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The Rarest Car in the World

The Rarest Car in the World

There are so many car brands in the world today. When you talk about the rarest cars in the world, you need to understand that most of these vehicles were designed and only a few pieces were actually manufactured and that is why they are very rare. Some of them were actually custom made on demand by certain clients for specific reasons. To get a clear understanding of these kinds of cars, we will start by looking at a few that have been listed as very rare over the past years. These are cars that you can hardly spot on the roads on a normal day. Many of them are only used for special occasions and can be seen at specific trade fares or car exhibitions.

The 1970 Plymouth Hemi Super bird was a vehicle that was a simple modification of the Plymouth but with some very outstanding features that made most people to consider it as so rare. Originally designed as a racing car, it was later produced for the general market but not in large volumes. It is for this reason that they are so rare and it would take you a very long time before you actually come into contact with one. This car was sporty in looks and looked more like the common racing machines such as Ferrari among others.

The 1965 Chevrolet Camaro is another rare one that only had 69 pieces produced. For starters, the engine of this car was purely made out of aluminum and the manufacturer openly bragged about the car’s ability to do 430 horsepower even though those who have tested this fact actually know it does up to as much as . This was a powerful machine by any standards and it did compete in a few races before actually going into the collector’s category to make it so rare. With only 69 pieces ever made, it is understandable that most people will never have the chance to see this car on the road.


The Ford Fair Lane 500 is another one. This one looked similar to the mustang although it had a much longer rear trunk than the mustang. It had only 3 doors including the trunk. With only 57 pieces leaving the production line, getting a chance to see one on the road should be a major advantage. In terms of torque, the machine stood out and it is documented tom have been able to attain up to as much as 425 horsepower. The first design of this car was launched in 1955 by the giant car maker ford.


The Plymouth Hemi Cuda was a convertible that looked similar to the Hemi Super bird. It however is even more rare than the super bird because only 21 units left the production line and into the market. This only means that getting a chance to witness any of the 21 pieces on the road is a privilege that not many people will enjoy. Perhaps one of The Rarest Car in the World that you will hardly find anywhere is the 1970 dodge coronet which only saw 2 pieces produced. This is a rare one that many would have to pay to see.