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Best Car Snow Brush (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Car Snow Brush (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

For those looking to get snow out of the car windows in the most efficient way, trying out a home remedy might seem like a good idea. But after realizing how inefficient the job would be, not to mention the potential damage to the car, getting a snow brush and ice scrapers becomes a necessity. For those looking to treat their cars to a quality brush, leaving it in the best condition possible, referring to the list below of the best car snow brush will be helpful.

The Best Car Snow Brush

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1. Snow Moover Extendable 50″ Car Brush and Ice Scraper


Snow Moover Extendable 50″ Car Brush and Ice Scraper

The Snow Moover comes with a 11” wide head with bristled brushes that are effective in not only brushing snow harmlessly off a car but due to their rigid nature, they reach for any and all trenches where snow might have built up. The ice scraper head it also comes fitted with uses thick plastic jaws to break up the ice, and afterward, a scraper to collect the broken pieces, all of which is safe to use on both the metal exterior of a car as well as the windows. Complimenting these specialized features is the scraper’s extendibility, reaching lengths of up to 50”, making sure that all its functions are applied to whichever part of the car it needs to reach to. The piece comes with a soft handle that makes it easy on the hands, and weighing a mere 1.6ibs, it is pretty manageable too.


  • Effective for both snow and ice
  • Far-reaching
  • Easy to use


  • Quality not good

When it comes to cleaning tools, handiness and efficiency are the two most vital features one should look for, and the Snow Moover covers this both quite well. Its quality is questionable, but given some of its extra features, such as how far it can reach, the good outweighs the bad by far.

2. True Temper 36-Inch Snow Brush


True Temper 36-Inch Snow Brush

The True Temper snow brush and ice scraper have a simple design that demonstrates its simple, almost straightforward features, but that shouldn’t at all put anyone off. With regards to its length, it can stretch to lengths of up to 36”, making the cleaning job easier, regardless of what car is being used. The thick handle is as comfortable as it is stable, doing more to add comfort to the task, which also helps to get a better job done and adding to its efficiency. The hallmark of the piece, however, is in its innovate scratch-free brush. This flexible piece protects the integrity of your car’s surface during the washing process, whether that be on the metal exterior or over your windows. The brush’s durability is extended by its freeze-resistant and clog-resistant material which ensures that it lasts even during the harshest winters. Towards the other end of the brush is its scraper, designed to both carefully break up ice and then scoop it up, all while caring not to damage the surface of the car.

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  • Quality design that eliminates the risk of damaging cars
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Multi-functional features


  • Clog-free function not as effective as promised

The True Temper has a tempting quality to it that makes one want to make rush judgments merely from its appearance, despite its quality being evidently the best just from its touch, but once put to use, it proves its worth and easily finds its place on the list. Doing enough to clear both snow and ice in the roughest of conditions, all while ensuring durability and ease of use, this is definitely one of the best options available.

3. OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snow Brush with Ice Scraper


OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snow Brush with Ice Scraper

For a simple and inexpensive solution to ridding your car from the snow acquired in light to medium downfall, the OXO’s snow brush is quite possibly the best option available. Its soft, feathered bristles to a great job of gently brushing the snow off a car’s surface without doing any damage to the car’s paint. The head itself is flexible, twisting 90̊ to allow users to place it where needed and thus enabling it to remove snow from even the toughest of places. The brush is also extendable, adding an extra 11 inches to its original length to allow users to reach wherever they need to. Extending over the brush is the ice scraper which, as the name implies, works to scrape the ice off the car in a gentle and careful manner so as to allow scraping over any surface, including the windows, without causing any damage to the car. The piece is light, weighing only 8.3oz, which can be an advantageous aspect of the brush as it allows flexibility in how one is able to handle it.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on car


  • Not very durable
  • Not ideal for extreme weather conditions

In short, if you are looking for a job that extends to cleaning a car covered in snow, the OXO Good Grips will get the job done. It is also flexible enough to be used for cleaning pretty much any other surface, and given its adapted features, anyone can use it, making the accessory as versatile as it is useful. As long as you are not too demanding on this idea, it is a great purchase, especially for the affordable price it comes at.


4. Dart Telescopic Snow Removal Car Brush with Ice Scraper


Dart Telescopic Snow Removal Car Brush with Ice Scraper

If you are looking for something that will get to the furthest corners of your car, then the Dart Telescopic brush is the ideal solution, brushing off the snow on any car with its extendable rod. Starting off with an already useful 38 inches, enough to pretty much cover most areas of any given car, the brush can nearly double in length, extending to a maximum 62 inches. This wide coverage would be incomplete if the brush didn’t have its soft brush to push all the ice away. At the other end of the stick, cushioned so as to help users get a better and more comfortable grip, is the ice scraper piece that completes the Dart brush’s purpose as a multi-purpose snow brush and ice scraper.

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  • Far-reaching
  • Multi-purpose


  • Quality of a low standard

No matter what car you have, this product will brush snow off your vehicle and aptly deal with ice in a safe way, making it one of the most compatible pieces available. This sort of convenience is nothing to be overlooked as having the highest quality brush is of no use if it cannot reach where it needs to go, and with the Dart’s telescopic features, there really is no question as to whether it will do its job or not.

 5. Hopkins 14039 Subzero 50″ Crossover Super-Duty Snowbroom


Hopkins 14039 Subzero 50″ Crossover Super-Duty Snowbroom

The Hopkins Subzero brush is a unique piece, as made immediately evident from its curved design, and the experience it offers is just as unique. The dual-purpose brush measures 50 inches when extended to its maximum height, making it able to brush the snow off all vehicles, including minivans. The pivoting head, able to adjust to different angles, is fitted with bristles that are both effective in getting rid of the snow as well as gentle on the surface of the vehicle.

The pivoting function is also easily disabled by pressing a button that disables its flexibility and steadies the brush to make for effective cleaning. With regards to ice, something tougher is needed, and with the ice scraper it is fitted with at its bottom end, a tough and precise tool is provided, able to break up the ice from anywhere on the car. The piece also comes with a padded handled to improve grips and make the entire process easier on the hands, allowing users to do a better job for a longer period of time.


  • Tough and sturdy
  • Effective dual functionality


  • Scraper not of the same quality as the rest of the piece

The Hopkins brush seems to want to tackle a number of issues at one go, seeming to attempt providing practical efficiency and customized convenience, and after reviewing all its features, it becomes clear that it does this very well.

6. Superio Extendable Snow Brush


Superio Extendable Snow Brush

The Superio’s snow brush has a rather prominent 10-inch brush that rightly brings attention to its ability to effectively brush snow off vehicles. The 1.4ib piece allows its length to be extended from a mere 36 inches to a decent 56 inches, enabling the brush’s soft bristles access to the farthest reaches of most vehicles. The head itself is flexible, allowing for swiveling movements that adapt to the shape of wherever is being brushed, as well as being an ideal feature for storage purposes. It also comes with an ice scraper and a dual-rubber squeegee. The aluminum part of the piece is coated in a way that makes it resistant to rust and the foam handle makes it easy to handle, all contributing to make the brush effective and durable.

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  • Extendable length
  • Easy use and storage
  • Quality make


  • Rubber wipe blade not good quality

One might wonder what sets this brush apart from all the others available, and by looking at its basic features, that would be a valid question. What makes this particular piece special is that one isn’t in for any rude surprises, and once assured that it can do all that it needs to do, the convenience of knowing one has purchased something reliable provides the necessary edge to help it make the list as one of the best snow brushes and ice breakers.

7. KOVOT Telescoping Ice Scraper and Snow Brush


KOVOT Telescoping Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

The KOVOT brush and scraper is a handy, compact solution to getting rid of snow and ice from a standard size vehicle. The entire accessory measures 17 inches when at its most compact size and 24 inches when extended to its maximum length. Using its single sharp blade, the piece is able to both effectively scrape and break off the ice in a gentle way that is not damaging to the surface of the vehicle. The rigid bristles it is fitted with do a good job of brushing off the snow and broken ice from the vehicle in a way that doesn’t leave a mark, even on the glass surfaces of whichever car is being cleaned. The handy piece, weighing only 11.2oz, is made of a sturdy material that is sure to last through many winters.


  • Effective and gentle
  • High quality
  • Easy to use


  • Not very versatile or extensive

If you are looking for something that will get your car cleaned up quickly, going enough to make it presentable, while also ensuring you do not damage your vehicle’s exterior in the process, then the KOVOT brush is the handiest and most affordable solution available.

Conclusion for the Best Car Snow Brush

Snow brushes and ice breakers are an accessory with a peculiarly wide range in shape and size, considering they all have the same function, making it seem deceptively trivial when it comes to picking which one to buy. Once you look at the features, however, it soon becomes clear that there is a downside to almost every special advantage found in one brush over the other, and the choice becomes more complicated than previously thought.

With the guide above, however, one should be left well informed to pick the most suitable of the seven suggested brushes. Whatever the case, as long as your needs are clear and you have matched them to the right brush, no one picking from the abovementioned should be disappointed with their choice.

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