life expectancy isn’t the best out there, but it is still good enough for those looking for decent fog lights to pierce through a haze. Ideal for those who don’t want too much of a hassle in mounting them, also leaving whatever light the car comes with intact, this is the easiest solution.

Conclusion for the Best Fog Lights

When it comes to looking for fog lights, there are a lot of options out there, and the best way to decide on what you want is to simply choose what you need. If you need something flexible, something that will go anywhere on the exterior of your car, then there are plenty of options out there. If you need something more specific, something tailored to the dimensions allowed, then these two are not lacking and you should find what you need. Other than that, there are a few quality issues, with some makes excelling in some areas more than others, and the list above makes sure to address each of those individual attributes.

As a bonus, most fog lights evidently offer their services in other areas, making them a useful tool to have around in general, whatever your needs are. Fit not only for cars, but bikes, trucks, boats, and even spotlights for your backyard, the list of uses are endless, so it is useful to have some idea of what the best products are since you might need them more. Whatever the case, the list above offers solutions to all those needs, proving useful even after your car’s needs are addressed.

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