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SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit Review

SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit Review

Driving down a dark winding road in the middle of the night is no match for the SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit 6000K. This kit prides itself on performance and reliability and claims that the high-quality material components used in it make the LEDs an ideal product for anybody who is interested in making a headlight or fog light upgrade.

A key factor that sets this headlight kit apart is its patented adjustable-beam technology. Unlike other brands that feature high lumen counts, SNGL has figured out a way to provide a driving experience that allows for the road to be hit with direct light without a distracting glare.

Consumers will also find the SNGL Intelligent Cooling System technology a desirable feature of this product. The kit also features LED drivers that come complete with over-heat and fan failure protection. SNGL boasts that the fan failure protection and over 50,000-hour long lifetime of its LEDs allow for a worry-free customer experience.

Features & Benefits

A feature that is beneficial to not only the purchaser of the headlights but to all drivers on the road, is the built-in anti-glare technology that prevents blinding of oncoming drivers. With the kits ability to produce 6000k crystal clear white light at 10,400 lumens, the anti-glare technology is a strong differentiation point from competitors offering that same level of brightness.

The kit also offers an ensured correct beam pattern by featuring adjustable focus length patented technology. Through the adjustable-beam technology, the direction and depth of LEDs are easily modified to provide optimal output.

There is plenty of safeguarding built into the headlights. Some of the most notable features include over-heating protection and built-in high shock and vibration resistance for LED drivers. The lights also have a waterproofing level of IP67.

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Installation is also relatively easy thanks to the built-in Ture CanBUS-Ready and anti-interference bulb design. The SNGL kit has the potential of being a plug and play direct replacement for some XID Xenon and traditional halogen lamps.

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What’s Unique

The SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit 6000K provides up to +260% brighter lights on the road than what many of its competitors offer. This unique attribute allows for increased comfort and safety for drivers.

Many consumers will also be pleased to find out that the highly progressive SNGL Intelligent Constant Cooling System is featured in the LED headlight kit. By ensuring that the LED temperature stays in its “comfort zone,” the cooling system can maximize lumen output at all times, meaning that consistent brightness and light quality, as well as color, are always operating at peak performance.

The lighting cooling system also increases the desirability of this product because it enables the IC control driver and turbofan to efficiently work in a way that increases the overall longevity of the bulbs. Since this product comes at a price point that is higher than some other similar brands on the market, the extended life of the bulbs is a beneficial perk.

The SNGL headlights are completely waterproof. These lights can be completely submerged in water and still run solidly. Also, despite producing around 6000K of pure white light, the headlights do not get hot thanks to SNGL’s innovate heat sink and cooling technology. These lights are extremely weatherproofed.

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An overall theme with the SNGL headlights is that they are built to last you many years. The bulbs have an external aluminum case that can stand up to years of use regardless of the climate and conditions. With a rating of over 50,000 hours of constant running time, these bulbs have the potential to be a very wise long-term purchase.


Pricing for the SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit runs higher than most of the kits competitors. Since the build of these headlights is far more superior to many of the other products offered on the market, it definitely can be argued that you get what you pay for with this kit.

Some of the less expensive HID or LED kits on the market run the risk of causing more damage than what they are worth; so paying the higher price for the SNGL headlights at the forefront could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Potential Drawbacks

The main drawback of this headlight kit is how difficult the installation can be. Some people luck out and can install the lights right out of the box—many have claimed that installing the parts has taken 20 to 30 minutes—but a great number of others come across significant issues when trying to replace the bulbs.

Since these headlights are relatively high-priced, hiring a professional to do the installation can be a huge drawback because it creates much more of a financial burden. The ballast placement seems to be the biggest issue that has occurred when setting up the headlights.

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If you are somebody who does a lot of nighttime driving, then the SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit is a great investment. Unlike halogen and xenon lamps, these LED lights offer over 10,000 lumens which will make your night driving safer and more enjoyable thanks to the added visibility received from such bright bulbs.

These lights have a high amount of protection. From the heating and cooling technology to the virtually 100% waterproof safety feature, these bulbs are built to last. Users of this product can rest assured that they will get the full 50,000 hours of continuous light that they have purchased.

The headlights are compatible with virtually any vehicle CPU thanks to the True CanBUS feature. Many people who are buying this product will be able to quickly and easily install the headlights in less than an hour.

Overall, these SNGL lights offer a ton of safety for drivers. Combine this with the high-quality materials that make up this kit, and you have a winning combination of precision and functionality.