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Where is the dodge charger made?

Where is the dodge charger made?

Status, style, position, and capacity are some of the things that would define the quality of a product any individual would buy in the market. Many car models in the market strive to achieve these standards e.g. the Dodge charger. Where is the dodge charger made it is made in Canada by the Dodge division of Chrysler Company which is not left behind in its desire to produce the best for its customers. Pundits would say its consistency since inception has enabled it to bring a lot of creativity in the auto world. The Chrysler Company first-generation car was in 1965. Since then, many models have been released into the market to the seventh-generation car. Each car model comes with a uniqueness that borrows slightly from the previous make. The company has, therefore, made a reputation in terms of creativity and inventiveness.

The dodge company has had its share of turbulent times, ranging from high competition from other manufacturers to bankruptcy, to the economic meltdown. Though the company has endured all these, it has equally maintained its status in the world market as a leading automaker. At a particular time, Fiat Company took over the company so that it could remain in business. That is the time 2011 charger was unveiled, and it received a commendable reception in the world markets.

In 1994, the automaker introduced the Ram light trucks; not many would have loved its taste, but it enjoyed a lot of media attention. At this point, Dodge Company used the publicity to get some wonderful new productions into the market. Since then, they are known to produce excellent sports cars and passenger vehicles.

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In 2014 in the New York Auto show, the company unveiled its latest car. One noticeable change in the car is the red headlights which are unique, and a new front grille which is fixed. The engine is powerful enough, and it has 370 horsepower. It is ranked amongst the most affordable large cars of the year. This model as earlier stated comes with an engine that delivers plenty of power with the right speed for any speed fanatic. This model is not only a strong performer in a straight line but also has a surprisingly awesome nimble handling with a precise braking system. This production brings comfort and design to our roads.