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Best Aux Cable for Cars (Review) in 2020

Best Aux Cable for Cars (Review) in 2020

Aux inputs are no more considered as an option for vehicles these days. Almost all vehicles now have aux inputs and if you are someone who went on a long drive recently or had a traffic jam, you know how important the auxiliary cables can become in those situations.
Sound engineers also now give an extra thought while they are producing music as they also know that a huge number of people are going to listen to their product from the car. Therefore, sound engineering comes a priority for the design. If you are searching for the best aux cable for cars, see the list below to help you decide which one to buy.

The Best Aux Cable For Cars

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7. Vilight 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Audio Cable

Vilight 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Audio Cable

This is an interesting three feet long cable which is good enough for most people in almost all scenarios. There are two different colors available for you to go for. The color options are red and black and both of them cost the same. To be really honest, when we see that there are a ton of people who bought this product and were satisfied with the service, we kind of start to think that the product is good enough.

For the authenticity of this review, we will try to go into the detailed features of this aux audio cable. Obviously, the first thing that strikes us is the HQ OFC conductor that the aux cable has inside. This is basically an insulation method which ensures that the small fiber inside your wire will never get burnt. The whole wire is gold plated to ensure the durability of the product.

The Vilight model is compatible with almost all devices that allow a 3.5mm audio jack input. You can also use converters if you do not have a 3.5mm system as this works fine with all types of converters too.

The company offers interesting discount deals when you buy more than one. You might try that too as the price is very budget-friendly. All in all, this is a great aux cable to go for.

6. Vojo Aux Cord for Car 3.5mm Auto Aux Audio Cable



This is another fun one to go for. Though the company Vojo primarily made this aux cord for iPhone people then started using it for all of their devices. That is the beauty of having a 3.5mm jack port. You can actually use almost all headphone models out there and the Vojo Aux cord is no different.

The cool part is that there are six different models that you can go for and these have slightly different designs and outlooks that do not only depend on the color. Yes, there are different colors too but some models are spring-based where some other ones are straight. The chances are high that you will enjoy this diversity as headphones are mostly the same.

This headphone has a noise-canceling feature which will allow you to listen to the other party at ease no matter whether you are in a noisy area or not. The button is there to help you control the music. Where most headphone buttons actually perform only on and off, this button goes one step ahead and can skip songs too when you double click.

Well, if these are not enough then the Vojo Aux Cord has a lot more to offer too. The company actually is brave enough to offer you a lifetime free replacement deal which means that no matter when you face any issues with their audio cables, if you want, you can get a free replacement obviously if the reason is valid enough. That is a great promise to make.

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5. Anker 3.5mm Premium Aux Audio Cable


If you are looking for a slightly bigger unit of a headphone model, then this is the perfect fit for your needs. Most of the models that we find around in the market are three feet in terms of the whole length. The Anker went one foot extra for you and you will definitely like that extra freedom.

This is by far the most popular auxiliary audio cable on earth and there are many reasons to support that statement. The product is an old one which is a big reason that is why this is considered as the most sold cable on the planet. The company is great in terms of the service and after service too but most importantly, you will hardly receive these many features in a headphone that comes at a low price range. We know all the headphone models are mostly low priced but this one is even lower.

There are two different color options to go for and the sound quality is satisfying with the help of a premium audio cable with proper gold plating.

Let us tell you about the confidence scale of this company. The company is actually so good that they guaranty that no matter which headphone you are using from an original company; the Anker will provide a better sound quality for a longer period of time. That is a bold statement.


4. IxCC 3 Feet Tangle-Free Male to Male 3.5mm Aux Cable

IxCC 3 Feet Tangle Free Male to Male 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable

So, this is another cool product that was initially developed for small scale production. Very quickly, the company iXCC realized that the product is great enough to be mass-produced. The 3.5mm auxiliary cable is so good that you will never face any problems in terms of connectivity no matter whether you are using it in your Android devices or on apple.

Not all people are comfortable with the 3 feet size of the cable and the company addressed this issue very interestingly. They have their base model which is 3 feet one but they also kept two other models which are 6 feet and 10 feet in terms of length. We have no idea what you will do with a ten feet cable-based headphone but if you want to, you can go for it. Though the ten feet one will cost a bit more than the smaller package.

Each headphone comes with 2 years of warranty. Like any other from the market, the company makes sure that their product is durable enough to support heavy users. The polished metal body is something that you will like and the transmission is always error-free be it your internal media or a radio station.

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3. SecureOMax Aux Cable

SecureOMax Aux Cable

The next one that we are going to talk about is the Aux Cable from SecurOmax which is a shield cord model with around 3.3 feet of range. The jack is obviously of 3.5mm male to male and the cable is great for your car or any other devices that can take a 3.5 jack.

Why is this product different than the rest out there? The biggest feature is the packaging itself. The company does not sell a single unit of this headphone. What they do is they sell it in a pack of two which means that you always have an alternative one which is identical.

The company thought about those people who use smartphones and have weird type cases and covers for their phones and the company guarantees that this model works with almost all types of weird smartphone cases of this planet.

The sound quality is spot on and the headphone is a bit bulky which gives you the feeling that you are holding or using something premium. The metal design actually caused that extra weight which we do not think will be a big issue. The model is tangle-free which ensures that you will be able to get durability from this model. Well, if you cannot then there is nothing to worry about as the company offers you a lifetime replacement warranty which is completely free!

2. RCA Aux Cable iXCC  

RCA Cable iXCC

The next in our list is the RCA cable from the brand iXCC which is a six feet long dual shield model with a gold plate and male to male stereo. This is a bit pricey from the other ones that you saw in this review. Though the price is not of a huge difference but as the market is super competitive, every penny matters.

The headphone is so multipurpose that it can easily jell with all of your communication devices even with televisions, projectors and anything else that has a 3.5 jack portability. Obviously, the product is durable enough to last a long life. The company has also introduced something that they call dual shielding which ensures that the inside metal of the wires is polished and less reactive towards the outside world. That gives this headphone a longer life.

The headphone is definitely tangle-free which means that it is easy to use and your cat will not be able to tear it apart from most likely though cats are smart. The RCA cable from iXCC is a bit new in the industry but it looks like they already are able to grab a good position among consumer minds. People are already loving using these products and the 2 years of replacement warranty is a great add on!

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1. Sentey Black Aux Car for CarSentey Black LS-6621

The last but not least one in our list is the Sentey Black LS-6621 which is an audio stereo that comes with a 6 feet cable. This is another cool item to go for. If you do not like big units with long cables, there is another 3 feet option available for this same brand that you can choose. The bigger ones never really create many problems and therefore, we like to go for the bigger ones. The cable is standard and the sound quality is brilliant. The gold plated connector makes it durable and the carbon fiber outlook gives it a classy touch. All in all, this is not an auxiliary cable with an interesting or innovative feature. The company played it safe and smart which paid off.

So if you are looking for a safe option which is compatible with all the device that you have and will not create any issue in the next few years, this is the product that you should go for.

People do not really think a lot when they are buying auxiliary cables as they think that these are cheap products to even give a thought about. That is true, to be honest, but it doesn’t take much time to give it a little thought to make sure that you are having a nice sound experience for the next couple of years. Think about those awesome songs that you are going to listen to in the coming days? Won’t they sound way more awesome with the help of a decent cable? We think so!


Conclusion for the Best Aux Cable for Cars

It is important that you understand and pick the right cable for your car which goes with your style of listening to music. Though most of the options are good enough in general, each of the products has specialties that differentiate those from the rest.

Basically, what auxiliary cables do is that these make sure you do not have to worry about sound again from inside your car whether you want to play music, a video or a radio show. There are thousands of models out there when it comes to auxiliary cables and it gets difficult at times to find the perfect one. Our mission is to make that process simple for you.

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