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ROGTZ All-in-One Automatic Car Jack: A Tool for Easy Lifting

ROGTZ All-in-One Automatic Car Jack: A Tool for Easy Lifting


Electric Car Jack

Getting a flat tire is probably right up on the list of most annoying things that can happen to each owner of a vehicle. Although changing a flat tire may be a simple activity for some, for others it may be a dreaded experience especially if you have never changed a tire before, or if you are running late. The good news is that there are several solutions to assist you. One is that you can call roadside assistance if you have the time to wait. Another is you can get yourself an electric car jack to expedite the process of changing your tire.

Some experts say that it makes more sense to invest in an electronic car jack because it may be more affordable than calling your roadside assistance. Just in case you were wondering, an electric car jack is a powered device that is used to lift a vehicle so that you can attend to any issues that it may have. It is, as they say, an emergency tool that every car owner should own. Such is especially true if you are not familiar with jacking up a vehicle and do not want to spend too much effort in lifting your car.

If you are in the process of searching for one, this article will review an electric car jack that you might want to consider buying.

ROGTZ All-in-one Automatic SUV Lift Scissor Jack

As the name implies, the Rogtz Electric Car Jack has a scissor and flat-tooth design to aid you with roadside and emergency car repairs. It has a reinforced, heavy-duty steel body that has been finished with an anti-oxidation painting material. Also, it is equipped with a large contact surface, and two raised heads as well as a LED light that flashes. In addition, it works at a voltage of 12Volts using DC power.

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This tool is capable of lifting vehicles that weigh as much as three tons or 6,600 pounds at a maximum height of 42 centimeters. Likewise, it has three different lifting ranges which are 12 to 35 centimeters, 12 to 37 centimeters, and 17 to 42 centimeters. This 17.2 x 9.8 x 5 inches and13.06 pounds electric car jack can be purchased in two various packages which are jack only and jack along with a wrench in a set. Nonetheless, each comes with a battery clip, hand crank, and fuse, as well as a power line that can fit into your vehicle’s integrated cigarette lighter.


  • It is a durable, lightweight, and stable product.
  • This jack has a two-way power supply which means that it has an excellent built-in redundancy.
  • This tool is very efficient as you can lift a car in two minutes time.
  • This jack can be conveniently used even at night time.
  • It can be used for either cars or SUVs.
  • It does not rust easily.
  • This product comes with a complete set of needed accessories and a plastic storage box.
  • It can be stored easily and in an organized manner.


  • It can only be used with small and medium vehicles.
  • It is only recommended to be operated on flat surfaces and after you start your vehicle.
  • The contact head is made of plastic material.

A Summary of What the Product is All About

The ROGTZ Electric Car Jack is a toolset that you can easily place in your trunk as it is kept in a plastic box that perfectly holds all the items included in the package. It can jack your car up quickly, and it can carry the average weight of personal vehicles. It is rather convenient because it has a flashlight attached to it, and it has built-in redundancy, so you can choose what type of power supply you want to use. That will be either connecting it to a 12V outlet or your car’s battery or cigarette lighter. Such options are suitable in an emergency situation.

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With an anti-rust and sturdy body design, you are assured that it can be your companion throughout your travels for quite some time. What is better is that you do not need to spend a lot of time lifting your vehicle since this product has been designed to work fast. However, precaution should be taken when using it since the contact head is made of a material that readily breaks when the weight limit is exceeded in as little as a half pound. Such is also possible if too much pressure is applied.

Nevertheless, it is stable enough especially when used on flat surfaces, and has a built-in safety feature that prevents the height from exceeding its assigned limit.

Comparison with Another Brand

The ROGTZ Electric Car Jack can be compared with the likes of the Mophorn 12V DC Electric Scissor Car Jack because of somewhat similar features. Both jacks have a maximum lifting capacity of three tons and work at 12Volts. You also have the option to have this powered by either the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or by the vehicle’s battery. This product is also sold with a number of accessories but stands out against its counterpart since it has a remote control.

Likewise, the Mophorn Jack can lift a car in less than a minute, while the ROGTZ does it in two. It can also be used for cars, 4×4 vehicles, vans and light trucks whereas ROGTZ only recommends their jack for use on SUVs and cars. In addition, it is also available in several colors for you to choose from. Nonetheless, the car jack from ROGTZ beats the Mophorn Jack with its built-in LED flashlight as well as its variety of lifting ranges.

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The Verdict

If you want to get yourself an electric car jack for your small and medium vehicles, then, we recommend that you should seriously consider giving the ROGTZ Electric Car Jack a chance. It is an easy-to-use, safe, and lightweight tool that can last you a long time with proper use and care. It might not be the fastest when it comes to lifting cars, but the manufacturer made sure that you can use it during daytime and nighttime emergencies without hassles. Likewise, a power source for it to work will also not be your problem at such times.