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If you are a fan of stanced cars, you can’t resist the temptation to love a stanced Miata. This car is very sexy. But to say that this car culture is a fit for everybody is to lie. However, that doesn’t mean everybody is in love with a stanced Miata. The car is as polarizing as any car culture can get. Motor fanatics in hate of it are just as many as those in love with it. Having said that, let’s take a critical look at this car and its merits and demerits.



The fact that stanced cars are very low to the ground and sleek makes them very cool. The ugly empty space that occurs between the wheels’ contours are absent in stanced cars due to the fact that the wheels’ arches follow the contours perfectly. Let’s face it, there is beauty in every style of car. There is beauty in a stanced Miata that is acknowledged by even its critics. This may give you reason enough to make you smile. However, that is all there is to say about that. The rest is a doomed story of a stanced Miata.


If you want to stance your car, an air suspension would be very handy in averting a disaster. It obvious you hate hate embarrassment, don’t you? You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your car can’t clear a simple 1 degree ramp. Neither do you want to call bystanders to help you get out of a parking lot or enter a filling station. These are some of the instances that can cause you unnecessary headache, not to mention a speed bump here and there. You will not always have stance fans around to keep pushing you over these huddles.

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Stancing your car using cut springs and small, stiff shocks makes your car look cool, but it makes your car useless. Instead of doing this, why don’t your save some more cash and purchase real air suspensions? It is a lie to believe that air suspensions make cars feel flabby around turns. Believing this lie is nothing but foolishness. Nevertheless, wherever you drive your car, it is sure to attract attention, no matter the fact that it may not o fast, or it may cause back problems for the driver. But if you insist on lowering your car, why not try using the Miata coilovers?



The Miata coilovers come with threaded shocks (sleeves having GC conversion kits) and springs. They give you the liberty to decide the precise height of every corner of your Miata. The purpose of the threaded body is to enable you to adjust your drive height by moving the spring perch up or down. Whether you want it level or you want to be a little bit naughty with some rake, you can achieve whatever rake and height you want. Miata coilovers are a great asset to you if you live in the snow states. They help you raise the height of your Miata during winter and lower it during summer. They also help you to do corner balancing with your weight in the driver’s seat. Now this gives you another vital reason to smile about your Miata, doesn’t it?

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