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Best Car Jacks (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Car Jacks (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020

You can buy a car jack anywhere, but as any vehicle owner will tell you, this is one item you don’t want to scrimp on. A floor jack is used to raise your vehicle off the ground so you can do the proper inspection or replace a component. Given this, you really can’t settle for anything less than the best you can buy thus we came up with the best car jacks you can buy in the market. While these best car jacks have similar features, the quality ranges from the great to good.

The Best Car Jacks

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1. Torin T10152 Scissor Car Jack – 1.5 Ton

The Torin Scissor Jack is made from heavy-duty alloyed steel, giving it extra durability and dependability. The saddle and frame are made from the same material so it should lift most cars with ease. The floor jack has also been painted with a proprietary coating that makes it impact resistant.

This coating prevents rusting, and the large base – 4 ½ inches – gives the floor jack a good deal of stability and support. Its lift range is 3 to ¾ to 15 3/8 inches, and it meets the ASME PALD requirements. The bright red color makes it stand out even in a cluttered garage.

The instruction manual is also detailed with sections on safety, parts list, assembly guide and more. The jack also comes with the handle for more convenient use. With its built, you can use the Torin T10152 floor jack as a complement to your existing jack or even as a replacement thus it is first in our list of the best car jacks.

2. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Car Jack

The Powerzone 380044 has a lift range of 4 to 18 1/4”, greater than those of other floor jacks. Its 3-ton capacity is equal to 6000 lbs. allowing you to lift even heavy cars and some light trucks. The floor jack is constructed from aluminum, which makes it light yet durable.

Other floor jacks are made from heavy steel, making them impractical to handle. The aluminum frame also cuts the floor jack’s weight and improves portability. It can be frustrating to carry a heavy floor jack around, so the Powerzone 380044 construction is an asset.

A hydraulic lifting system is built-in, saving time and making work more efficient. There is also a safety valve included so the jack doesn’t lift any more weight than it has to. Its lift arm is made of heavy-duty steel, giving it the means to lift 3-ton vehicles without any difficulty. If the standard 1 to 1.5-ton floor jack doesn’t cut it, this will do.

We also have to point out the manual is clear and easy to follow. All the components are listed, and the instructions for use are explained in detail. If you have never used a floor jack like this before, the manual will become important.

3. Goplus® 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Garage Floor Car Jack

Goplus is known for its high-quality products, and this is one of the best they have produced. Its 3 ton / 6000 lb. capacity is complemented by its 2.75 to the 19.88-inch range, just what you need for heavy lifting. The entire unit is made out of Q235 steel, underscoring its durability and ability to deal with a lot of weight.

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The Goplus floor jack also comes with a saddle, and its rubber padding provides the vehicle with protection. The Goplus is also built for quick lifting, and its dual plunger improves performance. A look at the floor jack also shows that it has wheels that make positioning easy.

The Goplus floor jack weighs 71.7 lbs. not that heavy when compared to other floor jacks. The jack is easy to use, and the construction makes it easy to operate. The wheels are especially useful when it comes to positioning it under the vehicle. With its three-ton capacity, the Goplus floor jack can raise the back of your vehicle with ease.

4. Dragway Tools 3-1/2 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shop Car Jack

With its 3 ½ ton capacity, the Dragway Tools floor jack has more power than the typical jack. It also has a handle and foot pump for easy lifting, and the lift range is 5.5 inches to 19.5 inches. Its T handle is 34.5”, and the top rubber handle is 3.5 inches long for easy movement.

On the bearings are 3.5-inch front wheels, helping increase its lifespan. The floor jack also has a safety valve that prevents the floor jack from lifting more than it is capable of.  The floor jack has also been built for a long term and durable performance whether it’s at home, a repair shop or auto service.

We also have to add that its wheels – ball bearing caster on the rear, wide on the font – provide a lot of stability that other floor jacks cannot match. This feature also enhances its maneuverability, a common problem with poorly made floor jacks. For lifting jobs that go beyond the capabilities of the ordinary floor jack, the Dragway Tools floor jack gets it done.

5. Pro-Lift G-737 Grey Speedy Lift Garage Car Jack


The Pro-Lift G-737 floor jack has a capacity of 3 ½ tons, more than enough for lifting cars, SUVs and other vehicles. Unlike other floor jacks, however, the Pro-Lift G-737 has a quick lift function that raises a vehicle up to two inches. This is a welcome feature as other floor jacks just take too long to work.

The floor jack also has a universal joint release, giving you full control over the load’s movement. This control is present regardless of the handle’s position, and its side frame is has been fortified to give the floor jack extra strength. The jack’s side frame also cuts down the possibility of twisting.

A rubber saddle pad provides protection for your vehicle as you’re working on it. The jack also comes with a magnetic tool tray you can use to store small bits. If you’re doing extensive work that will take days, the tray becomes a valuable resource as the components are in one place.

6. Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Car Jack

The Neiko Pro 20272B floor jack has a 3-ton lifting capacity, and it is made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy. This material has been built specifically for durability and its lightweight. By finding the right balance between weight 0- 57 lbs. – and durability, the floor jack does what it’s supposed to.

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The 20272B also has a dual plunger for greater efficiency. Its minimum lifting height is 3 3/24 inches up to a maximum of 19 ¼ inches. The floor jack also has a safety valve that keeps the 20272B from lifting more than it is intended to. The dotted saddle pad is especially useful in preventing dents on the chassis.

The 20272B floor jack also has swivel rear casters so it’s easy to position the floor jack where it needs to go. The presence of dual-sided handles is another plus as it makes carrying more convenient. In terms of performance, the 20272B is ideal for changing tires, roadside emergencies and general all-purpose repair.

7. Pittsburgh Automotive 4 Ton Heavy Duty Car Jack


With a 4 ton capacity, the Pittsburgh Automotive floor jack is capable of lifting heavier vehicles than other jacks. The floor jack has been built with precision to ensure safety, and its finish is industrial grade. Unlike other devices that take a long time to operate, this floor jack has a quick lift feature.

The floor jack has a universal joint release, ensuring you have control over the handling. As far as the quality is concerned, the floor jack is good enough for garage work and professional mechanics. With its 4 ton capacity, the Pittsburgh Automotive floor jack is more than capable of lifting heavier than average cars.

The floor jack doesn’t just lift weights easily, but it is also made to endure. The construction meets the highest international standards for safety and has wide metal casters for better maneuverability. Its lifting range is 4 inches to 20 and ½ inches, more than sufficient to lift cars and other heavy vehicles.

8. Liftmaster 2.5 Ton Aluminum Steel Low Profile QuickLift Garage Car Jack

The Liftmaster floor jack is capable of lifting cars and other vehicles with little difficulty. The 2.5-ton capacity is suitable for garage and repair shops, and the low profile makes it compatible with low chassis cars. The floor jack is made of steel and lightweight aluminum.

Compared to other floor jacks, the Liftmaster is lighter, and this makes it more effective and practical to use than others. The floor jack is ANSI and CE (European) certified, and its use of Dual Pump Quick Lift Technology makes operation quicker and more effective compared to others.

There are floor jacks with greater lifting capacity, but some car owners don’t need that much power. If you’re among those, then the Liftmaster floor jack is just what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have the capacity of more powerful models, but if you don’t need that, this floor jack will do. The Liftmaster is a high-quality floor jack and delivers exactly as expected. It isn’t the fanciest when it comes to design, but in terms of performance, it’s one of the best.

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9. American Forge 200T 2-Ton Low-Rider Car Jack


The Forge 200T is a powerful floor jack that’s suitable for garages and repair shops. American Forge has several floor jacks, and this is one of the best they have to offer. Quality-wise, the 200T is equal to that of their previous floor jacks. The difference is the 200T offers greater compatibility with low profile vehicles.

The 200T floor jack has a quick lift mechanism, and its use of the AFF double pump technology means it can go down to 2.75 inches and reach a maximum lift of 20 inches. With the way the 200T has been constructed, you’ll be able to lift vehicles with little difficulty.

Like any good floor jack, the 200T has a universal joint release technology as well as a padded saddle. The saddle gives protection for your vehicle’s undercarriage, and its valve offers greater control. For low control vehicles, the 200T is a one-floor jack you’ll find useful. It is not just easy to use but also has a durable powder coating.

10. New! 3000 Lb Aluminum Racing Car Auto Floor Jack


This floor jack has a 3000 / 1.5-ton loading capacity, making it more than sufficient for lifting heavy cars and other vehicles. It has a minimum height of 3 1/8 inches and the maximum is 14 ¼ inches. The floor jack is more than capable as far as lifting weights are concerned, but it’s not that heavy at 31 lbs.

The floor jack is also more compact than other models in its class, making it easier to put in position. Its aluminum billet is heavy-duty and corresponds with the rest of the floor jack’s solid construction. The billet, by the way, is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This alone goes to show that it is superior to ordinary floor jacks.

The floor jack has a knurled metal handle, providing a dependable grip as you lift the load. Even if you use to its maximum capacity, the floor jack needs just 3 and a half pumps to lift the vehicle. Furthermore, this jack’s mechanism provides a precise, smooth performance. This is a crucial feature that ensures its lifting and lowering are safe and accurate.

Conclusion for The Best Car Jacks

Floor jacks are staples in garages, and many purchase them without giving it much of a second thought. But as we pointed out in the beginning, you cannot settle for an inferior floor jack because of the safety issues involved. With the best car jacks we have here, you can pick any and be confident with its performance.

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