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For years, the Subaru Forester brand has been doing well in the auto market due to its outstanding features such as sharp styling, roomier, nice interior, and fuel efficiency. Since its launch, the succeeding models have performed exceptionally well in a highly competitive market. Part of the success of this automobile brand might be because its manufacturers produce cars that are affordable, impressive and of great performance compared to other family crossovers. In a generation where style and class are everything, lowering your Subaru Forester gives it additional features that make is stand out from its competitors. Modifying your Subaru Forester to a Stanced Subaru Forestergives it features that you will only find in luxury automobiles.  Some of the stupendous interior features include full power accessories, height adjustable driver seat, high-tech cruise control, telescoping steering wheel, and Bluetooth /iPod/USB connectivity. Lowering the suspensions of Subaru Forester takes driving on the roadways to a completely new level because the automakers design Subaru Forester with a mind of luxury and performance.


Slamming the car improves its aerodynamics and traction on slippery roads, and it enhances the functionality of the cruise control features it has from the manufacturer. Subaru Forester comes with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that produce 170hp with a torque of 174 lb-ft. Slamming such a car produces more performance and gives it an aggressive look that makes it irresistible. There is always a good reaction when people see a low ground automobile. You might be wondering how to lower your car and give it the dazzling features that make is gallant and belligerent when on the roads. It is important to note that slammed cars are not a modern age retuning, lowering of cars as a hobby began in the late 1940s when people modified their vehicles for social, economic among other reasons. However, today the popularity of lowered vehicles is on the rise around the world, and you are more likely to see a slammed car unlike in the early 1950s.

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One of the most notable modifications on such vehicles is the lowered suspensions such that the body appears to skim the ground. Besides the lowered suspensions, the stanced Subaru Forester also feature ornate rims, luxurious interior modifications, flashy paint jobs, hi-tech stereo systems and eye-catching exterior design. You can also modify the suspensions of your Subaru Forester to allow the vehicle buck up and down when you are driving. The vehicle suspension is what is responsible for its performance especially in absorbing bumps, shocks and other imperfections of the road surface. A stanced Subaru Forester has its center of gravity lowered making it stable and balanced when at top speed or negotiating a bend.  A stanced Subaru Forester is more than just a car it is a lifestyle. Modifying your Subaru Forester to a lower stance improves its speed, handling, and control when done by professional engineers. Skilled car slamming engineers know how to modify your automobile and give a perfect balance between looks and handling.  Always ensure to get a stanced Subaru Foresterwith valiant performance and insistent looks that people cannot resist looking when you are on the roads.



JDM Forester Cross Sports front bumper
JDM Forester Cross Sports front lip
JDM Forester Cross Sports rear bumper
JDM Forester Cross Sports aero splash guards
JDM Forester Cross Sports trunk badge
SYMS Rear spoiler
Corazon front grill
MY03 Tail Lights
Napolex bumper pole
OEM Subaru roof rack
OEM Rain visors
Custom jdm plate holder
Houndstooth wrapped sunroof deflector.

Watchmen comics wrapped center console
JDM Subaru double din cooler box
JDM Subaru card holder
OEM Subaru dash top double din case
JDM Subaru double din indash cooler box.

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GDB Impreza Tein Type Flex Coilovers
SSR Vienna Kreis
Front: 19×8.5 ET 3, 225\35 Goodyear Eagle LS 2000
Rear: 19?9 ?? -1, 235\35 Goodyear Eagle LS 2000
Custom 20mm 5×100 to 5×114.3 wheel adapters.
Maxed out stock camber bolts in the front (additional camber bolts soon)
Maxed out 14mm camber bolts in the rear
Rolled and pulled fenders all around.

Car via Stancenation