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What Does It Mean if Your Car Smells Like Gas Inside?

What Does It Mean if Your Car Smells Like Gas Inside?
Gas spill

How does it feel to enter a car that smells like gas? Pathetic. It doesn’t only make you throw up, but the smell also creates fear. What if there is a gas leak in your car that you haven’t noticed yet? Even though a gas leak seems like a possible reason for the smell of gas in your car, there are actually plenty of other reasons – some less threatening – that may make your car smells like gas.

In this article, we’ll explore the possible causes of the troubling smell.

1. Gas Exposure

One of the harmless reasons for the smell in your car is gas exposure. Sometimes, when you are a gas station, you inadvertently leave your car door open. As a result, gasoline fumes from gas station make their way inside your car. So when your car smells like gas but has no leaks as such, it might be due to the brief exposure to gas at a fuel station. To get rid of the problem, roll down your windows and open the car doors to let the smell out. However, in case the problem persists, it is essential to get the car thoroughly inspected to identify any internal problems.

2. Leaking Oil

Do you know that leaking oil can also cause gas smell? In many cars, leaking oil is the source of a pungent smell. If you come across any such smell, open your car’s hood and use the flashlight to detect any wet spots. If you cannot see any leak but the problem of gas smell persists, take your car to a mechanic shop to detect the source of leak and get the problem fixed.

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3. Old Cars

Vehicles that were manufactured in the 1980s or earlier don’t have a built-in evaporative-emissions system. As a result, they are likely to release an odor of gasoline after shut off. If you have an older car, it is completely normal if the inside of the car smells like gas. The smell will go away after a short while.

4. Gas Leaks

When your car smells like gas, the first thing that you check for are the signs of a leak. Small puddles of gas beneath the car indicate possible gas leak. The possible gas leaks can be through fuel-injection line or a fuel-tank vent. As soon as you identify a leak, it is essential to get it fixed as gas puddles under or near your car are a fire hazard and can cause serious problems.

5. Gas Cap

When you find that your car smells like gas but there are no leaks, you should check whether the car’s gas cap is there. A loose or broken gas cap can release irritating gas fumes. Always make sure that your car’s gas cap is in good condition.

The Final Word

If your car smells like gas, you should never take it lightly. Even if the problem is caused by harmless reasons like gas exposure or old car model, it is essential to thoroughly check the car to rule out the possibility of car leaks.