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Best Diesel SUVs for 2014

Best Diesel SUVs for 2014

If you are looking for an SUV, you should be considering diesel engines. With sleek lines, better gas mileage, and powerful engines, these top, luxury diesel SUVs 2014 models will serve your needs well. Of course with BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche putting in an appearance, you ultimately have phenomenal performance and outstanding beauty as well as luxury. Whether, you are looking for a powerhouse of a vehicle or something a little lighter, fast or comfortable you have many choices. We have included EPA and prices in the best of the best luxury SUVs

Here are the top 5 diesel SUVs 2014:

BMW X5 xDrive35d

2014-BMW-X5-front-side 2014-BMW-X5-rear-side 2014-BMW-X5-interior-2 2014-BMW-X5-interior

The power this vehicle puts out is amazing and the redesign now includes a TwinPower 3.0 liter diesel with 255 horsepower and 413 lb-ft torque to get you up and moving incredibly fast. The xDrive35d model is easy to handle and adding to this powerful combo the xDrive AWD you will be unstoppable in any weather related or road conditions while still getting great mpg -18 city and 27 highway.

From $57,525

EPA rated: Up to 18 city/27 highway

Audi Q5 TDI

q5-1 q5-2 q5-3 q5-4

Audi has brought us a diesel option to the TDI line. Of course, with the diesel comes more power. We are talking a 3.0 liter turbo diesel, 240 horsepower and 428 lb-ft torque. Audi is stating that the EPA is 24 city and 31 highway, but Independent Green Car testing states that it’s closer to an average of 35.1 combined mpg. The Quattro AWD Q5 is stylish inside and out with a well-equipped and technology-rich cabin.

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From $46,500

EPA rated: Up to 24 city/31 highway

 Mercedes-Benz GLK250 Blue Tec

2014-GLK1 2014-GLK2 2014-GLK3

This is the most powerful 4 cylinder in the world. It houses a 2.1 liter turbo diesel, and has a 200 horsepower engine as well as 369 lb-ft torque. Mercedes has kept the standard 4Matic AWD and is so mighty that a V6 engine was never even considered for this luxurious, stylish Benz. It comes with many high-tech features such as; lane-keep assist, collision mitigation pre-braking, and blind spot monitoring. The mpg on this beauty is 24 city and 33 highway. This model is small and easy to drive.

From $39,905

EPA rated: Up to 24 city/33 highway

Mercedes-Benz GL 350 Blue Tec

2014-GL-1 2014-GL-2 2014-GL-3 2014-GL-4

The GL350 is a full-sized luxury machine. This GL Class Mercedes Benz holds the distinctive title of the best luxury SUV ever created. Mercedes has put a 3.0 liter V6 diesel under the hood with a 240 horsepower engine and huge 455 lb-ft torque. Efficiency, luxury, and diesel power makes this Mercedes a true powerhouse in every sense of the word, yet it still is providing excellent mileage, 19 city and 26 highway. If you want to feel as if you own the road, this is your baby.

From $63,925

EPA rated: Up to 19 city/26 highway


Porsche Cayenne Diesel


Porsche has given us a sports car on an SUV chassis. Providing luxury with great handling and boasting turbo diesel power. This Cayenne has 240 horsepower and goes from 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds. It has 406 lb-ft torque and still has phenomenal mpg at 19 city and 29 highway. If you haven’t talked yourself into a sports car yet this might be the closest you can get to one, especially if you have children to haul around. Give yourself a treat, drive this SUV, it might not be the right time in your life to buy a sports car, but you could own a vehicle that handles like one.

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EPA rated: Up to 20 city/29 highway