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IDEAPRO LED Headlight Bulbs Review

IDEAPRO LED Headlight Bulbs Review

The IDEAPRO LED Headlight Bulbs are versatile and ideal for a variety of consumers. This kit is one of the most affordable out in the market. The plug and play installation is perfect for individuals who are not looking to spend a lot of time and effort into getting their new headlights up and running in their vehicle.

The IDEAPRO LEDs have a 50,000-hour rating. This kit features a TurboCool technology fan that efficiently cools down the bulbs so that they can last in your car for an incredibly long time.

These headlight bulbs are said to have a superior light pattern due to exclusive Arc-Beam technology. The powerful CREE MK-R design maintains proper beam profiles, which results in no dark spots, short beams, or scattered light.

The warranty and weather-resistant technology featured in these bulbs make them a low-risk purchase for buyers who are looking to make an upgrade to their existing headlights.

Features & Benefits

The IDEAPRO LED bulbs are CanBUS ready so that they will work with a vehicle CPU. The 9005 FluxBeam LED bulbs will replace standard 9005 bulbs for low beam, high beam, and floodlights. The bulbs are bright and clear with no unwanted colored tints. The lens remains optically clear and virtually free of any imperfections.

These lights are suitable to be used in all weather conditions. The TurboCool 7,000rpm fan even maintains its functionality to spin and cool while submerged underwater. The IP68 waterproof grade guarantees weatherproof driving. These bulbs are shockproof, which is another great benefit.

Within the kit, buyers will find a carrying case, ballasts, and brackets. The kit comes with instructions that make plug and play installation simple. Most buyers can get the headlights up and running in less than one hour.

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Many users have reported favorably in regards to the warranty and customer service that is offered with this product. If there are any functional issues with this product, IDEAPRO graciously walks customers through the process of either fixing or replacing their headlights.

While the LED light bulbs come in a variety of sizes, the offering can be a little bit more limited than some of the other manufacturers in the market. Available sizes include: 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13, 5202, and 880/881.

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What’s Unique

The IDEAPRO bulbs feature clear 6000K white light without any dark spots. In this kit, IDEAPRO uses FluxBeam LED, which is the only light that uses CREE MK-R LED and Arc-Beam technology to guarantee a perfect beam pattern.

A key distinguishing factor with the FluxBeam technology is its capability to reach full 6000K of clear white brightness without any time delay. With no delay, the IDEAPRO LEDs set themselves apart from any HID competition which can take up to 6-8 seconds before producing any light.

The IDEAPRO bulbs are built to last. The enhanced cooling that is offered with the RedLine driver, along with the solid aluminum build and TurboCool fan, results in a product that can enable an LED bulb to last even longer than the vehicle that it is in.

Due to the excellent cooling technology, there are no issues with these lights overheating. The fans do a fantastic job keeping the LEDs cool and running at peak performance.

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The Modular Heat Protection (MHP) technology extends the lifetime of the LEDs. Thanks to the cold pressed aluminum heat sink, there is a 35% heat reduction, which is extremely beneficial concerning extending the lifetime of your headlights.


These headlights come at a very moderate price point. There are not many other competitors that can offer the same level of quality for such a low cost. Whether you are an avid car lover that takes great pride in updating and enhancing every feature in your vehicle, or if you are just someone looking to make a modest headlight replacement, the IDEAPRO LED bulbs will be one of the best-priced products you can find.

Potential Drawbacks

Some buyers have had complaints regarding how the lights can distribute light. There have been reports of inconsistency and spotty coverage.

There have also been a few critiques of the LEDs being too bright. A handful of users have reported other drivers flashing their brights at them because of how strongly the LEDs shined in their eyes. In one extreme case, a consumer even reported being pulled over and given a ticket for having a vehicle with an illegal beam pattern.

Most of the complaints from users seem to revolve around the LEDs as high beam lights. Although the lights are often very bright when first installed, there have been issues with them dimming not long after installation.  There have been problems with the headlights having a sharp cutoff and low distance visibility. The high beams do not seem to be bright enough for easy nighttime driving on streets.

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The IDEAPRO LED bulbs are perfect for drivers who encounter a vast array of harsh weather conditions. These bulbs can stand up to extreme weather and will allow you to drive through all kinds of conditions much more smoothly than if you were using the standard headlights that come with many vehicles.

As to be expected with a kit that is at such a low price point, there have been reports indicating that there are sometimes a few issues with the manufacturing of this product. Thankfully, the customer service team with IDEAPRO is regarded so favorably, that even if a manufacturing issue does arise, resolving the problem should be relatively simple.

The assembly of the kit is easy, and the instructions are user-friendly, so there should be no need to take your vehicle to the auto shop to have these bulbs installed. The ease of installation, coupled with the low price point of the bulbs, make it a great product for anyone who is wishing to try out LED headlights without incurring too much of a financial risk.

Overall, this product is a great buy for those who are looking to enhance the low beam functionality of their vehicles.