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The Mazda RX-3 Savanna was very famous in the 1970s. For about six years, the small sports coupe made a fairy-tale run from 1971 to 1978 However, the production for the Australian market. Mazda Motors designed it to be light in weight, short, wider and more sportier than its predecessor, the Mazda XR-2 Capella. Mazda RX3 was the most famous of the sub Mazda RX-7 models in the USA. Its sports design was responsible for its popularity. However, time flies, and with it, the old becomes gold. Thus, it is not common to see the Mazda RX3 rolling around on the streets today as it did then. The ones you may come across are not as clean and as well-built as in the 70s. The range of the Mazda rx3 included such models as the super deluxe coupe, the deluxe sedan and the station wagon.


Among other attractive features, its engine was the most appealing one was its powerful rotary engine. The fact that two Mazda rx3 engines were used to power the sports/ racing aircraft, Aero design DG-1. Its use on the race track makes it very unique. In fact, the 1971 Guji 500 was won by the rx3. The following year, it again took top honors in the touring category against the Nissan Skyline in the Japanese grand prix.



The Mazda RX3 models use a 10A rotary engine with internal combustion. This is a completely different engine from the one used to power modern vehicles. The 1972 deluxe S102A model, 10A rotary engine produced 82 kW of energy and 134 Nm of torque. Driving the car in the city consumed between 13.8 and 17.6 liters of fuel per 100 km. However, the sportier 1974 model, the super deluxe coupe, featured a rotary engine with the capacity of up to 89 kW of energy and a torque of 154 Nm. Its fuel consumption was between 16.7 and 21.3 liters per 100 km. The evolution went a notch higher, with the 1975 coupe powered by a two cylinder, 71 kW rotary engine that was capable of 138 Nm of torque. It consumed between 14.3 and 18.3 liters for every 100 km traveled. Generally, compared to other cars, its performance is very different. In fact, its power and performance is best assessed by driving it.

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The vehicle was released with both the manual and automated transmissions. Series 1 of the coupe style featured an additional body stripe, rear defogger, clock, collapsible steering column and center console. Series 2 came with additional 15% of power, but with minimum changes to the interior. The additional power meant higher speed. Some of the minor changes in the interior included tweaks to the seat belts and the trim, and overhead lights.


If you are interested in a Mazda rx3, you still find a reconditioned one at a very reasonable price. You may then proceed to customize it. If you want a slammed car, find out how to lower your car from experts.

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