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Auto world enthusiasts continue to find mini coopers irresistible since they were first launched in the market. The automobile brand is attractive to many because it is efficient in fuel consumption compared to the other cars of the same class. It has a powerful 4L V6 engine that can give up to 122 horsepower at 6000rpm and a torque of 160Nm. Modifying the mini cooper to a stanced mini coopergives it additional features that make it a classy car with great performance that improves driver experience on the roads.


Many people ask how do you lower your car and give it the impressive look like sports cars.  Slamming cars is not a new style that began in this century. Lowering cars dates back to the early 1940s when people modified their vehicles by substituting the tires and performing other extensive modifications based on performance and aesthetics such as lowering the center of gravity, altering the car’s aerodynamics, and changing the drive train gear ratios.


When it comes to retuning your mini cooper, lowering the suspension and height of the ride are the most important things that slammed car enthusiasts make. For the best compromise between looks and handling, you need to get an experienced engineer to work on your mini cooper. The engineers will choose a kit that matches the shocks and springs from the same automaker. With precise fittings of droppings of the stanced mini cooper, the designers will ensure the spring rates increase with improved damping.


Taking your car to a qualified car-slamming engineer ensures it gets close details of the manufacturer damping rates because that is what determines the cars performance and robustness when navigating bumps, and potholes. Lowering the suspensions of a stanced mini cooper tend to work best for countries with smooth roads. However, an experienced engineer will precisely design the shock absorbers of your stanced Mini Cooper to respond to different driving styles and terrain to prevent bottoming out and provide a smooth ride. To achieve the aggressive fitment you can use low offset, wide wheels and stretched tires. The amount of stretch you need with the tires depends on your tastes and preferences. You can take the looks of your stanced mini cooper to the next level by doing suspension tweaking to reduce the amount of air beneath your vehicle to increase its aerodynamics.

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Lowering your car makes it recognizable and in fact, stanced Mini Cooper beats its competitors because of its vintage looks. The engineers design the wheels and tires to look curvy and bulge out which brings out the aggressive look. Apart from the exterior features, the mini cooper comes with superior interiors. With a dashboard that looks like that of an aircraft, and high-quality leather seats and upholstery, indeed mini coopers are pace and trend setters in their market niche.   Lowering such a car takes driving experience to a completely new level. A stanced mini cooper has better traction and maneuverability when fitted with the best slamming kits by experienced automobile engineers.

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