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Best Car Alarm System (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Car Alarm System (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Every car owner wants assurance that their cars are safe. When it comes to the type of car security offered, however, one can afford to be a little pickier with the options given. Knowing how to choose the right options can turn out to be cost-effective while actually offering as much security as if one were to haplessly opt for the many options out there. One such method which is both cost-efficient and effective is the traditional car alarm. The following is the list of the best car alarm system providing the most extensive and quality protection available.

The Best Car Alarm System

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1. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System


Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

The Avital Remote Start System offers a wide range of features that make it an easy pick for those not willing to make stealing their cars a viable option. The two remotes included in the package allow for features such as remote starts, which allows owners to start and run their cars from a distance, as well as remote lock/unlock and remote trunk release, all operational from the four buttons fitted on these devices. Once unpacked, the system will need to be installed in your car by a professional as it requires a BYPASS module. Other than that, the entire system is compatible with any car, just as long as the installation is done right. When it comes to alarming users of any potential threats, the panic mode will sound an alarm and flash the parking lights of the vehicle, doing enough both visually and audibly to alert both the car owner and frighten potential burglars.


  • Features valet-mode, allowing the vehicle to remain running even after the key is removed
  • Superheat receiver
  • D2D compatible
  • Optional outputs for additional security measurements


  • Technical requirements needed to make installation difficult

Overall, once the installation process is done, the Avital system should work on whatever car as well as it promises to. Boasting a wide range of features, many of them offering quick and convenient solutions to car owners, the entire system proves to be extensive enough to offer the necessary peace of mind in guaranteeing a car’s safety. There are additional advantages provided, such as its ability to add on extra features, helping make the entire package better than its competition.

2. EASYGUARD EC003 Car Alarm System


EASYGUARD EC003 Car Alarm System

The Easyguard EC003 is a keyless alarm system that offers security in a convenient and handy way. A fine example of this is in its ability to lock or unlock, using the remote controller provided in the package, from distances of up to 3 meters away. It also comes with a pre-engine start feature which allows car owners the convenient option of starting up their car before they have entered it, without the need of putting in a key, for a limited amount of time.

As its main function, the system is triggered in the event of any unusual activity, such as an illegal door opening. It uses a smart key PKE alarm system that is both efficient and trustworthy when it comes to detecting unusual behavior and creating enough of a disturbance to both alert car owners and those around the area, as well as doing enough to scare the burglar off. The alarm is perfectly compatible with the vast majority of DC12V cars, including both manual and automatic vehicles, whether they have diesel or petrol engines.

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  • Emergency override
  • Complete remote control functionality
  • Multiple features and use


  • Not as easy to install as promised (professional needed)
  • Not the most powerful alarm

Boasting a wide array of functions, the Easyguard EC003 is more than just an alarm system – it is a handy tool that can make using your car both safer and more convenient. Quality may be compromised a little, but if handled right, all the various features can and will be used to improve taking proper care of one’s vehicle.

3. Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security


Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security

The Viper 5906V is a highly-sophisticated alarm system with a series of functions that provide car owners complete control over the security of their vehicles. The HD responder is fit with a 2-way remote system between the actual alarm that is fitted in the car and a wireless color remote that reads all the information car owners need about their vehicle, as well as giving them management power from ranges as far as 1 mile. This relatively big item uses a 900 MHz spread spectrum technology, or SST, which gives it the sort of range capacity it has. One of the greatest things about this alarm is that it allows car owners to easily install it themselves, without having to call a professional technician, making it one of the most affordable options on the market.


  • Remote lock/unlock function
  • LED remote screen
  • Loud alarm range


  • Tones not adjustable, and according to most, unfavorable
  • Quality not of the highest standard

The Viper can be a bulky sort of piece, especially when factoring in the whole package, including the relatively conspicuous speaker, but if you do not mind its size, it actually proves to be a great option with regards to addressing its main function in alerting one of any strange activities. It isn’t without its own fanciful features, as the rather high-tech remote demonstrates, making it a complete and unique package in its own right.

4. Code Alarm CA6554 Car Security System


Code Alarm CA6554 Car Security System

For those looking for a complete car toolset, including a remote start, keyless entry, and a general security system, then the Code Alarm CA6554 is one such multi-purpose alarm system. To start off, the system has a remote start with an impressive 2500-foot range, allowing users to get their cars started from that amount of distance away, without the need for a key in the ignition. This function is enabled by the 2-way remote control that comes with the package, along with a 1-way spare, with four buttons and an LCD that make it easier to control the different functions the security system allows. This sort of range is only convenient if the entire system serves its main purpose to alert car owners of intrusive behavior and to make possible car robberies difficult, and it does just that.

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With a 125db weatherproof siren, any strange activity will alert users and anyone nearby with its powerful range, doing the bulk of the work to impede any further progress from being made. Just in case things go beyond that point, the system also features a dual-stage magnetic shock sensor that detects unauthorized tampering, and with the siren already triggered, can shut down the car’s ignition, thus preventing any progress and stalling long enough for action to be taken.


  • Suitable for diesel and hybrid engines
  • Option to program car to start at a scheduled time of the day convenient for those wanting to warm their engines during the winter
  • Audible and effective


  • Difficult to install

When it comes to multi-functionality and efficiency, it hardly gets better than the Code Alarm, which does its best to be both extensive and effective. There are some features that some alarms might be better add, and it may even be missing some extras, but it is a great piece overall and worth every cent spent.

5. Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe 1-Way Alarm and Keyless Entry System


Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe 1-Way Alarm and Keyless Entry System

As the name implies, the Crimestopper Alarm System’s main function is to make life difficult for any intruders, and with the range of features it hosts, it is bound to do just that. Offering a minimum range of 500 feet, and a maximum of 1500 assuming the weather is good, it has a decent to a great range that is sure to alert car owners of any odd behavior detected. With two remote controllers included in the package, managing any situation is made easy from the aforementioned distance, allowing one to either quickly disable the alarm, or in the case of an actual incident, lock the car’s functions so as to prevent any further development in an assault. It also features a trunk release, also activated by the wireless remote, along with 1 auxiliary output and separate left and right parking light outputs. Add the keyless entry to all this, the ability to perform all these functions without once stepping foot in the car, and you have yourself a complete car system.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose system


  • Accidental alarm frequent due to remote sensitivity

It may have one rather inconveniencing flaw, but the overall multiple functionalities make it a convenient option for those looking to insure their car’s safety. With the wireless control, it is not only easy to enable protective functions or quickly disable false alarms, but other features can be easily put into use, such as the keyless entry system that allows you to start the car from a distance. Considering the affordable price, it is definitely one of the better economical options available.

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6. Omega K9 Mundial-4 Car Alarm


Omega K9 Mundial-4 Car Alarm

For a complete car set consisting of both an effective security system and a keyless remote entry, the Omega K9 is a complete set with all the functions needed to protect a vehicle and enable wireless access to all the possible functions. It has two 433 MHz code jumping transmitters that enable wireless car lock/unlock functions as well as the anti-carjack transmission features, preventing criminals from picking the locks of a car. It also features a loud, multi-tone electronic siren that is programmable to allow for either loud or quiet confirmation sounds. It also comes with a pre-warming selectable siren or horn output.


  • Trunk release
  • Dual parking lights output
  • Shock sensor and ATV protection
  • Loud siren


  • Instructions for extra transmitter unclear

Basically, the Omega K9 is designed with the technology to detect suspicious behavior, alert the owner with its siren, and jam the doors and vehicle functionality in case a robber persists despite all the noise. The convenience of activating this and other features is made possible with the easy to use wireless remote controls that are included in the pack. On top of all this, the different options made available, such as the selectable siren/horn outputs, or the programmability of confirmation chirps, all serve to make the system customizable, which isn’t something you find with all alarms. Unique in that way, it makes the final of the 6 best alarm and security systems.

Conclusion for The Best Car Alarm System

Finding out the right way to protect your car can give owners the peace of mind they need to go about their daily affairs, as well as afford them rest at night after a long day at work, and with the right alarm system, that is made possible. After sorting through all the options, it soon becomes clear that, while certain essential aspects are not to be neglected, such as the ability to function when needed in a way that stops a crime from happening, certain other features are what eventually help buyers settle on a choice. These include adaptability to the car and how easy it is to use.

With the list above, despite only six alarms making it, all these factors are taken into use, eventually contributing to the selection. Such things as compatibility with the vehicle and affordability helped decide which alarms made it to the list as there are admittedly quite a few good ones to choose from. Whatever your needs are, and whatever your budget is, one of the six different types listed above should be just the right choice for you, and after having purchased them, the sheer effect of putting you at ease should be immediately felt.

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