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The top 10 Most-Stolen Vehicles In America

The top 10 Most-Stolen Vehicles In America

Car theft can be termed as economic sabotage. Not only does it disorient the owner, it also causes economic hiccups. The National Insurance Crime Bureau, NICB, releases annual statistics of the the most stolen cars in the country. It may surprise you to know that the most stolen car in America is not the flashy sports car or the most luxury model. According to the annual NICB report, it is the common family cars that get stolen most. Here is a top ten list of the most stolen vehicles in the past year.

  1. The Honda Accord

According to NICB, 51,290 Honda Accords were stolen in America in 2014. The model hit the headlines between 1991 and 1997 as the most stolen car. The car is popular with drivers for its reliability, economy and retention of resale value. In 1998, Accord smart keys were introduced, reducing Accord theft incidences drastically. However, NICB statistics show that only one out 25 stolen Accords is usually fitted with anti theft technology.

  1. The Honda Civic

Close on the heels of the Accord is the Civic Honda, which is among the most popular compact cars in America and is mostly targeted by thieves for its speed, reliability and fuel efficiency. In 2014, 43,936 Civics were stolen.

  1. The Ford Pickup

The Ford pickup happens to be the most selling pickup in the US. It also happens to be the most targeted by thieves for its ubiquity. In 2014, 28,680 units were stolen.

  1. The Chevrolet Pickup

The Chevrolet pickup comes in fourth with 23,196 stolen in 2014. The most stolen model years of 1997 and 1999-2007 is evidence of the full size Chevy Silverado’s popularity with thieves. Their widespread appeal has created a thriving black market that has fueled the theft.

  1. Toyota Camry

Having been in the international since 1982, the Toyota Camry has grown to become one of the most popular cars on the globe. The 1991 model year happens to be the most stolen in 2014, with the total theft being 14,605.

  1. The Full Size Dodge Pickup

The 2014 theft figures stood at 11,075, 2001-2005 being the most stolen model years. The truck’s convenience in transporting all types of cargo and bulletproof capabilities seem to make it popular with thieves.

  1. The Dodge Caravan

At least 10,483 Dodge Caravans were reported stolen in 2014, the most stolen model years being 2000-2003. The fact that they are out of fashion has not deterred thieves from sparing them. Their figures on the road are still profitable enough for thieves.

  1. The Nissan Altima

The Medium Altima sedan has attracted both noble and nefarious fans. The 2013 model happens to be the most stolen, with an overall theft figure of 9,109 being reported for 2014.

  1. The Acura Integra

Production of this front-driving coupe was stopped in 2006. It appears to appeal to thieves due to its speed. In 2014, 6,902 were stolen, the 1994 and 1995 models leading.

  1. The Nissan Maxima

Completing the top 10 list is the Nissan Maxima, its sporting flair being the attraction. The NICB puts 2014 theft figures at 6,586, with the 1996 model being the most stolen.

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