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If you are in love with compact cars, the Mazda 3 is the very best in this category. The Mazda 3 was redesigned in the year 2014 to give it a new and exciting new look; they also added more efficient features consisting of a more efficient engine. The Mazda 3 demands inclusion among the best fun to drive and efficient vehicles. The Mazda stays true to Mazda’s primary appeal of producing cars that are efficient and fun to drive.


The Mazda 3 stands out regarding design and styling; it combines crisp edges, curves, and an aggressive front grille to make the car look sporty. The car’s interior design consists of a front seat that is spacious with supportive seats; the new design has a new contour to afford more back support. The Mazda 3 has extra knee and shoulder room. The back seats are more spacious and are almost two inches higher to improve on comfort.  The Mazda 3 has a well-designed interior, and its cabin allows the driver to concentrate on the power train and the chassis. Its electrically assisted wheel mimics the direct response of manual steering.


The Mazda 3 stance is featured as one of the best examples of how to lower your car. To get the perfect car stance, the rear and front control arms have to be customized to get the preferred curve. The coil overs that are installed on the front are a combination of shortened cartridges and BC Racing rolls, no collars and custom springs. In the rear, custom springs and yellow speed shocks are installed to bring the car to the ground.

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Mazda 3 slammed cars roll low on seventeen and eighteen-inch wheels; for this reason, some drastic body modifications must be done. On the front, the upper frame rail has to be cut and modded to create more clearance. Both the front and the rear fenders must be radiused to four and four and a half inches respectively to fit the large wheels. The wheels of the Mazda 3 stance have to be impressive; it is possible to fit large wheels that are unheard of in the Mazda world. To make the car look impressive; the steps lips, kandy red faces, and polished hardware together with the camber make the Mazda 3 stance what it is.


The rest of the vehicle is finished off with your preferred mods, these modifications can be; side model side skirts, rear lip, obligatory flares that cater for the large wheels and polyurethane lip. The interior of this car should have custom wrapped doors, quick release hub, pillars, a pair of Corbeau harnesses, harness bars and OMP wheel. A Mazda 3 is a simple car on paper but after these modifications, the car leaves you impressed. The exterior and interior makeover makes the Mazda 3 stand out to a complete build.


After the modifications, the car does not give up on performance. The Mazda 3 is designed around its four-cylinder engine that uses high compression, finely tuned exhaust system plus other refinements that offer maximum fuel efficiency. The latest model of the Mazda 3, the 2015 model has two different engine variants that are responsive and smooth. The 2.0-liter version offers 155 horsepower and 150lb of torque. The more powerful 2.5-liter engine offers 184 horsepower and 185lb of torque. Each comes with a six-speed manual gear or a six-speed automatic transmission.

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Pics via stanceiseverything