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These 5 Future Cars Are Awesome

These 5 Future Cars Are Awesome
Concept Car

Concept Car

What will cars look like in the future? It’s safe to say that they won’t be made like they are today. New modern technology is bound to make its way into our vehicles. Autonomous cars (which are self driving cars) will likely be on the market with features like touch screens and voice command. Tech giants such as Google and Apple are also going to jump into the auto industry with their own self driving cars. Old timer auto companies however won’t back down in developing their own concept car of the future.

Lets take a look at some of the cars that auto manufacturers plan on creating and they are supper cool.

BMW The Vision Next 100

Image: bmw


This vehicle is being made to celebrate BMW’s 100th anniversary. It looks like a four door coupe. But, it’s actually designed as a sedan. It is not made out of metal. Instead it’s made out of plastic but environmentally friendly. The interior is made out of recycled fabric. The driver and car can interact very closely together. The car has what BMW calls,” Alive Geometry “, which alerts the driver to dangerous situations as well as hazards in the road.

The Toyota uBox

toyota-ubox-concept-2 toyota-ubox-concept

This car is designed around style and comfort. It is autonomous and has a crossover like design. Its dashboard trim and air vents are 3D printed. Both the dashboard display and the door trims are personalized. It also has a curved glass roof which adds to its futuristic look.

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Chevrolet FNR Concept Car

Chevrolet-FNR-Concept-Car-2 Chevrolet-FNR-Concept-Car-3

This car is extremely futuristic. It is very stylish and sleek and has two dragon fly doors. When they open, the whole inside of the car is exposed. It’s designer’s say it’s like driving the bat mobile. It’s autonomous but it also has an interactive dashboard and crystal laser headlights. The front seats turn 180 degrees so you can easily interact with your passengers in the back while the car drives. The car also has a high tech roof mounted radar mapping system. This makes it look a bit like a Google car when the doors are closed.

Ford’s Future Car

Image: Ford

Image: Ford

Image: Ford

Ford is also working on its own autonomous vehicle however, it has not yet named it. It has been working very hard on testing this vehicle. It is unique because it doesn’t use headlights. That might sound crazy but, so far, Ford seems to be on track to creating such a vehicle. Instead of using radar, it uses a technology called Lidar. It is basically a more high tech version of radar. The car uses its Lidar system in conjunction with its 3D mapping system. The Lidar sensor works by shooting out 2.8 million laser pulses a second! These lasers scan the car’s surroundings. To most people, driving a car at night without headlights sounds absolutely terrifying. But, Ford’s tests on the vehicle have been very successful.

Volvo with Nvidia’s Drive PX2


Image: nvdia, volvo

Image: nvdia, volvo

It’s as cool as its name sounds. It is literally a driving super computer. It’s more advanced than some of the other autonomous cars that other auto manufacturers are working on. The car is liquid cooled. The power output of this car is enormous. It’s designer’s say it has the same power output as 150 MacBook computers. The car uses both radar and Lidar sensors. The car uses a high tech process that is known as ” deep learning” which is a series of lighting fast operations that the car uses to sense the world around it. While driving, the car produces 24 trillion deep learning operations per second and Nvidia claims that the deep learning technology is necessary if autonomous cars are to be successful.  The Drive PX2 appears to be on track to becoming the perfect self driving car. So, when can we see it on the market? Sooner than you might think. Volvo is expected to start manufacturing this type of vehicle in the form of an SUV. You might see it on the roads as early as 2020.


Our automobiles have changed in appearance over the years. But, the way they work has always been the same. Now with the rise of more high tech engineering, we might start seeing very different vehicle on the road within the next 10 to 15 years. We expect convenience these days when it comes to our phones and computers. And some day, we can expect to get the same thing in our cars.

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