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Best Car Covers (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Car Covers (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

The cars we own are not just accessories that we use to go from one place to another. Most of us treat our vehicles as a novelty and take much care to ensure that they are in top shape. From classic models to the most top-class luxury vehicles, cars almost never come at a low price. Sure, you may send your vehicle for frequent maintenance services to get high performance for longer periods, but one aspect we almost always tend to ignore is car care at home.

From leaving our precious vehicle unattended to not using any covers during harsh weather, we’ve all paid the price for our negligence. As far as best car covers for outdoor use are concerned, there are plenty of these accessories available in the market. Offering several features that protect your car from water damage, dirt, pollution, and many other elements, these covers are a must-have in your vehicle care package.

But how do you go about choosing the right product when there are so many available? Well, take a look at the car cover reviews of the seven products and you may as well find what you’re looking for.

The Best Car Covers

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7. OverDrive PolyPro III Heavy Duty  Car Cover


Last but not the least, coming in our list is a sedan cover made by Classic Accessories that offers an easy custom fit and an extended warranty period of three years. Available in three different sizes, you can expect to cover a vehicle in entirety that is as much as 191 inches to 210 inches long. The special feature of this car cover is its zippered driver’s side door positions to allow easy access. The non-scratch tiedown grommets ensure additional durability and complete protection against fast blowing winds.

As usual, this car cover also comes with elastic hems that you can stretch and pull to provide a custom fit for your sedan. Thanks to the light quality favorite, this material can be easily folded into a small form factor and conveniently stored in the bag that is included in the package. If you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason or if you find this item to have any manufacturing defects, there’s always the option to send it back as the company offers you a three-year limited warranty.

What makes the OverDrive PolyPro III Heavy Duty Cover a compelling purchase is a fact that it is highly rated on with over 400 customer reviews. If you are looking for a product that will protect your vehicle while not burning a hole in your pocket, then this item should be good enough for all purposes.


6. Xtreme Guard Waterproof Car Cover


Leader Accessories is a reputable name of the area of car accessories, and this extreme guard car cover is another example of their ingenious craft. This waterproof and breathable indoor car cover is available in many sizes, which guarantees a perfect size fit for your car. Like every other cover for vehicles, this item offers protection from harmful UV rays, raindrops, snow, dust, industrial pollutants, etc. to keep your car clean and safe from damage. However, this product has earned rave reviews on thanks to its durability.

With close to 500 customer reviews and an average rating of 4/5 stars on Amazon, this product has made itself one of the top-rated in the market. Hold on a minute; there’re a few more things you can expect to get out of this cover. The combination of 3 layers protective covering consisting of spun-bond polypropylene + 1 layer of UV coating + 1 layer of the waterproof film ensures that your vehicle is protected in every possible front, and there is no room for dust particles are other harmful elements to enter.

The thin and light composition of the fabric ensures you’re always able to handle the cover easily and conveniently store it inside of the pouch that comes with every purchase. Now, there’s no need to look any further especially if you’re on a budget because the Xtreme Guard waterproof will take care of all your car protection needs.


5. OxGord Economy Auto Cover

OxGord Economy Auto Cover

Are you low on budget and looking for a car cover for your SUV or truck? Well, there are many brands that offer products that may set you back by $ 100, but you can put your trust on OxGord and get a decent quality car cover at 1/5 of the price. Yes, the Economy Auto Cover is exactly what its name implies as it comes at an extremely cheap price and is available in many sizes. You can buy SUV car covers for a vehicle that goes up to 229 inches at a price you can expect to pay for a large pizza with extra toppings. Surprised? Don’t be because there’s plenty more to offer.

OxGord is not just any other company; it is the #1 top-rated brand by consumers in the field of automotive parts and accessories. This item consists of a 1 layer dust cover, 1 layer of spun-bond polypropylene, reinforced seams for added durability, and advanced breathability to keep the exterior nice and tidy. You’ll also get hems and drawstrings to ensure a snug fit of your vehicle so that it remains completely protected against dust, dirt, high winds, and bird droppings, and other elements.

You also get storage pouch and antenna patch with every purchase, making this a complete value for money product. Be it your favorite pickup truck, the monster SUV that your family cannot live without, or your ideal weekend getaway van, this auto cover will give you complete reliability.


4. Motor Trend Auto Armor Universal Fit Car Cover

Moving away from sedans, it’s now time we focus on an auto armor car cover that is so remarkable that it boasts of fitting cars of all shapes and sizes. Yes, we’re talking about the brand called Motor Trend that has many claims to fame in the automobile accessories and parts industry. The Auto Armor All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover performs as advertised and provides ultimate protection from UV rays, dirt, dust, rain, tree sap, and bird droppings. But this is only the beginning because there are plenty more benefits that await you.

In addition to protection against weather elements, the cover also provides safety from mildew and corruption and fights off rot thanks to the breathable fabric. The cover is also heat resistant with a bonus aspect of having a paint-safe inner layer to provide your vehicle the care it needs to provide top-notch performance for a long time. This universal car cover comes in five sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X – Large, and XX-Large; the prices are also fixed according to the size.

This product made by Motor Trend is one of the top-rated items on with over 200 customer reviews. On visiting the website, you instantly find people describing their experiences of using this car cover and how it’s better than the items they have used earlier. You can expect only the best from a company like Motor Trend and this product being the perfect example of the company’s finesse.


3. OxGord Signature Car Cover


If you’re looking for a car cover that is a bit above the average category and brings tremendously attractive features, then the Signature Car Cover by OxGord may be worth your time. This is another “True Masterpiece” offered by the company and is a perfect fit for sedans of many sizes. The first aspect that makes this product an attractive purchase is a fact that it has been manufactured by OxGord, an automotive part and accessories brand that has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Similar to many other vehicle covers in the price range, this one too comes with many common and few uncommon features.

This best car covers outdoor offers 100% waterproofing thanks to its 5 layers – 3 layers of spun-bond polypropylene + 1 layer of reinforced seams made of soft fleece + 1 layer of microporous film. In addition to superior breathability and protection from UV rays, you’ll also get elastic hems and drawstrings in both the car’s front and rear ends. Give your precious sedan a snug fit to protect it from all hazards. Hey, there’s even tie-down grommets for additional security in case you need to protect your car from high winds.

The cover is extremely light in weight and thin in structure so that you can easily keep it folded in the storage pouch when not in need. Overall, we can only say that the Signature Car Cover – ready fit/semi-custom by OxGord is one product that you can definitely consider buying because of all these exciting features plus the brand security that only this company can provide.


2. Budge Lite Car Cover


This exceptionally budge car cover has a special fit for sedans that are up to 200 inches. This car cover offers plenty of features that make it stand out from the rest and take the rightful spot at number 2 on our list of best waterproof car cover reviews. If you buy this item, you can expect to get long-lasting durability thanks to the double-stitched seams. There is a full elastic hem that should provide an all-around secure cover of your vehicle and comes with semi-custom fits to accommodate sedans of many sizes and shapes.

Prices of this cover are according to the size, and currently, you can choose between covers for sedans up to 157 inches, 170 inches, 200 inches, 228 inches, and 264 inches. Keep in mind that offering so much variety in size is no easy feat for any company, but Budge has managed to provide many options for everyone who may be in need. Plus, you also get two years warranty in case of manufacturing defects. These covers have been designed to protect your car from dirt, dust, bird waste, and accumulation of moisture from rainfall.

This item also comes with UV protection thanks to the stabilized, single-layer spun-bond polypropylene that makes it the best car cover material. It is water repellent and completely resistant to environmental hazards that may cause damage to your vehicle’s exterior. In addition to all these amazing features, this wonderful cover is extremely lightweight and thin, which means you can easily fold it and store inside of the storage bag that you get free with every purchase.


1. Leader Accessories Basic Guard Car Cover


The first product that comes on our list is this item manufactured by Leader Accessories. This custom-fit car cover is available in many sizes and is bound to fit your vehicle perfectly regardless of its shape or size. What makes this item the ideal SUV car cover is the fact that can be stretched and adjusted to accommodate SUVs as large as 20’0”. But that’s not all; this cover can also protect a pickup truck going as much as 20’8”. All the variants aside, you can also use this product to generally cover all types of cars that are as long as 22 feet. Doesn’t that sound impressive?

Well, there’s even more on offer because this cover has been entirely made using biodegradable material that’s environmentally friendly. There is elastic hem around the bottom so that you may give your car a snug fit to protect it in every way possible. This model comes first in the list of our best car covers reviews simply because it is a highly popular product on with over 218 customer reviews and a rating of 4/5 stars. This breathable semi-fit custom cover also offers UV protection because constant exposure to harmful sun rays may take a toll on the paint job and overall structure of your vehicle’s exterior.

You also get a limited warranty of one year against manufacturing defects. Based on customer reviews posted on Amazon, we can draw a conclusion that this vehicle will fit every possible vehicle in existence. Well, every possible vehicle except limousines of course. If you’re looking for the best car cover for rain that offers excellent flexibility and comes at a user-friendly price tag, then you’ll never regret buying this item.


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