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Most Popular Diesel SUV Models

Most Popular Diesel SUV Models

Diesel SUVs have taken a backseat over the last couple of years but are currently making a much-needed comeback. Diesel SUVs have mainly been used in European countries over the years, but their numbers are on the rise here in the United States. At the moment, it is common to find a turbo diesel model in every segment of the premium vehicle market.

The main advantage that these vehicles have over their counterparts is that they are cheaper. These types of vehicles also have respectable fuel consumption ratio and high torque just as their counterparts. When compared to other SUVs, diesel models require fewer repairs and fuel costs. The latest diesel models run very smoothly and quietly while offering top performance than their previous models. This aspect enhances their competitiveness in the current market because they meet the needs of the present car owner.

The best diesel SUV models have a better resale value than the gasoline SUVs. The better resale value is caused by the fact that when the fuel price rises, the value of gasoline powered SUVS goes down while that of the diesel SUV goes up. On top of this, diesel SUVs requires less maintenance. When using a diesel SUV, you visit the dealership service department less frequently than a gasoline SUV user. As gasoline SUVs require oil changes every three thousand miles, diesel SUVs require a service interval every ten thousand miles.

Currently, most of the best diesel SUV models in the market are offering mind-blowing statistics and are slowly becoming the most favored vehicles in the US. The best diesel SUV models include; The 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel that is the most advanced of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Models. On top of using diesel, it has a 3.0 Liter cylinder that has ceramic glow plugs and direct fuel injection to produce an impressive 240 hp and 420 lb of torque.

The Volkswagen TDI has been redefined to produce plenty of horsepower and torque with better fuel economy. It offers more safety and has better design and top balance.

BMW X5 Xdrive35d can go from zero to sixty in just seven seconds. The diesel version produces more torque than the gasoline one. Mercedes GLK250 Bluetec maintains high performance with low emissions. The Audi Q7 TDI is much greener and more efficient while producing high-performance levels, it is one of the cleanest SUVs in the world.