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What a shooting brake is?

What a shooting brake is?

A shooting brake is a body style of a car used in the turn of the nineteenth century. Shooting brakes were first used as vehicles to carry people going to shooting parties with their games and equipment. At that time, chassis was being used in horses. Later as time went by, the term chassis was used to refer to motorized vehicles. The term ‘shooting brake‘ was first used in England to mean ‘ turn of the century’ in the English culture. At the time, brakes were synonymous with station wagons. Wagons had been used for a considerable amount of time, just on the turn of the century; shooting brakes could now be used to refer to a range of vehicles of three door models to five-door wagons. The term was also predominately used before the Second World War but faded with time as we ushered a new generation of the modern world.

In the modern world, innovations started coming in the market. And business competition took a new dimension. The body style of many cars was changing. Some companies were getting a new beginning and were showing interest in developing these automobiles to remain in business. For example, in the United States the shooting brake is a two-door wagon station. It could be received with mixed reactions.

In the recent past, automakers are striving to differentiate new brands of shooting brake cars from the different wagons. Hence, the shooting brake has been modified into a sleek, door wagon and very low in height. Some auto fanatics classify a car to be shooting brake in terms of the car’s performance and being sporty. These descriptions have brought lots of debate if a car is to be shooting brake or not. It has made it difficult to know whether the car is a hatch, a wagon, or a shooting brake.

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The media stations and the press decided to name the two-door wagon sports panache. It had a variety of proportions with a hatchback. It ensured it utilized the road space better than the coupé. Examples of shooting brakes that have stood the test of time include; Sunbeam Alpine, Aston Martin DB5, Reliant Scimitar GTE, and the Volvo 1800ES. Other shooting brakes are Aston Martin Virage, Chevrolet Nomad Concept, Volvo C30, Volkswagen Scirocco, Renault Meganne, Ferrari FF, and the Volvo Concept Estate. The reason we love these cars very much is because it connects the generations of the past and the present.

Every human being struggles with a desire to get the best and is never satisfied. Our insatiable thirst for new models made us try so many innovations. But we will agree that a car that meets our specifications is hard to resist. Shooting brakes are low cost to maintain in terms of fueling and general services. They are also durable saving a lot of our money in buying new spares regularly. Automobiles have been an integral part of our everyday life, and they cannot be ignored. Some of the cars mentioned above are cars that can be used daily without compromising appeal, comfort, relative speed, and fun.

Some challenges the vehicle is facing in the market, is that not many shooting brakes are recently allowed by governments in different parts of the world. For example, Volvo C30 in not allowed in countries like the United States. Some companies have also stopped developing the shooting brakes. For example, the Mercedes-Benz CLS is just a wagon. And the only one remaining worth buying is the Ferrari FF, and not many people can afford it.