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Where is the toyota camry made?

Where is the toyota camry made?

The Camry is a top-selling, compact and mid-size car. Japanese manufacturer Toyota first made the Camry in 1982. Toyota manufactures the Camry in several facilities, all over the world.

Of the 16 Toyota-owned manufacturing facilities in Japan, the Tsutsumi factory makes the Camry and was the first facility to do so. With more than 5,000 employees, the Tsutsumi facility has made more than 500,000 Toyota Camrys. In Japan, Toyota only sells the Camry at Toyota Corolla Store dealerships.

Japanese regulations led to a narrow-body design of the Camry in the early 1990s. International sales demands led to a wide-body model and station wagon that sold internationally in the same time frame. Sales of the wide-body model have not been significant in Japan, though they increased when Toyota introduced a hybrid synergy drive system in 2011.

With production and sales all over the world, Toyota boasts that its Camry is a “world car,” along with the Toyota Carolla. In addition to Japan, the Russian Federation, Australia, Thailand, the United States, China, and Vietnam all manufacture the Camry. For those asking where the Toyota Camry is made, the answer is in many countries throughout Asia, the United States, and Australia. Each country offers model variations to appeal to the buying market in that country and region; for example, Toyota retained the wide-body model in the United States, despite switching to a narrow model in Japan because of regulations.

In 2015, Americans bought more Camrys than any other car, and the Camry has been the best-selling car in the United States since 1997. U.S. sales of the Camry increased from 2014 to 2015. In the United States, Georgetown, Kentucky boasts the largest and longest-running Camry manufacturing facility. The Georgetown facility began producing the Camry in 1988. Subaru of Indiana Automotive also makes some Camry models, but Toyota plans to move U.S. production of the Camry back solely to Kentucky in 2016.

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In 2005, the Kentucky manufacturing facility began reusing, recycling or composting all of its production waste. Despite producing three tons of waste per day, Toyota’s Camry plant does not send any of its waste to landfills. The manufacturing facility in Kentucky also boasts a large garden and pumpkin patch.

The Toyoto Camry is unique among American cars in that 75 percent of the parts and manufacturing of Camrys sold in the United States come from the United States. Its 2016 model carries the advertising tagline “Demands Respect at Every Corner.” The starting retail price for a 2016 model in the United States is $23,070.