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Best Mechanics Tool Set for the Money in 2020

Best Mechanics Tool Set for the Money in 2020

Are you among those looking for the best mechanics tool set for the money and can’t decide which ones to get? There are a lot of these and each one claims to be the best. To save you the trouble, we have gone over the top tool sets and picked the best among them. If you do a lot of tinkering, these tool sets and kits will be necessary.

The Best Mechanics Tool Set for the Money

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1. Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

The STMT71654 tool set includes a complete set of drive tools and sockets (metric sized and SAE). You get ½, 3/8 and ¼ inch sockets, 8 combination wrenches, 6 point deep and regular wrenches and more. All the tools are built with precision in mind as well as accessibility.

The ratchets have a reverse switch system so they’re easy to operate. The extensions and sockets have a quick release, low profile design and will be locked in until you disengage then. These sockets all use the Stanley Max Design, giving them additional torque, great for fastening and easy turning.

The Max Drive system also makes it easy to work with rounded corners, and the design also reduces the wear and tear fasteners undergo. This is possible because it cuts down the amount of contact with the outer fastener. The design also minimizes the slipping on old rusty fasteners, and they’re built to surpass ANSI specs.

2. DEWALT DWMT75049 Mechanics Tools Set (192 Piece)

The Dewalt Tool Set is designed for one-handed use, and the 82 tooth gear design makes high torque ratcheting easy. The pieces also have etched markings so you can quickly identify the pieces. The heads have a slim profile and knurled rings, ensuring it doesn’t slip when you hold them.

The slim head construction, along with the 5-degree arc, combines to simplify operation and maneuverability even in tight locations. The 72 tooth gear mechanism, however, is what you’ll need for high torque work. A large number of tools that come with the set showcase its versatility, and the set comes with a case for convenient storage.

The case is a little heavy, but not overly so. The layout is nice and the longer tools give you more options when it comes to working in tight spots. Going back to the case, it is very durable, and won’t fall even if you accidentally open the case. For both professional and weekend mechanic, the Dewalt will do fine.

3. NEW Husky Mechanics Tool Set Kit

The Husky Mechanics Tool Set comes with 268 pieces, so it’s hard to match in terms of coverage. There are 168 deep and regular sockets, 19-bit sockets and 20 combination wrenches, giving you the opportunity to work just about any repair or fastening task. The tools are also easy enough for a novice to use.

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The set comes with three ¼, ½ and 3/8 inch ratchets, standard length, 12 pt., 6 pt. and other tools and accessories. The 72 tooth ratchet only requires just a 5-degree arc to turn fasteners. A quick-release button also makes it easy to take out drive tools and sockets out of ratchets.

The tools have a nice chrome finish that makes it easy to clean dirt and oil. Each one is constructed from chromium-vanadium (Cr-V) steel, making it more durable. The wrenches and sockets also have chamfered head ins so placement is easier. They also have off corner loading to prevent fastener rounding.

4.  Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set

The CTK170CMP2 170 piece set comes with hand tools that have been specially chosen for consumer, mechanical and industrial works. You get 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch, and ¼ inch ratcheting drives with deep and regular sockets.

An assortment of metric-based and SAE tools is included such as 10 six-point deep sockets, 25 twelve-point sockets, a couple of spark plug sockets and extensions. Metric hex keys, driver bits, a magnetic bit driver, four screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, and pliers are included too.

The tools have a smooth chrome coating, and they have been designed to provide optimum balance and performance. All the tools are constructed from chrome vanadium steel alloy for extra strength and heat resistance. Each tool is also built for the long term, heavy-duty use.

5. Craftsman 108 Pc Mechanics Tools Set

This tool set includes a wide range of nut drivers, socket wrenches and a number of other accessories, and each one is nestled in a case for your convenience. There are 6 point sockets in the set, including the most widely used sizes for deep and regular sockets.

The tools have a quick-release mechanism for more efficient performance. The set also includes an extension breaker bar if your fastener is stuck. There are a couple of open-end wrenches thrown in as well as a magnetic bit handle. Each tool in the set is constructed from alloy steel, and the silver finish provides a full protective coating.

All the tools in this set have been designed for heavy-duty and rugged use. The case is made of high-quality material similar to the tools. You may not use all the tools at once, and some may argue this is too much. But having these many tools is actually an advantage as you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

6. Dewalt DWMT73803 Mechanics Tool Kit Set

The Dewalt DWMT73803 comes with an assortment of hex keys, sockets and tools for DIY and professional use. Like any good tool kit, the tools employ a 72 tooth gear system, making it easy to perform complex operations. Its directional lever is low profile, helping minimize catch points.

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The tools are designed for one-hand use so it’s convenient. The accessory case is removable and the tools are all built with durability in mind. Each one has also been engineered to exceed the needs of contractors, electricians, plumbers and those in the home building profession.

Overall the kit is high quality and should last a lifetime. The build quality is top of the line and the number of sockets included is varied. With its wide selection of ratchets, it’s easy to find what you need.

7. Armstrong SGMTK1 General Mechanics Tool Kit

The SGMTK1 tool kit consists of locking extensions, an assortment of ratchets, hex keys, wrenches and more. There are seven drawers containing the tools as well as pliers, wire twister, clips, socket rail, screwdrivers and more. It also has an accessory drawer with extra tools.

These Armstrong tools are built for heavy-duty applications, and the Pelican case has been manufactured to withstand extreme heat and cold. For professionals, this durability becomes critical as you’ll be moving from one place to another. The drawers are removable, and the foam inserts provide extra control.

The case design minimizes the possibility of foreign object debris (FOD) getting in, and the shape provides extra stability and durability. The case is also drop-proof and impact- resistant up to five feet. The case is also waterproof up to 3.3 feet / 1 meter. More than anything else, the tools are easy to use.

You probably won’t need to use all of these tools at once, but it’s good to know they’re there. For the professional, the durability and quality of these tools will be the biggest draws, and deservedly so.

8. WORKPRO W009028A 229-Piece Mechanic Tool Kit


The Work Pro 229 piece tool kit is as impressive as it sounds. When you open the black metal box, you’re going to see a huge selection of tools. The most commonly used items like wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, electrical cutting tools, an exact knife and bits are all here.

There is a vast array of sockets to choose from. There is a small saw and the electrical tools are varied as well. In spite of the huge number of tools, the items are well- organized and labeled for quick identification. The two drawers are spacious so the tools aren’t crammed inside.

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Each tool has a specific purpose, and if you’ve done any DIY work before you’ll know which ones to use. Each tool is made from O-V alloy, and the steel material is comparable to more expensive tools in terms of quality. For the homeowner, this kit should fit the bill as far as requirements go, and it’s also good enough for professionals.

9. JEGS Performance Products W1542 55-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit

Do you need a mechanics’ tool kit but don’t want to spend money buying the stuff you’re not going to use? If you don’t need tool kits with hundreds of pieces, then the W1542 tool kit may be what you’re looking for. It has “only” 55 pieces, but these are essential and the ones you’re most likely to use anyway.

You get a 3/8 inch drive reversible ratchet, 3/8 to 14-inch drive reduction adaptor, ten ¼” drive sockets and 4 derive sockets of the 3/8 inch variety. The kit also includes four combination wenches to suit your different needs. Quality-wise, the tools are among the best as each one is built from heavy-duty materials.

The kit comes with a plier, screwdriver, wrenches, ratchets and other tools. Each has a different purpose but they’re all made from the same high-quality material.  Even if it doesn’t have as many pieces or tools as the others, there is no questioning their usefulness.

The way the items are arranged in the case is another plus. One of the problems with a hundred piece tool kit is there are just so many, so the W1542 should appeal to these types of users.

Conclusion for the Best Mechanics Tool Set for the Money

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the importance of having a sound mechanics toolset and kit cannot be overstressed. From fastening to turning and making adjustments, only the right set of extensions and sockets can get it done. With our reviews here, we’re confident they will meet your needs

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