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Best Oil Drain Pans (Review) in 2020

Best Oil Drain Pans (Review) in 2020

Regular car maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle in an optimal and dependable condition. Part of the recommended regular rounds a car owner needs to do is to give his vehicle regular oil changes. While that may be a fairly easy task, it can get pretty messy if the right equipment isn’t around.  One such accessory is an oil drain pan, a must-have that makes changing the car oil on your own much more manageable.  The best oil drain pans attempt to give convenience with additional features and/or patented designs.

The Best Oil Drain Pans (Review and Guide)

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1. Hopkins FloTool 42003MI Drain Container

Hopkins FloTool 42003MI Drain Container

The rather bulky plastic container, measuring 17” x 20”, is also light enough to make it convenient to move about, weighing under 4 lbs. These dimensions also mean it has a large basin that catches every drop of oil and channels it into its 4-gallon container with the aid of the flow direction system that directs the course of the oil.

When the top is sealed tight, the contents can then be easily disposed of through another top when the container is placed upright. Handling is also made easy thanks to the large space which is ideal especially when the container has been filled.


  • Wide basin
  • Good storage capacity
  • Smart design


  • Thin plastic material
  • Cheap seals


Hopkins invested heavily in designing something with as much cleverness as the job requires and the end product proves to be worth the investment. There are some faults with the drain pain, especially with regards to the material used, but the functionality for collection and storage is unquestionable. For oil changes without a mess, this is one of only a select few drain pans that offer assurances to the degree that it does.


2. Lisle 17942 4.5-Gallon Drain Pan


Lisle 17942 4.5-Gallon Drain Pan

The Lisle drain pan is fairly straightforward, with the high-density polyethylene material that is used, being both rigid enough to contain 4.5 gallons worth of drained oil and smooth enough to allow the thick liquid to move freely in and out, making it easy to clean. It has a 1” wide extended lip at the top with a spout that helps channel oil out of the container and into even the narrowest of openings.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Good material
  • Clever design


Not easy to grip


With a simple and efficient design such as the Lisle 17942 boasts, it really is hard to find fault with the product, and so it finds itself easily placed among the best options available. With its wide opening, it is also deep enough to safely catch draining the oil without allowing any to splash or spillover, after which it provides an easy way to transfer the oil to wherever it needs to go. Definitely not as replaceable as it looks.

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3. GarageBOSS Oil Drain Pan with Funnel


GarageBOSS Oil Drain Pan with Funnel

Whether functioning to both collect, transfer, and store oil, the GarageBoss oil drain pan does it all. Able to hold 3 gallons of drained oil, it is relatively compact, but the wide mouth right at the center allows for the oil to drain directly from the tank and straight into the container. This is done directly so that no part of the exterior of the container sees oil, much less the surrounding environment, making it possible to appreciate how easy it is to handle, even in the tightest of spots.

It is also fitted with a funnel at the top, allowing you to easily drain the contents when done. As it is suitable for both oil and anti-freeze, the process is made relatively easy and can be used multiple times.


  • Compact
  • Easy to collect and drain oil


Faulty seals


The GarageBoss drain pan has a unique design that makes up for some of its minor flaws, and when considering the overall quality and efficiency of using the pan, there is arguably more offered by this accessory than just the basics.


4. Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan

Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan

As the name implies, this 4 lb., easily handled product is small enough not only to carry around wherever you go, but it is also compact enough to manage when using it as an oil drain pan, no matter how tight space. The basin can hold up to 4.5 gallons of oil, made possible by the durable polyethylene material of which it is made.

The material also allows the oil to pass over the lip of the basin easily, allowing the oil to then be transferred to another container with the help of a protruding nozzle. Cleaning is then made easy and you will not need to worry about cleaning anywhere else as the 23” x 19” dimensions make the pan wide enough to collect the draining oil and prevent splashing and staining the surrounding area.


  • Rigid and durable quality
  • Wide basin
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for anti-freeze as well


The angle of nozzle awkward


Draining oil could never be easier and more carefree than with the Capri Tool’s drain pan. It is easy to pack anywhere in your car where you can access it at your convenience.


5. Behrens 2168 Seamless Drain Pan

Behrens 2168 Seamless Drain Pan

Although not strictly made as an oil drain pan, the Behrens 2168 certainly does the job well, mostly due to the simple but wide 16” x 16”, boasting a depth of 3.5” inches, making it capable of holding up to 3 gallons of drained oil. This makes it suitable for slipping under the belly of any vehicle for a quick and easy oil change and given that the lightweight 1.4 lb. pan is made of steel, which lets oil slip over its surface with ease, cleaning up afterward is just as easy as it is convenient. This material also means that the dish will not rust, adding to its overall durability. It can be easily recycled once its lifespan has come to an end.

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy clean
  • Versatile use


No handle or nozzle to grip and drain


This American-made drain pan is a handy accessory to have around, and perhaps even store in stock, given all that it can do. With a particular focus on its application as a drain pan, it is fairly simple, but on many occasions, that simple efficiency might be just what is needed.


6. Hopkins FloTool Open Top Drain Pan


Hopkins FloTool Open Top Drain Pan

From a trusted manufacturer, it may be tempting to not look so thoroughly at this product, trusting that the manufacturer will be consistent in producing high-end drain pans, but that is not the approach taken when reviewing the FloTool Open Top Drain Pan. Starting with how much it can hold, its 5-gallon capacity immediately impresses, as does the sturdy plastic material.

Nearly 7” deep, the drain pan safely collects the oil while ensuring no splashing to stain the surrounding area. When it comes time to transfer the contents to another container, the nozzle fitted at the front end helps ensure it is also conducted with as much care and convenience as possible.


  • Nozzle with a boundary to make draining easy
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Large holding capacity


Handling difficult


While you would not want to encourage the sort of t thinking that makes some dismiss a thorough review of a product before buying it, simply because it comes from a trustworthy company, this is one particular product that almost justifies such thinking, as there really is little fault to be found with a quality drain pan such as this.


7. Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container


Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container

Acting as both an oil drain pan, when laid flat on its back, and as a container that can easily store the drained oil until such a time where it can be transferred elsewhere, the M28 container is as flexible as they come. The actual basin on the one side covers a large space that easily collects oil and channels it into the container which is then sealed tight with the screw cap.

The container can then be lifted upright so as to easily transport it. The contents can then be easily drained out through an additional opening that completes its features like an accessory capable of collecting, storing, and adequately disposing of used car oil, all while avoiding leaving any marks.

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  • Multiple uses
  • Tight seals prevent leaks
  • Great quality material


Small storage capacity


The M28, when summarized in as few words as possible, simply takes the functions of two or three accessories used in the process of changing oil and merges them into one multi-functional container. Add that to how easy and convenient it is to use, and the oil drain container comes out an almost unchallenged champion.


8. Plews 75-751 Galvanized Utility Drain Pan


Plews 75-751 Galvanized Utility Drain Pan

As a drain pan, this seamless basin is as good as they come, albeit very simple in what it has to offer. Being 4” high, the galvanized steel pan is able to hold 3 gallons of drained oil, enough to carry the standard amount you get from cars. Because it is a simple and single piece, it is easy to fit under any car, no matter how tight space and the diameter is large enough to catch all that it needs to, while also ensuring nothing spills over or splashes.


  • Rigid structure
  • Stainless steel and rustproof
  • Easy to use


No handle or nozzle to make use easier


While being a little tricky to handle, the Plews drain pan is as useful as they come, but without going into all the different uses it can be put to, it is worthy to note that its primary function as a drain pan suits it best. With enough capacity to hold the drained oil, it is large enough to ensure that both the operator and the surrounding environment are kept clean as if nothing ever transpired there.


Conclusion for Best Oil Drain Pans

After a thorough review of all the drain pans above, it becomes clear that that is also the case with car owners who know that regularly changing oil is not only highly recommended, but that it is also possible to do so without making a complete mess. With the best drain pain, the convenience and efficiency in which this is done are amplified even further, whether by simplifying the design or adding extra features.

The above list attempts to combine the best, while also considering all the different designs, acknowledging that different approaches to getting the job done to cater to slightly different needs, so there should be something here for everyone. The above-listed drain pans also represent the best in quality and durability, all of which work together to make the best of the best.

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