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JLM LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review

JLM LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review

The JLM LED Headlight Conversion Kit is designed to meet the needs of many different buyers. This headlight kit has different setups for a vast array of vehicle makes, ranging from standard automobiles to ATVs, street bikes, scooters, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes.

The OEM beam pattern technology used in this product differentiates this kit from the competition because it allows for the headlights to work at peak efficiency. These LEDs have an extremely durable design. Even in the worst of conditions, you can rest assured that they are weather, shock, and waterproof.

This JLM headlight kit allows you to install quality LEDs without having to sacrifice battery power or worry about issues that may arise from overheating.

At an affordable price point, these LED lights are sure to be attractive to buyers who are looking to get a headlight that is better quality than what comes standard in many vehicles. Without having to sacrifice a ton of time or money on the parts themselves or having to pay someone for installation, the JLM kit is incredibly user-friendly.

Features & Benefits

The JLM headlight kit has a high quality CREE LED chip. With JLM’s OEM beam and modular heat protection technology, you can be sure that these LEDs are always running at peak efficiency.

This product is rated to have an LED life of 50,000+ hours. The integrated LED driver with CanBUS ensures that headlight error messages are not a problem with this particular light. These lights have an Ip68 waterproof standard, which ensures that they will still function underwater and that the fans will not lock out.

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A notable feature of this product is its potential to be installed within 20 minutes. With its plug and play setup, the JLM headlight kit is intended to be ready to go straight out of the box. To further ensure ease of use, this product comes with a carrying case, ballasts, and mounting brackets.

The beams from these headlights are highly reflective which allow for a high amount of clarity for night driving. The beams are not focused, though, so this significantly limits how effective they are for use on the streets.

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What’s Unique

Unlike many of its competitors, the JLM headlight conversion kit allows for color customizability. Consumers choose from 6000K daylight, 10,000K ocean blue, 8000K iceberg blue, 5000K ivory white, and 3000K golden yellow depending on their style and needs.

Even with the different lighting options, there is no reason to worry about any adverse effects on your battery because these lights only drain 30W of power thanks to its luminescence efficiency of 85%. This feature sets the JLM headlights apart from some similar competitors.

The OEM beam pattern used in this kit makes these lights the only ones on the market with reflective housing and projectors that are available. This OEM design also uses a patented heat sink technology that eliminates any hot or dark spots.

While the lights are on, they will heat up until they reach maximum efficiency, but the buyers can rest assured that the installation of these LEDs will not cause overheating or possible damage to the rest of their vehicle.

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In comparison to many of its competitors, the JLM LED headlight kit is fairly priced. These lights seem to be a great product for individuals who are interested in upgrading their lights but are not interested in some of the fancier technological bells and whistles that some of the other products on the market.

For the price, this conversion kit is very well-suited for use in scooter bikes, ATVs, and adventure vehicles.

Potential Drawbacks

These headlights have low-heat bulbs, so they can become iced over in cold weather conditions if the lights have not been turned on for a while. Having to check this may be considered a major drawback for potential buyers.

Some customers have complained about the quality of the manufacturing. Some customers have experienced some pieces of the kit breaking after being put under moderate amounts of pressure.

While the ability to be able to pick an LED color is attractive, some users have found that the colored glass that comes with the kit is not of the highest quality. The lower quality material used can result in the glass quickly damaging and breaking.

The low focus of the beam can also cause issues. Due to the low focus, a driver may be able to see objects on the side of the road but may have trouble with seeing at a distance.


A perk of the JLM kit that may make it attractive to potential buyers is the two-year warranty. This warranty helps to alleviate any concerns of risk that may come from buying an LED kit at this price point. Customer service with JLM also has a reputation for being responsive and friendly when contacted. The telephone and email support that is available makes the company accessible for customers who may be experiencing issues.

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Consumers who are looking to find a decent amount of customizability will benefit from this product. The ability to choose the color of the light, and the chance to choose the size of the application needed to fix many different types of motor vehicles, is not something offered by a lot of other manufacturers.

Overall, this seems to be a good product for someone who is looking to make an upgrade to existing headlights without spending too much money up front. Customers who have purchased this product agree that the JLM headlight kit is worth the money spent. With its easy installation, this kit seems to be user-friendly and does not require a ton of previous knowledge surrounding vehicle mechanics.