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Best Car Jump Starter (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Car Jump Starter (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Like all other mechanical devices, batteries sometimes fail to work and finding a way to get them back to doing their jobs can be difficult. Some of the methods require the convenience of having another car around, with the necessary cables, in order to jumpstart the dead battery. With the knowledge that such conveniences weren’t always possible, portable jump starters were invented, allowing car owners to fix the problem fairly easily on their own. Knowing how to start sorting out through all the options to find the right choice requires a certain degree of critical analysis at how they work. The following is a list of the best car jump starter available for you to choose from.

The Best Car Jump Starter

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1. Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor

Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor

For a powerful starter, ready to revive a dead battery in no time, the Stanley J5C09 presents itself as an ideal pick. With 500 amps of instant starting power, and reaching a maximum peak of 1000 amps, this fairly decent jump starter is a handy tool to have around. It also features a safety alarm that alerts users when clamps are not connected to their respective chargers correctly, adding safety to its effective features. It also comes with a DC port that allows you to charge the 18ib pound pack in your car.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for batteries of any range of vehicle, truck motorbike, and boat
  • Features air compressor
  • Fitted LED for manageability at night
  • Includes USB charging port


  • Quality is not the best
  • Extension cord not included

The Stanley charges is a powerful tool with a wide range of features that make it a lifesaver whenever a car battery dies. Although it could have used better quality material, it is still a great choice and easily makes the top ten list.

2. BESTEK Battery Charger

BESTEK Battery Charger

This jump pack has a 10000mAh battery capacity, enough to jump start a vehicle with a maximum of 5L gas or 3L diesel engine, which constitutes a large portion of cars. This jump starter includes jumper cables, made compatible for the 12V jumping port, as well as 12V wall and car charges. It includes four LED lights with SOS and strobe lights mode, making it suitable to use at night and in poorly lit settings. It is designed to protect against short-circuits as well, as a safety measurement. Add a 4 in 1 mobile charger and the package is complete.


  • The battery can be charged in just 3 hours
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Multi-purpose tool


  • Limited power supply

The BESTEK may not be the most powerful jump starter on the market, but if you are looking for something ideal for your compatible engine, as well as something useful enough to use to charge any electrical devices with, then it is a great pick, not to mention affordable too.

3. NOCO Genius Boost Plus Jump Starter

NOCO Genius Boost Plus Jump Starter

This highly compact jump starter tests the limits of convenience with its small dimensions and lightweight design. Small enough to fit in one’s pocket and light enough not to feel it, this product does not completely compromise on effectiveness either, delivering up to 1000amps of power within 3 seconds. Its straightforward design means it is easy to use, and subsequently, safe as well.

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  • Portable and lightweight
  • Spark-proof technology and reverse polarity
  • USB ports for charging phones and tablets
  • LED flashlight
  • High-quality material


  • Not the most powerful booster

If you are looking for something convenient and effective, rather than the most powerful option, the NOCO Genius jump starter is a great choice. Though it is ideal for scooters and small motor vehicles, this jump starter can on occasion defy a larger challenge.

4. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

This 20-pound, 12V jump starter delivers a peak 1700 amps and 425 cranking amps, all delivered through a heavy-duty 46” quality cable the pack is fitted with. The Jump-N-Carry’s Clore PROFORMER technology means that its battery provides optimum cranking power as well as assuring consumers durability. The overall quality of the piece is a high standard.


  • Features voltmeter
  • Built-in charger
  • Industrial-grade clamps


  • Despite the deceiving name, carrying this pretty heavy piece is not very easy

It was hard to find fault with a product like this. Ideal for almost anything one could think of, made of quality material that is sure to last for long, perhaps only the lack of fancy features such as USB ports could count as its only downside. Great buy and an effortless pick for the top ten best jump starters.

5. GOOLOO 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter


GOOLOO 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

Ideal for batteries fitted into relatively small engines, whether on a car, a boat, or a bike, the Gooloo is an easy to carry, lightweight jump starter that does the job within its capacity range fairly well. Small enough to fit in any pocket, this gadget is fitted with an LED flashlight, a portable charger, SOS lighting, 8 in 1 laptop chargers, and USB for phone and tablet charging, making it the ultimate compact multi-purpose jump starter. A number of measures are also taken to ensure safety, such as over-voltage, over-charge, short-circuit and reverse polarity features.


  • Easy to use, lightweight, and versatile
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Quality, certified material


  • Limited usage

If you need something that can easily fit anywhere you go, providing assurance that whatever medium to small engine your running has a backup, then there are few better options than this.

6. DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

Measuring in at 9.5 x 3.9 x 4.9 inches and with a weight of just 2.8 lbs., this jump starter boasts a good peak current of up to 600amps. This makes it ideal for cars or boats with gas engines of up to 6.5L, or diesel of up to 5.2L, and all motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. It is also fitted with its expected clamps and cables, USB ports that can charge various electronic devices, and an LED and emergency (SOS) light. An LCD screen and compass are unique features that set this product apart from others of the same kind.

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  • Protective measures
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Durable


  • Unclear instructions that make it difficult to use
  • The design makes use somewhat tricky


This is a relatively and surprisingly powerful jump starter, given its size, and though it can be a little hard to get used to, it is of overall high quality.

7. Suaoki T10 Portable Car Jump Starter

Suaoki T10 Portable Car Jump Starter

The Suaoki features a peak current that starts at 200 amperes and reaches a maximum of 400 amperes, provided by the 12,000 mAH battery’s 12V outlet, making it ideal for motorbikes and small engine vehicles. Protective measures go beyond ensuring a user’s safety to ensuring the safety of any connecting appliance. Finally, the starter comes us a complete pack with an adapter, a USB cable, a user manual, and a cloth bag.


  • Quality material
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Handy 3 light mode
  • Protective exterior


  • The overall features are limited in both variety and capacity

Once you recognize this jump starter’s limitation, it should prove to be a practical inexpensive option for those looking to easily carry around something that will kick-start dead batteries for the appropriate machines.

8. Booster PAC ES5000 Jump Starter

Booster PAC ES5000 Jump Starter

The Booster Pac jump starter has a maximum delivery capacity of 1500 peak amps, along with 400 amps of starting power, making it a great starter for any standard vehicle. The industrial-grade cables that carry this force bear testimony to the piece’s overall quality, shared by all the other components of the jump starter. The high-performance batteries, allowing for the 12V jump-starting, are as durable as needed to complement the rest of the starter’s high standards.


  • The piece is reliable, through and through, which is all that is needed


  • No extra features

The Booster Pac may not be state of the art, lacking all the bonus fittings found in other jump starters, but it stays true to its main purpose and does it better than any other. Simple but highly recommend.

9. Brightech – SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

Brightech – SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

For a light, compact, easy to use jump starter, considering the Brightech Scorpion is a good start. With a jump start current range of 200-400 amps, hand-width dimensions, and a weight of just 14 oz., there are few options as convenient as this. It is also highly personalized, catering to phones, tablets, and even laptops with its USB ports that can be used to charge these devices. It also comes with a “smart jump” feature that protects these devices from any short-circuits or damaging threat as well as ensuring the safety of the user. Other features such as the 5 blue LED lights complete the piece’s multi-functional identity.


  • A number of adaptors are available for the convenience
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Handles temperatures as low as -4F and as high as 140F
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  • Limited in what it can jump-start
  • Quality not of the highest grade

Yet another convenient option available the Brightech’s various features help it make the list of top ten jump starters. Never did carrying a lifesaver such as this jump starter been easier.

10. VicTsing Jump Starter

VicTsing Jump Starter

Despite its small size, the VicTsing can reach peak currents of up to 600 amps, from the 300 amps it starts at. It is optimum for gas vehicles of up to 4 L, or 2.8T turbo-diesel engines. This compact jump starter also functions as a phone, tablet, and laptop charger which includes an advanced IC technology that identifies the connected devices and regulates the output to ensure the integrity of the connected device. It is fairly durable, able to withstand freezing temperatures of minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit and extreme heat conditions of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • LED and SOS lights
  • Quality make


  • Battery not the highest grade

The VicTsing jump starter is lacking in many regards, but given its size, it would be simply unfair to expect any more than what it already delivers. An excellent choice for those looking to quickly revive a dead battery on the go.


Conclusion for the Best Car Jump Starter

Measurement is the key to choosing the right jump starter for your vehicle. Measuring how much power you need is essential in ensuring that your final selection will do the job for you and the same goes for the opposite reasons. There is no need to carry around something large and bulky if a smaller and more compatible jump starter will do for your engine type. Once you have settled on your needs, which begins by knowing whether you need something large and powerful or small and compact, the list above should help you make your final decision.

All ten jump starters in the list cover all the needs of those looking to purchase the convenient tool. It includes large, small, simple, and versatile options, including those that do more than just jump start your battery and bring your vehicle back to life. Once you settle on this, there will be no need to go back, unless your needs change. In such a case, you will find that referring back to this list will be as helpful as it was the first time. The most important thing to remember, however, is that prevention is better than a cure, so even if you do not think that you will have any battery problems soon, the number one recommendation is to go out and get one anyone. You will be glad you did when the time comes.

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