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What are the best drifting cars?

What are the best drifting cars?

The drifting car technique is one that a driver causes a car to lose traction on the road intentionally. It requires the driver to maintain control of the car from the beginning of the road turn to the end of the road corner. The drifting car technique is where the front wheels usually point to the opposite direction which is counter-steering. It is a technique used in world drifting competitions, and the winner always show expertise in angle precision with supersonic speed. However, not all cars can be drift cars, and there are cars that are better at drifting. It is to mean that either the car came with drifting features from the manufacturer or you have to upgrade it to achieve effectively drifting.

The rear wheel drive cars are the best drift cars. It is not to mean that FDW and 4DW cannot drift, but the rear wheel drive has drive train layouts that bring a different experience compared to others because you must balance the rear and the throttle. There are many drift cars in the market, but the best cars for drifting range from individual personal taste to cost in terms of fuel consumption and upgrade possibilities. Drifts cars vary in power weight ratio and the availability of its parts. As earlier stated, good drift cars are rear wheel drive, but for a car to drift in a superb way it all depends on the driver’s skill and expertise. However, skill goes hand in hand with getting the right car model.

Considering that drifting is a major component of the motorsport racing, some of these vehicles are the best cars with significant aerodynamic properties. They come with good chassis balance, limited slip differential, and engine tuning abilities. The vehicles include:

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 Mercedes C63 AMG


It is an expensive car model within the drifting class of cars. It is a luxurious car that would do superbly well in drifting. It comes with a 6.2 liter and a V8 engine. However, you can upgrade the car to add additional specifications that you need. The vehicle has a sharp throttle response with a 507 hp engine power.

 Chevy Lumina SS/Pontiac GTO


The Chevy Lumina SS/ Pontiac GTO is a model made by the Chevrolet auto company. It is a car good for drifting because it comes with a V8 engine. It has a torque that is long enough for wheels to take the drift required. It is a car that you would pay less, but you will get a vehicle with great power. It offers you the versatility you need in the motorsports discipline.

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T



It is one of the best drifting cars with a bulletproof tank. It has a 2.6 liter and 276 horsepower engines. The rear wheel drive car has a good base for drifting on the roads.

Toyota GT 86



The car engine needs a lot of tuning as a master drift driver. Being that the car has a cylinder below the bonnet then you need better torque to drift the car. You will need some upgrading before you get the nostalgic drifting effect.

BMW M3 E36



This car model has a280 horse power engine. It is another car that you will need to upgrade for you to achieve superb drifting. However, it has good internal features such as big brakes and luxury leather seats.

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Ford Mustang



The Ford Mustang Model is a product of the US auto company the Ford. It has great features and muscles for the drifting technique. It is one of the best drifting cars that bring the superb motorsport effect a driver would like.

Nissan GTR



It is an elegant drift car with a six speed transmission system. It engine gives out a 546hp to around 600 horsepower with a good balance needed for effective drifting on the roads. Nissan Skyline illegal in United States of America.

Toyota Supra


If any driver needs a sideway action heavy drift car. Then the Toyota Supra is the answer.

Mazda RX7


It is not easy to drift this model the Mazda RX7 if you are a beginning drift driver. But a talented driver would have a pleasurable experience. With an engine of about 1300cc therefore it has enough power and balance.

Nissan 200SX from S13, S14, and S15 models

Silvia S15

Silvia S13

Silvia S14


In our analysis, we can conclude this car is the best among drifting vehicles. The different models such as the S13, S14 to S15 all has the power needed for drifting. The Nissan 200SX S13 has a180 horsepower engine that has a1.8 liter capacity. On the other hand, the S14 and S15 come with 200 horsepower with a 2.0 liter engine capacity. It also very affordable and you will get the value for your money.