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Best Microfiber Towels for Car (Review) in 2020

Best Microfiber Towels for Car (Review) in 2020

Traditionally, different items were applied to deal with different surfaces, such as cloths that clean glass, ceramics, metal surfaces, and so on. With the invention of microfiber towels and the subsequent mass production, consumers found out that a single cloth can deal with all the cleaning problems without leaving traces behind or even damaging surfaces. This second factor, which really is just a necessary solution to the first, makes it easy to see just why these items became so popular.

Apart from expecting microfiber towels to clean just about any surface, the best microfiber towels add a little to their standard features, working to expand their reach and leave behind the best possible results. Such additional features include leaving behind not just a clean look, but a polished one as well, and the ability to absorb more than usual is something that cannot be overlooked either. With all this in mind, the following below is the list of best microfiber towels for you can consider buying.

The Best Microfiber Towels

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1. Chemical Guys MIC_721 Miracle Dryer Absorber

Chemical Guys MIC_721 Miracle Dryer Absorber

The word “miracle” included in the title of the microfiber towel invites a lot of expectation from it, and by explaining what it can do in detail next, you can happily leave that title be. Before going into what constitutes the majority of the towel, the 25” x 36” towel’s edges are banded with silk, preventing the microfiber cloth from easily fraying. The actual microfiber itself, despite being machine washable, is fairly long-lasting.

Made with a dual pile weave, with one side featuring long fibers and the other short ones, the towel is able to clean multiple surfaces, and with its larger dimensions, it is ideal for cleaning cars and other vehicles in no time. Its soft and absorbent touch makes it more specifically fit for windows, as it leaves them spotless and without the watermarks using the wrong cloth will leave behind.

The ultra-versatile cloth is, as expected, also suitable for the surface of cars as it does not risk damaging the paint. It comes in a bright yellow color that helps highlight dirt and helps indicate to users any sensitive areas that haven’t been covered yet without the need to use force.


  • Versatile use
  • Large
  • Dual-sided
  • Soft


Not a great absorber


For those looking to clean their vehicles quickly, this large towel will do just that, and do it well. It is also suitable for a number of other users, as any microfiber towel should be, so it turns out to be well worth the buy.


2. Clean Leader Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Clean Leader Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

As a 6-piece set, these microfiber cloths are more diverse in their applications as they are in the colors they come, and that is saying a lot. Made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, the microfibers are packed pretty densely, with 110,000 fibers for every square inch. This can only be a good thing, as it allows the cloth to pass gently over any surface in a way that efficiently picks up and absorbs and collect any dirt or debris, without the need for potentially surface-damaging chemicals or detergents.

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The lint-free and streak-free actions mean that any one of the 6 cloths can be used in the kitchen area, the bathroom, the dining room, the office, or for any part of a vehicle, just to name a few examples. It can also absorb water up to 8 times its weight, and being washable itself, it can be used several times over a long period of time.


  • Soft and efficient cleaning
  • Complete set for multiple uses
  • Great absorbing action


Color bleed means they need to be washed separately


As small versatile solutions to the many cleaning problems either at home or in the workplace, these cloths come in handy, and as a set, users are not left wanting.


3. The Rag Company Premium Microfiber Detailing and Drying Towels

The Rag Company Premium Microfiber Detailing and Drying Towels

With a density of 400,000 fibers per square inch, these towels work with an efficiency you would expect of brush, but as gentle as they need to be to clean sensitive surfaces. Whether such surfaces include windows, of which it is highly recommended these be used, painted, polished, or waxed surfaces, these microfiber towels can do it all. They are also able to hold water up to 10 times their own weight, making them suitable as great drying towels, apart from there versatile use as cleaners.

The Korean made “Hyosung” spilled microfiber, is a high-quality make that is suitable for reuse and can last a long time as it gets softer with every use. All this is protected from fraying with the silky satin edge that is fitted on all four edges of the cloth.


  • Premium material
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces
  • Highly absorbent
  • Great 5-pack deal


16” x 16” size may be too small for certain uses


While ideal for more detailed cleaning than working entire surfaces; just one of these microfiber towels would be something to make buyers feel assured they have a cloth that can get any job done. With five of them, such as the Rag Company offers, this feeling can be dangerously overwhelming, and that’s a good thing.


4. Sinland Microfiber Towels

Sinland Microfiber Towels

Designed specifically for wax and sealant removal, these dual-colored buffing towels are great options for cleaning car surfaces in the most efficient way, all while not leaving any scratches or marks behind. The ultra-soft cloth is made completely free from any lint so that it does the job without any streaks, swirls, or spots, leaving a polished and waxed surface looking new.

The 2 layers of plush fibers can absorb up to 10 times their weight, the expected amount for the quality of towels they aim to be, making them suitable as dryers among other things. The edges of the 80% polyester, 20% polyamide cloth are fitted with a thick material that is careful not to jeopardize the overall soft touch of these towels and they do no harm to any of the aforementioned sensitive surfaces.

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  • Extra sensitive cleaning touch
  • Double-sided with two distinct colors
  • Great absorbing action


Detailed use prevents broader applicability


While these towels can be used for just about any cleaning job on any service, they would perhaps not make it to the list of the best options available were it not for their extra sensitivity to waxed, polished, and painted surfaces. When it comes to such detailed tasks, these prove to be the best, owing to their justified inclusion to the list.


5. Relentless Drive XL Microfiber Towels

Relentless Drive XL Microfiber Towels

Resembling actual body towels, with a measurement of 24” x 60”, these extra-large microfiber towels are great for cleaning large surfaces, especially those of vehicles. Made from the standard 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, the soft touch they provide will allow owners to get rid of dirt and debris without worrying about scratching the surface of their cars, bikes, boats, or pretty much anything else with a paint job.

Their sheer size makes them great for drying surfaces, and that being said, it is also worthy to note that they are also easily washable, making them reusable over a lengthily period of time. Like a pack of five, not including the 13” x 31” chamois leather cloth, the entire set comes in at an affordable deal.


  • Large towels that cover large surfaces
  • Great for cleaning cars
  • Able to absorb large amounts of liquid


They leave some swirl marks


Being more all-encompassing than detailed, these towels may not be suitable for surfaces that visibly show where they have passed, such as windows, but they are great options for anything else and cover areas quickly and gently, which fits the particular needs of many.


6. Quickie Microfiber Towel

Quickie Microfiber Towel

In order to sell the 24-pack set, these towels come in, looking at just one would be a great place, and starting this off would be analyzing what surfaces it is able to cover. Made of 35% polyester and 65% of a unique blend of materials, what it promises to achieve is unclear, even for those who know their stuff, but as it turns out, they are great for a wide range of surfaces, including glass, wood, and stainless steel, just to name a few.

The microfiber can be used wet or dry, without the need for any additional chemicals, and since they can be either hand- or machine-washed, their reusability is guaranteed.


  • Multiple uses
  • Affordable 24-pack
  • Washable


Does not absorb well


As a set of 24, these 14” x 14” cloths are great to have for any part of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. They are also ideal for the workplace and for using on cars due to their sensitivity and general lint-free cleaning action. Not only is the bulk option affordable, but because of their versatile use, each one of these cloths is sure to be needed at some point in time.

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7. Griot’s Garage 11117 Micro Fiber Drying Towel

Griot’s Garage 11117 Micro Fiber Drying Towel

Not only are these microfiber towels waffle weaved, but they are also colored like waffles, which can be an amusing distraction from just how efficient they are as cleaners. The design and soft material mean that cleaning any surface is done with a conveniently fast application, all while making sure that not too much pressure or effort is put into the job, which makes them especially suitable for car surfaces as there is absolutely no risk of damaging the paint or wax.

The towels have great size, measuring 25” x 35”, which means they are large enough for larger jobs but not too bulky either.


  • Sewn-in hand pockets
  • Premium grade microfiber
  • Design works as an efficient cleaner


Doesn’t hold and drain water very well


For those not only looking for a quick clean, but one that is made easier without compromising on the standards that need to be met, these towels meet just those qualifications, and do a little bit more.

8. Eurow Microfiber GSM Cleaning Towels


Eurow Microfiber GSM Cleaning Towels

These yellow microfiber towels, included in a 24-piece pack, are something every car and homeowner will want to have around at all times. Measuring 16” x 16”, these square cloths are small enough to use for quick cleaning, though not too compact as to make covering certain areas a tedious task.

Thanks to their soft, lint-free, scratch-free, streak-free finish, they are suitable for just about any surface, no matter how sensitive, leaving behind a polished look. They do not require water for most tasks, or other chemicals and detergents, and they are able to hold liquid a reasonable 7 times worth their weight.


  • Versatile
  • Great size
  • Gentle on surfaces
  • Tell-tale bright color
  • Reusable


Thinner than expected


There are a lot of positives to take away from these cloths, but to sum it all up for interested buyers, these microfiber towels do it all.

Conclusion for the Best Microfiber Towels

No matter what the situation, having a single solution to multiple problems is always a good thing, and that remains true for microfiber towels. Not only are they able to clean just about anything, but they also do so in a way that is conscious of the effects they will leave behind, and so they help to maintain the look of whatever they pass over. Ultimately, their versatility means that they are also the more affordable solution, so opting for packs with multiple pieces is never a waste of money.

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