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The Cars of Jason Statham & The Transperter films

The Cars of Jason Statham & The Transperter films

Some of the films that cars are iconic include; THE ITALIAN JOB, SMOKEY BULLITT, AND THE BANDIT. However, the other films that automobiles are the primary focus include; THE YELLOW ROLLS- ROYCE, THE HERBIE SERIES AND THE CHITTY BANG. Movies that vehicles are used to portray speed include THE FAST AND FURIOUS SERIES AND GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS. Then there is the TRANSPORTER a movie that features Jason Statham, its chief actor. The British actor has had success in Hollywood for many years. And for this reason many of the films that Jason Statham has starred have done well on box office and abroad. Some of the films have a gross of 1.1 billion dollars after release. He is an actor known for kicking people in the face, driving very fast and more often than not he puts on an undertaker dress.

However, apart from his modulus operandi of kicking people in the face especially after removing his jacket and tie. Jason Statham has an exceptional taste for cars both when on films or in real life. More often in the film, the transporter Jason Statham always wears his seat belt and takes off at great speed. His rule for the car is to buckle your seat belt and do not drink beverages inside the car. He subscribes to the principle that if you respect my car I will respect you. In the movies he is seen to be driving at top speed to rooftops, off bridges and into a multi-storey car park. His cars are of great supersonic speed transmission because he drives behind trains and can drive off the alleys chasing trains or airplanes.

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He is indeed a proficient driver in every movie film. Nonetheless in the Transporter 2 his favorite car is the Lamborghini that is sturdy and reliable. His choice of the Lamborghini unlike another sports car or luxurious car such as the Ferraris, Bugatti Veyrons, and McLaren F1s portrays his taste of high-end vehicles. On the same note his preferred choice in the first film was the 1999 BMW E38 735i, a vehicle that he loved dearly. When the film was being shot between the years of 1994 and the year 2001, the purpose of the xenon headlights installed in the car was to blind those who were approaching from the opposite direction. The 750 model of the BMW was mainly the preserve of James Bond in his movie TOMORROW NEVER DIES. After some time, the 753i model was upgraded with aV8 engine that gave the car a 282 horsepower and increased the cars torques effectiveness. Regrettably the same car was blown off in a French petrol station by a bomb from the briefcase that transported it.

w-140 Immediately in the movie in this scene Jason Statham steals a Mercedes W140 and kicks some gangsters on the face. He then speeds off safely because the car model comes with a side airbag, a stability control program; a brake assists and a computer aided system. The speed at which Jason is driving portrays his excellent driving skills and ability to maneuver the bends with precision.

When you look at the next episode, Jason adapts W12 model that has an A8 six liter Audi engine. In the sequel, he starts driving with a small boy. Jason Statham as an expert in driving he, therefore, took advantage of the cars ability to hit the 250km/hr speed and tore around Miami. He is driving at this top speed because he is chasing drug barons and evading policemen simultaneously.

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These baddies get anxious because of the speed of his car and resolves that blowing the car would be the best option. Jason removes the bomb explosives, and fortunately the film ends with the car being in one piece. As the film continues he gets furious when a scoundrel steals his Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster and decides to chase the flight, the chief villain is in using the car.

In transporter three, Jason travels back to France and continues using the armored A8 that has some facelifts done. The new features include Lane and side assists that could warn cars at a blind spot and can put on indicators if the driver forgot.

These additional features were not of great help to Jason Statham. Since the villain had Jason Statham’s car upgraded with better features such that any proximity of 75 feet, the metal bracelet would blow him. At that time, he is transporting the Russian daughter and was not ready to take the risk. However, we can notice that at some point when his car is stolen he decides to chase it using a BMX bike. Luckily he succeeds to cliff an edge and gets back to the car when some hit men follow him using a Black Mercedes Benz and he drives all the way from Germany to Bucharest.

In conclusion, the Audi is a resilient car, but that is not close to what the car goes through at the climax of the film. It is being submerged into a lake from an off bridge and used back to the road. The baddies have decided to drive the car on a suburban train abandoning the roads. Jason Statham resilience pays off when he blows up the chief villain and reverses the car back to the road after giving them multiple face kicks. Never try any of the Jason Statham moves and theatrics at home. One, because you are in real life and not acting and two, you are not Jason Statham even if you own any of these cars.

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