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How Long Does An Oil Change Take

How Long Does An Oil Change Take
Engine oil change

You are peacefully driving on a deserted road only to find that your car has come to an abrupt halt. What to do now? You wonder. This problem might have caused because of old oil in your car. An oil change is the most important maintenance task. Many car manufacturers advice car owners to get the oil change every six months. But, if you are in a hurry, you may want to get done with the process in the shortest time possible.

How Long Does An Oil Change Take

In this article, we will list down the possible ways through which you can change your engine oil. Read until the last to find out the quickest way to get the process done.

1. Dealerships

Many people prefer to get their car serviced at a dealership. Whether or not you should opt for this option depends on various factors. Factors like the age of your car and whether you can avail warranty on it play a vital role in determining whether you should get your car oil refilled at a dealership. Even though the process of changing oil at a dealership takes between 30 and 45 minutes, you’ll have to leave your car for at least a day.  

2. Change the Oil Yourself

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Do you like to lie down beneath the car and get your hands dirty? Changing your car oil yourself is indeed a cost-effective way as you only have to spend money on buying the material necessary for oil change. However, the process itself can take up to an hour – or even more, depending on your skills and experience. In addition, since you will be on your own, in case of any mistake you’d have to call for help and wait some extra minutes to get the problem resolved.

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3. General Repair Shop

General repair shops are one of the most common repair shops that people visit to get their car serviced. Local mechanics at the shop tend to your car and provide the services of an oil change. The process takes around 35 to 45 minutes. But, this doesn’t include the 45 to 60 minutes spent while waiting for your turn. Just like at dealerships, you will have to leave your car for a few hours at general repair shops

4. Oil Change At A Quick Lobe Shop

The fastest way to get oil change is going to a Quick Lube Shop. These ‘express shops’ don’t even require you to get out of your car. But you don’t feel as if you are trapped inside your car as the entire process takes about 15 minutes. The process is the fastest mainly because the operator uses a machine to suck the engine oil through a dipstick tube. They don’t have to unscrew the oil pan plug and drain the oil as the machine would extract the old oil, replace the oil filter, and pour in the new oil.  

In Conclusion

There are different methods available to get your car engine changed. You should choose the one that doesn’t only save time, but it is also cost-effective too.