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International CXT Specs, Price, Photos

International CXT Specs, Price, Photos

The Navistar International  pickup truck is a medium-duty tractor trailer truck. With a two-door and four-door body style, the truck is designed as a commercial service provider for use around the world. Built in Garland, Texas off of the Ford F-350  Super duty bed design, several model variations were made available during its sales period.

The International Extreme, also known as the XT, has three different model options. This includes the Commercial Extreme Truck (International CXT), the Recreational Extreme Truck (RXT) and the Military/Most Extreme Truck (MXT). The International CXT first hit the showrooms in September 2004. It is based off of the previously constructed International 7300 (currently known as the Workstar). The International CXT has the two-door extended cab design (with a rear seating compartment just with pull-up front seating) and a four-door crew cab design.

International CXT Specs

All International CXT models are equipped with four-wheel drive designs and the same rear bed as the Super Duty F-350. There are a few different engine options available when looking over the CXT. There is a 220 horsepower offering that uses a very large 7.6L DT 466 Inline-6 engine. This is combined with a 5-speed 2500HD automatic transmission to help improve shifting and offer a smooth ride. There is an upgraded engine option that uses a 6.0L V8 engine instead of the inline-6, although this is not the standard engine found on the truck. This is a vehicle designed not necessarily for speed but for towing capacity. The CXT model has a total towing capacity of 20 tons. It also uses air brakes in order to help slow down the vehicle instead of the more traditional pump-action disc brakes.

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In terms of physical size, the CXT is the largest pickup production sold anywhere in North America. While the last vehicle left the assembly line in 2008, this still holds true as of November, 2015. It is not the longest commercial vehicle available but it is the tallest and the heaviest with a total curb weight of 14,500 pounds. In comparison, this is almost three times the weight of a 2004 Ford F-150, released the same year as the intro version.

The vehicle has proven to be a rather popular pickup truck for celebrities looking to own larger than life trucks that are street legal and available for driving in most of the United States. Some of the current owners of the latest release of the vehicle includes Ashton Kutcher, Shaq and Roy Jones Jr. Car enthusiast Jay Leno has taken the vehicle for a test drive, although he did not ultimately purchase the vehicle (despite owning several hundred vehicles all of his own).

In terms of towing capacity and overall size of the truck, the International  XT is nearly impossible to beat. For consumers who are looking for large pickup trucks that share many of the same design features as a semi in terms of height but are consumer grade pickup trucks, the International CXT is one of the top trucks on the market today, even though it has not received an upgraded in seven years.

International CXT Interior

International CXT Price

From $93,000 to $115,000