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Top 6 of Hot RWD Hatchbacks

Top 6 of Hot RWD Hatchbacks

The American car market is at the top of its revolution. The RWD hatchback is being churned out every year, with the latest cars being more powerful and faster than the ones coming before them. Hotrods were originally cars with extra-large engines and an extra piece of American dream done on them. The Chevy has the Camaro to speak for the brand, with two versions of their vehicles running each on over 500 horsepower. Dodge has the Challenger that is equally flying high with some 470 horsepower charged in it. The Viper also has its own playing ground, which includes 640 horsepower charged into it. You could think of the Cadillac Super coupe which rides on 556 horsepower, or maybe the Shelby Mustang, which was the most powerful vehicle of all time in 2014 raging at 662 horsepower. But that was the past, and there are better vehicles now. Over the years, they have become part of the American culture as much as the Statue of Liberty is. Here, we look at some of the best models in the RWD hatchback fold and their performances.

2015 Cadillac ATS – When we talk of the RWD hatchback, this is one of the best vehicles we are talking about. This is the sophistication that comes with Cadillac when the company is trying to lure customers from Mercedes and BMW. It is expected to be the fastest car of its size, competing with the BMW’s M3 (which is a sedan) and the M4 (which is a coupe vehicle). It combines the aspects of the powerful V technology engine so that it can run at least 425 horsepower in its engine. Despite the ability of Caddy to just try some other engine that would easily achieve this, such as a Corvette engine, they prefer to have a 3.6l V6 engine that would give them the edge of sophistication. It is likely in this case that the 8-speed transmission will be used.

2016 Cadillac CTS-V – This is a continuation of the production of the car that hailed the dawn of performance cars for Cadillac. This will change the previously used 6.2l supercharged engine for the engine used in the Corvette Z06. As always, they are likely to use their 8-speed transmission system to power this 650 horsepower baby. With that kind of power running through anyone’s Caddy, nobody would complain about any issues of power.

2016 Camaro – It is built under the same technology as the CTS and ATS, which suggests that the shape and weight of the car is going to be different. The body of the new Camaro has significantly changed with changes to the tail, wheel base and the front. The car is expected to be fitted with the latest Corvette engine to let the vehicle go at 457 horsepower with a V8.

Dodge Charger Hellcat – The 2 door 707 horsepower car was quite exciting; The 2015 car offers this with 4 doors. The 2015 Chargers have new options, especially on the front of the car, but the engine is what’s rocking. With a V8 Hemi in the works, it’s the most promising car of its class.

Shelby GT350R – The GT is an answer to the challenge by the Camaro. The regular Shelby should have a 550 horsepower roar without forced induction. It still uses the famed Coyote 5.0l V8, but now has a more revered Voodoo version of it.

RWD hatchbacks can be wonderfully interesting cars to ride in. Some of the sampled RWD hatchbacks have great power and handling. Watch out for new releases.

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