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Best Jumper Cables (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Jumper Cables (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Your car’s battery dying out is one of the worst scenarios that can happen to you on the road. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. And for car owners, being prepared is a necessary step when you take your car on the road. As such, you should never leave your driveway without a set of jumper cables in tow. If you are looking for reliable light-duty and heavy-duty jumper cables, there are tons of products on the market. To make your task of researching for the best jumper cables easier, below is our review of top jumper cables available.

The Best Jumper Cables

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1. EP Auto Booster Jumper Cables- Best in Speed


EP Auto Booster Jumper Cables

The EP Auto Booster jumper cables are a no-tangle heavy-duty 4-gauge cable with copper-plated clamps. It can extend up to 20 feet and weighs around 6.2 pounds. When you buy this item, you also get a free carry bag and working cables.

We tested it out on our garage and were quite pleased with the outcome. It has strong clamps with teeth that provide awesome grip, the insulation was good, has just the right length and provides great power transfer. The cable bundles into a relatively small size when you store it back to its bag which saves space in your car.


  • The high-quality material used. Not 100-percent copper, but still does the job.
  • Has very fast energy transfer which translates to quick jumpstart for the bad car


  • May not align perfectly for some type of batteries

The EP Auto Booster Jumper Cables are an inexpensive tool that can jumpstart your car in minutes. It’s also long enough so the two cars would just stand side by side during the power transfer. We actually feel that we are getting more from its affordable price.

2. Energizer 1-Gauge Jumper Battery Booster- Best in All Weather


Energizer 1-Gauge Jumper Battery Booster

One of the most durable cables in this list is the Energizer 1-Gauge Jumper Battery Booster. It’s a heavy-duty 11.2-pound cable that is 25-feet long with copper-clad clamps. This cable is tangle-free and is still flexible even at -40 degrees Celsius.

Because of its length, you can boost the battery from behind a car. The cable is also weather-resistant even during the toughest winters.

We tried bringing to life a car using this jumper cable and it did justice to its claims. Its 800 Amperes professional-grade cables were quick to deliver power and the car was started in a few minutes. The cables were also designed so that the two clamps wouldn’t touch each other and potentially create a spark making it very safe to use.


  • Very long cable (5 feet longer than the average cables) which allows it to charge even when the dead car is behind
  • Can still operate even in the harsh weather; perfect partner during the winter
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  • You have to ensure that the correct side of the jaw has pretty good contact with the battery’s terminal.

It’s hard to beat a product that as versatile as this one. This is the main reason this jumper cable has made it into this prestigious list.

3. Bee Auto Care Booster Cable – Best in Practical Use


Bee Auto Care Booster Cable

Connecting jumper cables between two cars are quite challenging- but not for Bee Auto Car Care Booster Cable. This 20-foot long cable has 4 heavy gauge cables that are easy to connect and guaranteed not to tangle.

It’s one of the lightest jumper cables around weighing at only 5.8 pounds. Its parrot clamps have a 600 Ampere rating which could charge almost every type of battery out there.  The clamps also work equally well whether it’s a top or side post batteries.


  • Parrot clamp securely locks in place with almost any battery terminals
  • Very hand zipper case especially if you don’t have a large trunk. Good for sub-compact cars and sedans


  • Cable charges slower than some of its heavier duty counterparts

The Bee Auto Care Booster Cable is a very practical tool to have on every journey. It’s light to carry and still charges almost every commercial battery out there. It also doesn’t consume much space in the car. This cable is so versatile you can even carry it on a motorcycle.


4. Cartman Booster Cable Gauge – Best Bang for Your Buck

Cartman Booster Cable Gauge

When it comes to grip, the Cartman Booster Cable Gauge can easily outperform its competitor. It has a twice grip design that gives it better conductivity and tension. This also secures the clamp more tightly so it won’t come off during the power transfer process.

Its heavy-duty 20-feet long, 4 gauge cables have T-Prene coating which allows it to still be flexible even at temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This device also has a unique inside tongue design that allows a double connection with the battery terminal.

When we tested out these cables, we tried it on different full-size cars from pickup trucks to freight hauling vehicles and it works just fine. We loved its ergonomic design and its fast-charging pace. Moreover, it’s slightly lighter than most heavy-duty cables.

  • Bang for the buck as you can use it with any full-size vehicles
  • Very durable and weather resistant. Clamps also lock up in place tightly.


  • Cable could have been made longer

If you own a full-size vehicle this jumper cable is a perfect fit. It can operate in almost any weather and is very sturdy. Best of all, the Cartman Booster Cable Gauge has UL certification which ensures you won’t be electrocuted from using it.

5. OxGord 4 Gauge 25-Feet Jumper Cables- Best in Durability


OxGord 4 Gauge 25-Feet Jumper Cables

OxGord is one of the leading names in light-duty and heavy-duty jumper cables. This particular cable is 25 feet long (5 feet longer than most). It can safely transfer power using its triple-polarity special clamps with easy to recognize color-coding. It also has an ergonomic design that allows it to use the top-post batteries, even side-terminal ones.

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Its cables are made from TPA material which allows it to function even at temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The clamps are rated at 500 Amperes which allows fast transfer of electricity.

We tried it out on a mini test and many of the manufacturer’s claims were accurate. The cables were easy to roll and unroll, the clamps have a consistent strong grip and have a heavy gauge. It also comes in a neat carrier bag which you could easily tuck in your trunk.


  • Long cable with strong clamps on the end
  • Able to operate even in cold temperature


  • May not perform as well as other 4-gauge cables because of its material
  • Made up of copper-covered aluminum wire

The OxGord 4- Gauge has one thing that you would like to buy it and that is its length. Aside from its weatherproof feature, there is nothing else that is special about these jumper cables. But, if you want something inexpensive that does the job- this fits the bill.

6. Jumper Cables Capacity Insulation Alligator- Best to Last


Jumper Cables Capacity Insulation Alligator

The manufacturer claimed that it can jumpstart anything from a compact car to a monster truck. A sedan, yes! But a monster truck may take quite a while. Still, it has solid credentials from a 4-gauge cable that allows fast battery charging to an easy-to-open alligator clamp that packs quite a grip.

The 20-feet cable weighs 5 pounds, which is a bit lighter than most heavy-duty jumper cables. It can also withstand low temperatures of up to -13 degrees Fahrenheit which can be used even in the coldest places in the US.

When we tried out this product, it has lived to most of its promises. Its 400 Ampere rating allows it to charge fast while the alligator clamps lock in place. It also has some neat handy instructions right on the cables themselves just in case you are confused about which negative lead goes to the ground and which goes to the battery.


  • Has a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Currently offered with a free seatbelt cutter/ window breaker


  • Cable could have been longer. Made of lower grade materials than its top competitors

We’re sometimes skeptical when an item has free stuff that goes with it because they often indicate there are things lacking in the product itself. But the Jumper Cables Capacity Insulation Alligator stays true to its word. We recommend this If you want more value for money.

7. Jumper Cables Case Effective Pressure – Best in Affordability


Jumper Cables Case Effective Pressure

When it comes to this segment, one name always comes to mind- the Jumper Cables Case Effective Pressure.

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This small kit comes with 10 gauge jumper cables that are 12 feet in length. It has a 300 Ampere rating which translates to a decent transfer rate. One key feature this item has is the addition of a pencil tire gauge than can monitor up to 50 PS.

When we tested it out, it works just well and is perfect for any subcompact cars. It also doesn’t consume too much space.


  • Very affordable and doesn’t consume too much space
  • Can be used to charge hybrid cars without worries


  • Doesn’t charge as fast as its heavy-duty counterparts
  • The cable is much shorter than other competitors

If you own a small car and want a portable jumper cable, then this one is for you.

8. Bee Auto Care Booster Cable – Best in Portability

Bee Auto Care Booster CableOne of the most reliable light-duty products in this segment is the Bee Auto Care Booster Cable. This 16 foot, 6 gauge cables connect easily from one vehicle to another and don’t take long to charge. It has heavy-duty clamps that can work either on side post or top post batteries.

Don’t get fooled by its 3.5-pound weight, because it can perform heavy-duty charging with a maximum power rating of 500 Amperes. The cables are also tangle-free, color-coded and work even at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a RoHS compliant which means you won’t be electrocuted when using this item.


  • Very portable without giving off its durability
  • Handy zipper carrying case


  • Operating temperatures could be improved. Most competitors operate at -40 degrees Fahrenheit

We tested it out and the product was true to its word. It really is a small item that works wonders.

Conclusion for The Best Jumper Cables

While there are still tons of light-duty and heavy-duty jumper cables in the market, we feel that these eight are the best ones there is. We have rigorously tested many other products but only these ones have made the cut. In summary, they are quick charging, offer good cable length, sturdy, made up of quality materials and have thick wire or gauge.

So, the next time you leave for a road trip or just a short drive in the neighborhood, make sure you have even just one of these jumper cables. You’ll never know when you will need. As they say, convenience favors the prepared.

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