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Best Engine Degreasers and Cleaners (Review) in 2020

Best Engine Degreasers and Cleaners (Review) in 2020

Though it is best to leave the insides of the engine to professionals, it is not the only part of the engine that can get dirty. An engine’s exterior can accumulate a lot of dirt and can make it difficult to find any leaks and problems with the engine. This is why when you pop open the hood, the first thing you do not want to see is a grimy and dirty engine. To avoid this, you’ll want to do regular cleaning. However, soap and water are not going to be enough. If you want a clean engine, you’ll need some of the best engine degreasers and cleaners in the market.

The Best Engine Degreasers

Grease is your biggest enemy when it comes to cleaning your engine. Grease in engines acts as a secondary lubricant, making it work smoothly. The trouble is that it can get everywhere. This is why you’ll want an effective degreaser when cleaning your engine.

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1. Gunk EB1 Engine Brite Original Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser

Gunk EB1 is the classic engine degreaser. In use for years now, this product should be at the top of your buy list if you are looking for a degreaser. This is because of how effective it is.

With Gunk EB1, all you have to do is spray it. You then have to wait 10 to 15 minutes as the degreaser does its job. When the waiting period is over, you just hose down your engine. The result is that you get a clean engine without much effort.

Take note though that this is powerful stuff. As a solvent-based degreaser, it will eat through the sensitive non-metal parts of your engine easily. You will need to place some protection over them before you apply Gunk EB1.

Other than that, this is a great degreaser if you can find it.

2. McKee’s 37 MK37-600 Engine Degreaser

Most degreasers on the market are pretty powerful, but they tend to be too powerful. For those who want a more personal and delicate touch, Mckee’s MK37-600 might be the answer. This is a more eco-friendly degreaser.

First of all, this is a pretty safe degreaser. Most of the time, you need to be careful when applying degreasers. This is because they use harsh chemicals like ethers and acid to cleanse your engines.

Mckee’s decided to opt for safety and comfort instead. There are no harsh smells with this degreaser. Plus, you only need to protect your engine’s electronics from the degreaser, unlike other cleaners.

The counterpoint is that it is not as strong as it could be. You’ll need to wipe away the dirt and grease with a rag. Additionally, you may need to apply it many times for stubborn dirt.

Still, this is a good product if you dislike the stronger cleaners and can handle a bit of work.

3. CRC 5026 Gel Engine Degreaser

The CRC 5026 is a gel engine degreaser that really sticks. A lot of gel or foam-based degreasers already cling to your engine so that they can better clean it. However, they eventually flow down due to gravity.

CRC 5026 is different because its formulation ensures that it can better to stick to your engine. This means that you don’t have to apply as many coats of degreaser. It stays there as long you need it.

Thanks to this, 5026 can reach hard-to-reach parts that would take some effort to clean. With this degreaser’s help, all you need to do is apply it then hose it off. You may want to use a rag to be more thorough, but it isn’t necessary.

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This is another great option for those looking to buy a strong degreaser.

4. Energy Release P019 Citrus Engine Degreaser Plus

Solvent fumes while degreasing is a big problem. You can avoid that experience by using Energy Release P019 Citrus Engine Degreaser Plus. With a pleasant citrus scent, a degreasing session with this product will end with your engine smelling lemony fresh. This is a plus for many who dislike the petroleum odor that the usual degreasers give off.

Don’t think that this degreaser is a pushover though. It can effectively clean grease from most surfaces. You can not only use it for your engine. You can also apply it to the concrete and stainless steel surroundings of your garage. It is also pretty easy to clean, with a simple water rinse removing all trace of it.

Potential buyers will want this for its pleasant smell. The fact that it is a good all-around cleaner for more than your engine is a plus.

5. Permatex 80043 Eliminator II Engine Degreaser

Permatex is a great brand that offers quite a few quality degreasers. One of its best products is its Eliminator II Engine Degreaser. This is a powerful degreaser that uses foaming action to stick to your engine.

While it does, it breaks down the grease’s connection to the engine’s surface. This ensures that when you rinse it down with some water, the grease will just come away with it. The great thing about this product is that it works on most surfaces. Metal, plastic, rubber, and concrete are not affected by this cleaner. This makes it perfect for degreasing not just your engine, but your tools and garage.

If you’re looking for an all-around grease stripper, the Eliminator II is a good answer.

6. Johnsen’s 4644-12PK Engine Degreaser

Johnsen’s 4644-12PK Engine Degreaser is a nice water-based degreaser that works great. The main action of the degreaser is its foaming action. All you need to do is spray it on an engine and watch it foam.

The active ingredients in the degreaser mix with the oil and grease during its foaming period. Once that is over, all you have to do is to rinse it away with water. The ingredients in the degreaser allow the water to mix with the oil and grease, pulling them away with it during the rinse.

However, this product may not work well with stubborn grease. Still, this cleaning solution is a great choice if you have a new engine and plan to regularly clean it.

7. Mag 1 415 Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser

Mag 1 is serious when it calls this degreaser its heavy-duty formula. If you’ve got stubborn grease on an engine, this is one of the degreasers you turn to. The superior cleaning power of this degreaser melts the grime off your engine.

It is not just your engine that this degreaser cleans. Thanks to its powerful aerosol spray, it can cover a lot of areas that normally are not available. You can use it for your transmission, motor, and more.

No need to worry about plastic parts that usually melt in contact with the solvent. This formula is safe for use with it.

Overall, you’ll want to buy Mag 1’s product for use on more than your engine.

The Best Engine Cleaners

Engine cleaning is not all about grease. Grease is just the most stubborn part of it. You’ll also need to deal with the other types of dirt and grime that accumulate on the engine. This is why after degreasing, people usually follow it up with another round of cleansing. For this, they usually use engine cleaners to work well with the metals of an engine.

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[table id=46 /]

1. Trewax Natural Orange Heavy Duty Cleaner

Trewax Natural Orange Heavy Duty Cleaner is a rather unique product. This is because it uses a natural solvent that comes from orange and citrus peels. The result is that the cleaner itself smells like oranges and lemons.

Though you probably won’t appreciate the scent that much, the effects are quite noticeable. This cleaner removes dirt and grime with ease. It is actually gentle enough that it works well on a wide variety of substances: metals, woods, plastics, and more. Just spray this on and wipe away the dirt.

This cleaning solution is great for more than your engine though. Buy this one if you want a great multi-use cleaner.

2. Throttle Muscle TM5646 – Engine Scrub Super Concentrated Engine Flush Oil System Cleaner

If you’re getting really serious about cleaning an engine, then the Throttle Muscle TM5646 is your go-to solution. The main difference between this and other cleaners is that it is for internal use in your engine. Just pour it in and you can flush out all the oil and dirt deposits inside an engine.

This approach is good if you want your engine to be fresh before you pour in new motor oil. You’ll need to run the engine for five minutes with the cleaner in it though. While inside, the TM5646 will break down the current oil deposits. Once done, you can drain it out with your old oil.

Note that this is for internal use in your engine. It’s best to use this with another cleanser to fully clean your engine, inside and out.

3. Spray Nine 26810 Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser and Disinfectant

Permatex is well-known for its cleaning solutions. The Spray Nine solution is one of their premier products and it shows. This is because Spray Nine works on everything. You can spray this on any surface and do a simple wipe to clean off the dirt.

For engine cleaning, this is a good choice. Most of the time, you need to do a degrease before cleaning. Spray Nine combines degreaser and cleaner in one. Just spray it and you can immediately wipe away the grease and dirt without waiting time. It also has no strong odor, which makes it ideal for cleaning in your house.

Overall, you’ll want to use Spray Nine on everything. Buy another one just in case you don’t want to stop with your engine.

4. Auto-Chem Professional Heavy Duty Universal Cleaner & Degreaser

The HD Clean All from Auto Chem Professional is what you use for all your vehicle needs. It is not just for engines, but also for tire rims and the other metal parts of your car. Just spray it on and wipe off the dirt.

The big difference with this cleaner is that it aims for longer-lasting protection after the cleaning. This is why the product is not watered down like the other products on the market. This does cause problems with plastic parts, but preparation beforehand should protect them.

Plus, the cleaner is also totally biodegradable. No need to worry about how the cleaner will affect the environment when you flush it down the drain.

This cleaner is what you want to use for not just cleaning your engine, but your car as a whole. Buy it if you want to ensure your car looks great, both inside and outside.

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5. Enforcer 32 Oz Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser

Citrus is a very popular cleaner base. This is because besides smelling great, it is very effective at cleaning. The Enforcer 32 Oz Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser is another example of a great citrus-based cleaner.

This particular product is very effective when it comes to getting rid of grease and other stubborn dirt. All you need to do is to spray it and let it settle for a minute. You can then wipe off any grime it has come in contact with. Thanks to its base, you can use it on most surfaces without worrying about any damage.

This is not just a great engine cleaner, this a great cleaner, period. Buy one for general cleaning if you face any stubborn dirt.

6. Yes Industrial Strength Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser 4 Gallon Case

Yes Industrial Strength Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser 4 Gallon Case

When you’re dealing with stubborn dirt and grime, you want a heavy-duty solution.  Yes Industrial Strength Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser is the solution most of the time. Available in a 4-gallon bottle, this is what you turn to if you want a total cleansing of your engine.

Note that this is an industrial cleaner. You’ll need to be careful when using it since this is to literally melt off the dirt off your engine. Mix it up in a solution of one part Yes and three parts water. Place it in a spray bottle then apply it to your engine. You can watch the dirt and grime disappear with a good hard spray.

If you want a quick solution and know-how to be careful, this cleaning solution is for you.

7. Spray Nine 30232 Grez-Off Marine Cleaner

Though technically not for use with your car, the Spray Nine 30232 Grez-Off Marine Cleaner is a popular cleaning solution. This is because it is very environmentally-friendly.

Permatex made this for use with boats so the cleaning solution needed to degrade quickly in water. If you worry about the residue that normal cleaners leave, get Grez-Off to get the same dirt-cleaning action without any problems. Plus, this cleaning solution works well to clean off dirt, soil, and grease so you can use it for any part of your car.

If you want a green cleaning solution that still packs a punch, this should be on top of your buying list.

Conclusion for the Best Engine Degreasers and Cleaners

A clean engine does not just look good. It also performs at peak efficiency. This is why it is important that you keep your engine clean. With the help of the best engine degreasers and cleaners, you can ensure your engine looks great and performs well. Use them regularly to clean off the dirt and grease from your engine to get the best performance you can out of it.

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