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The world’s fastest BMW

The world’s fastest BMW

The latest edition of the BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring (E61) is without doubt the fastest BMW in the world. Released by G-Power, this 820 HP BMW has been tested and proven to do up to 362 km per hour.

The development of this truly fast car comes as a result of an upgrade program of the M3 G-Power Hurricane RS that began around three years ago. The previous version provided 720 hp and was a force to contend with in terms of both speed and performance. Its engine was a great improvement to the twin-supercharged V10 5 liter engine increasing its output to an impressive 750 HP and 750 Nm. The car could actually do 62 mph or 100 km/h in roughly 4.5 seconds before attaining an electronically-capped maximum speed of 360 km/h or 224 mph. This was quite impressive by the standards existing three years ago but the latest revision is simply a notch above this in terms of speed, performance, safety, and design.

Whereas the M3 Hurricane RS packed under its hood a supercharged V8 engine with a capacity to produce 750 HP, the current G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RR delivers 820 HP or 603kW with a remarkable 790Nm which reduces sprint time by 0.1 seconds and increases top speed to 362 km/h or 225 mph (limited). Both cars are built according to G-Power’s performance enhancement standards which include a perfect combination of the supercharger and Mahle forged pistons joined by connecting rods and a customized crankshaft. The cars come with a custom built cooling system with bigger water and oil capacities. For enhanced acoustics and extra punch, the both cars have titanium exhaust systems which weigh considerably less than in previous BMW models.

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The BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring is not only the fastest BMW in the world today but is an elegant ride too. The sleek car drives on 20-inch Silverstone RS wheels whose stylish look is complemented by Michelin Pilot Sport tires. It is a comfortable ride as well with a coilover suspension system that has nine-way adjust-ability. Its new braking system incorporates 396 mm front discs with six point calipers and 380 mm rear discs with four point calipers. This is no doubt a reliable combination of speed and safety. The car’s interior can only be described as refreshingly ambient. Its interior cabin is nothing but full leather upholstery complemented by Alcantara, carbon inserts, and a host of multimedia enhancements such as iPad, Apple TV, and other useful gadgets.

The release of the BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring commemorates G-Power’s celebration of its 30th anniversary. The current price tag for the BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring is 242,016 Euros excluding VAT. Keep in mind its V10 supercharger system will cost you around 7,300 Euros without VAT. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of speed and elegance, the BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring is definitely a top choice for you.