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Automobile experts praise the refreshed Honda Accord for its poised ride, responsive CVT, and comfortable seats. Besides, the Accord is economical with fuel for automobiles in that class. You cannot wait to imagine how your Accord will look when you lower it. This article will look at how you can lower your car and give it desirable redesign features that bring the bold presence when you are driving on the roads.


Slammed cars have outstanding features that are irresistible around the world. Stanced Accord comes with a standard 4 L engine that has great power to move uphill at high speed. The vehicle is fitted with a six-speed manual transmission system with an option of automatic gearshifts. Stanced Accordbrings class and power on the roads thanks to the retuned suspension and steering wheel that gives the driver a composed ride.

The stanced Accord is well designed and has its interior built with finely selected quality materials. They engineers of the Accord appreciate it with new infotainment system with Smartphone like control features. The retuned automobile has comfortable seats and has a split folding rear seat that improves the Accord versatility.  With such features, Stanced Accord remains as the best looking among cars of its class.

Slamming your car makes it connects better to the roads, which improves its aerodynamic abilities.  With the smooth riding tires, high-end interior trim, easy and natural drive, outstanding reliability, thrifty engine and exquisite features you cannot go wrong with Stanced Accord. The slamming engineers redesign the car with features that takes it right at the top of the competition in a tough field.  The aggressive fitment of tires and wheels coupled with precise lowering of the body defines the Stanced Accord.  The automobile is slammed with a view of improving driver experience and giving it an aggressive look when it is on the roadways.

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The benefits of getting your car slammed are that its gets a better aerodynamic because less air underneath the vehicle means a fast and smoother ride. When there is less air underneath the car, you achieve a better result for wind drag on the vehicle. For this reason, sports car models sit lower close to the ground to take on the tracks at full speed effortlessly.


Having your car slammed low to the roadway increases the tires grip to the ground; as a result, improving handling and traction. However, it takes the expertise and experience of a good car-slamming engineer to bring out the best in handling for such automobiles. It is also important to note that there is a lower risk of rollover regardless of the speed and navigation angle when the center of gravity is low. Stanced Accord benefits from lowering because slamming gives it high stability that features in a sport car.  Remember that any car with a high center of gravity can easily tip over. When a new car is released to the market comfort always tops the list of the features that will make it compete favorably in the market. Stanced Accord has greater comfort because most drivers feel better with cars with lowered suspension.

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