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World’s 10 Ugliest Cars

World’s 10 Ugliest Cars

Sometimes you might look at a vehicle and just think “What where they thinking?” Many of these vehicles just don’t make any sense and cause your gag reflex to kick in. For whatever reason, there are some people that love all of these vehicles, although they might like the vehicles simply because they are so ugly. Either way, this is a list of the ugliest car in the world.

 Chrysler PT Cruiser


This seemed like a good idea for maybe a minute. Now it just looks terrible. Thankfully, Chrysler put the kibosh on this vehicle, although you probably still see a large number of the vehicles out on the road still today. It doesn’t stop it from being one of the ugliest car in the world options.


Austin Princess



You’d think something known as the “Princess” wouldn’t be so ugly. Although it eventually changed the name to “Ambassador,” it really is rather ugly looking. This is one where the British Austin company really dropped the ball.




Perhaps you liked this oversized combat turned street SUV, but it really is not an attractive vehicle. This is not the H2, H3 or the H-Truck. The original Hummer is simply oversized and really makes no sense at all to drive unless you are riding it into combat.


Ford Scorpio



With a name like Scorpio, you’d think Ford would b able to come up with something a bit better than this. Basically, Ford just took the more popular Granada and Consul vehicles, ripped out all the performance and muscle, and left the public with this.

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AMC Pacer



This car’s trunk area seems larger than the actual front seats. You really can’t miss a Pacer, should you see it drive down the side of the road, with its almost bubble rear element on the vehicle. The strange thing about this vehicle though is that AMC sold over a quarter of a million of it.

Porsche Cayenne



Yes, even Porsche makes mistakes. Even a powerful engine did not make up for this SUV, which looks more like a stretch lady bug on wheels.

Austin Allegro



The first company to actually have two vehicles on this list, the Austin Allegro, renamed the Vanden Plas, is just a terribly looking car and is one of the ugliest car in the world options.

Ssang Yong Rodius



Here is a vehicle that just could not decide what it wanted to be. It looks like a sedan, mixed with a crossover, mixed with a van, mixed with a station wagon. It just doesn’t make sense.

Fiat Multipla



Here’s one vehicle that just should have never been made. Fiat did try to think outside of the box with this one, but it is something that really should have stayed in the box. It has a front hood like a limo, and then a strange bubble for a windshield and the bubble actually has headlights built into it. It’s like someone constructed a European transport van and attached it to the hood of a smaller sedan, leaving the odd several inches of bubble around the window.

Pontiac Aztek



The Aztec might be the top of this list due to both the terrible design and the fact that Walter White drove it on Breaking Bad (almost as a bad joke to the vehicle). There’s nothing to say but “Ugly” when you look at this vehicle.

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