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A Look at Some of the Fastest Production Trucks

A Look at Some of the Fastest Production Trucks

Naturally, many people do not expect pickup trucks to be outstanding in acceleration speeds. It is however worth noting that many car manufacturers have occasionally had super-fast truck designs that will not only haul your cargo but also do it in record times. Over the years, many designs have braced the market and in this post, we will have a quick look at some of the fastest production trucks the world has witnessed over time.

Among the most outstanding machines that we have witnessed with great accelerations include the GMC Sonoma, the 1978 Dodge, the 1999 ford lightning and the 2004 dodge ram among many others. To get a closer look at the specifications of most of the trucks that have been ranking highly when it comes to speed. To get both the hauling power and the speed that can stand out, trucks need to have very well designed engines. Most of the trucks come in high performance

Getting the fastest production truck may depend on a number of things. You must actually look at the truck in terms of its carrying capacity in relation to the acceleration and to the torque because this will greatly enhance its hauling power. Some of the fastest trucks of all times include the 5.9 liter police cam which also had 8 valves making it so powerful that it naturally stood out.

There was also the 1978 red dodge that was popularly known as the little red express. The name should automatically ring a bell. It is not by mistake that it was baptized the little red express. It featured a short dodge D150 chassis that was designed to carry about half a ton. This particular machine could do very high speeds within very short times. The main reason this particular truck managed to very high speeds is because of the loopholes in the EPA regulations that the manufacturer exploited to improve this truck’s engine to surpass the acceptable limits for other similar engines that were only coming into the market for the first time. This was possible by simply improving the valve springs to make the engine very powerful and with great torque than had been witnessed in other trucks before then.

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The other fastest production truck to have featured on the roads is the 1991 GMC Syclones. This sturdy looking truck had a very strong body and a size that was so compact that it was among the most steady vehicles or trucks that most people ever had a chance to drive. It came with a 4.3L V6 engine that was able to do as much as 280 in Horsepower. It was popularly known in the market as the Sonoma. It was also very compact and always came in great shiny colors that anyone can be proud of.

Ford is a popular vehicle on our roads and it is therefore not strange that there is a model that features in this list as the fastest production truck at some point. The particular model is the 1999 ford SVT lightning. The lightning in the name can easily point to the fact that this truck was a speedy machine by any standards. This speed monster featured a 5.4L V8 engine with 380 horsepower. This machine could even take modifications that could see it hit up to 400 in horsepower.

The Toyota Tacoma X-Runner of 2005 is another one that stood out for speed. This great masterpiece from the Toyota car manufacturer did not just stand out for speed but also came with enhanced safety features. It also featured lowered suspension system perhaps to give it more stability to be able to handle the speed better. It stood out even more with a 6 speed manual transmission system that gives the driver the absolute pleasure and luxury of choice when engaging gears.