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How to Replace a Car Battery

How to Replace a Car Battery

Before you even start removing the car battery, you need to find out whether it is already exhausted to the point that you should actually have it replaced. In most cases, you will find instructions on how to remove a car battery in the car manual. He same instructions can also be found in the car battery pack. There are many ways you can use to determine whether or not you need to replace a car battery. People with minimal technical knowledge can judge by the symptoms that the car exhibits or the labeling on the batteries. All car batteries have a lifespan after which they are supposed to be replaced.

To find out how long your car battery can last as well as how to replace a car battery, look at the writing on the sides of the battery or in the packaging in which the battery is kept at purchase. Ordinarily, most batteries are designed to last five to six years. And the date is often imprinted on the side of the battery. The location of the print may vary depending on the brand of car battery you are looking at.

Important steps when replacing a car battery include the following. For starters, you need to find out the voltage and current rating of the battery. There are 24 volts DC batteries mainly used in bigger cars such as buses and trucks. You cannot replace a 24 Volts DC battery with a 12 volts one. This is because it will not sustain the equipment or machinery it is designed to power. You should always replace a car battery with a similar type especially in voltage and current.

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You should make sure you understand exactly where the battery is supposed to be placed in the bonnet. In many cases, you will find the car battery fastened to the car body using two strips of metal and screwed in place using a bolt and nut at the top or right at the base where it rests on the flat metal bar. Unscrew the bolt and nut using the right spanner to release the hook and lift out the battery gently.

Make sure you do not bend the battery so that you do not pour the battery water. Any contact with the battery water and your clothes will damage your clothing because it is acidic. Make sure you have a replacement that is properly charged. Fasten it in place to avoid any accidents. Watch out for the positive and negative terminals to avoid reversing polarity.