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The Subaru BRZ is already a performance vehicle and is designed to turn heads. However, it is possible to take the Subaru, like any vehicle, to the next level. Slammed cars have the ability to reduce drag, improve fuel economy and really burn rubber on the pavement. This close stance drops drivers down as low to the ground without actually sitting on it. The Subaru BRZ slammed edition is a custom job that boosts performance all around the board. There are upgrades and new tweaks to the vehicle almost everywhere, which is exactly why having this kind of design is so desirable. If you are looking at how to lower your car, the Subaru BRZ slammed variation is what you need to look at. This way, you can take pointers from this designer and take it all the way to the next level.

The Subaru BRZ slammed elements of the vehicle are designed to boost handling in both real world and track conditions while also improving performance, pickup speeds and just about every other enhancement a true speed lover would want. To do this, not only is the Subaru BRZ slammed down to the ground with next to no surface clearance between the front spoiler and the pavement, but improvements around the engine block are necessary as well. The mixture of oxygen and fuel makes the explosion inside of the engine that propels the vehicle



In order to perform the Subaru BRZ slammed variation to the vehicle, it is necessary to focus first on the suspension. Dropping the suspension down requires precise  alterations. For this option, the vehicle takes advantage of Air Lift performance air bag suspension, an ACCU Air management with i-level, custom dual 5 lb VAIR tanks with hardlines, plus a variety of different sway bars and strut bars. When placing a vehicle this low to the ground, having protective sway and roll bars is a must. To improve the safety level of the vehicle in the event of a roll over, the roll bars are similar to what professional race car drivers use in their vehicles.

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Tires must be able to handle the lower to the ground designs of dropped vehicles. The slammed Subaru uses SSR SP1 in matte black along with H&R spacers with extends studs and a Hankook EVO Ventus 225/35/19 rear performance tire and a slightly smaller 215/35/19 front tire. The wider tires in the rear help improve handling which is vital with the majority of the weight positioned over the front wheels instead of the back.



There isn’t much of a reason to upgrade a vehicle like the Subaru BRZ and drop it to the ground without upgrading the gear under the hood as well. This upgrade used a Vortech Supercharger Tuner Kit along with a Vortech SC Pulley. Other improvements went to the exhaust, air supply, oil cooler and also the interior Lithium ION battery. While other upgrades were used, the vehicle’s engine did not receive a complete re-do. Purchasing a brand new performance engine would more or less turn it into a different car. It would also require replacing the transmission and most other associated equipment. Instead, the supercharged additions to the vehicle made up for it while boosting the power and not requiring a new engine.

Pics via StanceNation