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International RXT Specs, Price, Photos

International RXT Specs, Price, Photos

The International XT is a head turning pickup truck designed by Navistar International. Constructed in Garland, Texas, the vehicle design lasted from 2004 up until 2008. This vehicle is based on the combination of a semi and a heavy duty pickup. Three different variations of the truck exist. There is the CXT, short for Commercial Extreme Truck, which is the largest (in terms of weight) of the three. Second there is the MXT or Military/Most Extreme Truck (which is the smallest in terms of weight of the three models). Third, there is the Recreational Extreme Truck. When comparing the three, the International RXT does have a few different features from the other model offerings. So, when deciding on one of the three, it is necessary to compare all three of the model trims together.


The International RXT first made its debut at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show. While the North American International Auto Show based in Detroit is a traditional launching point for standard domestic vehicles, such as Ford, Genera Motors and others, the Chicago show is one where other, smaller brands in the United States come to launch a new vehicle design. This is because with most of the major domestic brands out of the way, it does open up the floor for newer, smaller company brands, such as the XT.

The initial International RXT release featured a 4400 chassis (better known as the Durastar) and came with a four-door crew-cab pickup design. Of all the RX models, only the CXT features a two-door super-cab option.  The International RXT though sits a foot lower than what the larger CXT does. Due to this, the vehicle is rear-wheel drive designed and uses the same truck bed as the Ford F-350 Super Duty. While shorter than the CXT, it is the longest of the three designs at a full length of 272 inches, which is just over 22 feet in length. The length of the truck is such to attract equestrian and boat owners who need larger vehicles for towing purposes.

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International RXT Specs

The RXT uses a smaller 230 horsepower 6.0L Ford Powerstrokc V8 engine in connection with a 5-speed Allison 2200 Series 50speed automatic transmission. It also uses four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes in order to slow down the large, 20,500 pound weight of the vehicle. Although weighing in at over 10 tons, the vehicle is not the heaviest of the three. That title goes to the CXT, which weighs in at 25,999 pounds curb weight.

For the most part, business owners make up the majority of consumers who went with this truck. Due to its marketing as a dual-purpose vehicle. However, it has been purchased by several celebrities looking for new, unique trucks. this includes Ashton Kutcher, NBA superstar Shaq and roy Jones Jr. Reg Bull is another company that has purchased the vehicle in order to stand out in the crowd. In total, the vehicle stopped overall production in 2008, just three years after its initial release at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show.

International RXT Interior


International RXT Price

Prices for the base model RXT start at $70,000