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ECCPP LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit with Cree Review

ECCPP LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit with Cree Review

The ECCPP LED headlight bulbs conversion kit with Cree is known for its extreme vision because of its Arc-Beam Technology. These conversion kits are top-notch and slightly different from competitors.

Easy to install, the ECCPP LED headlight bulbs are backed by a free three-year warranty, while most of the opponent bulb conversion kits only have a two-year warranty.

ECCPP has developed a high-quality bulb that helps consumers see farther, wider, and better. With these bulbs being the brightest in the business, night driving is safer with these headlight bulbs as well.

Features and Benefits

ECCPP LED headlight bulbs have a crystal clear 6000K white light with 4,800 lumens per LED lighting bulb. The power of the white light means no dark spots. These bulbs contain a Super Bright Chip, 4 Cree XLAMP XHP50 high Power LED with improved Arc-Beam Technology. These LED bulbs have 50,000 hours of life, lasting longer than most people keep their auto or motorcycle. The headlamp has dual beam and headlight high low beam.

All bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and can work with any vehicle CPU, making them versatile. The bulbs are professional automotive lights that offer bright light no matter the time of day or the weather conditions. The ECCPP LED headlight bulbs are IP67 waterproof which means they work during all weather conditions, and even underwater. The rainproof driver, housing, and fan will work even in the most extreme weather conditions, including full submersion.

Unlike HID, Xenon, or Halogen headlights, these LED headlights are the brightest while also being the most cost efficient and energy efficient. The 360-degree beam angle and upgraded light distribution mean it has an independent drive double protection. The LED chips are manufactured in the United States and made by Cree, a company known for making products that are long-lasting, energy efficient, and a more environmentally friendly option.

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There is no warm-up time needed for these LED bulbs. Each bulb has a TurboCool fan for proper cooling with thermal conductivity. These conversion kits are easy to install with the plug-n-play feature and an upscale laser logo application.

These features are contained in a compact all-in-one integrated design and backed by a three-year warranty at no cost to the consumer.

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What’s Unique

The ECCPP LED headlight bulbs conversion kit is different than its competitors in design, features, and pricing.

The ECCPP LED bulbs offer Arc-Beam Technology and a 360-degree beam angle which gives them an advantage over other LED headlight bulbs in the industry. Also unique, the design is compact and also all-in-one.

One of the most significant features that make the ECCPP LED headlight stand out from its competitors is its free three-year warranty.

Also, ECCPP LED headlights offer competitive pricing, lower than competitors who offer fewer features, and slightly less than competitors who offer very similar features, like 50,000 hours of life.


The ECCPP LED headlight bulb come in these models: 880, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9012, H1, H11, H13 (9008), H3, and H4 (9003). All of the bulbs range in price from $39.99 and $49.99, making them affordable, especially for such a high-quality bulb.

Qualified customers can get a $10.00 bonus on their first reload of $100.00 or more. These bulbs are ordered through but fulfilled and shipped directly from ECCPP. Because they are available for order through, customers have options for free shipping, two-day shipping, and more.

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Comparable LED conversion kits cost between ten and fifty dollars more.

Potential Drawbacks

ECCPP products have very high consumer ratings, with a vast majority of clients being happy and satisfied with their LED headlight bulbs conversion kits. Some of the potential drawbacks mentioned include:

  • This conversion kit does not work with all cars, so it is important to double check your car with the models ECCPP has available.
  • A minimal number of people reported issues with the plugs not easily fitting into the plugs.
  • Using the lights in a reflector housing instead of a projection housing can sometimes cause a less than desirable light flow.
  • The lights have been rejected by a small number of vehicle diagnostic systems, and
  • Some users have cars that are not CANBUS certified and have run into issues with the turn signals hyper flashing.


ECCPP has made an excellent, affordable, and user-friendly product with their LED headlight bulbs conversion kit. Consumers have been pleased with their prices and the attractive features they offer.

The variety of styles of headlight bulbs make these LED headlight bulbs a great option for a lot of customers. The price range falls between $39.99, and $49.99 makes these bulbs more affordable than competitors. Even more amazing, they offer a lower price that does not sacrifice their higher quality and or longer warranty features.

The standard warranty for LED headlight conversion kits is two-years, but ECCPP offers a three-year warranty for their LED headlight conversion kits. Even better, the warranty is free and easy to utilize.

The ECCPP LED headlight bulbs are superior to other bulbs because of their crystal clear 6000K white light that eliminates dark spots. The Super Bright Chip in all the bulbs also includes the Cree chip that makes this headlight energy efficient and on the leading edge of environmental friendliness. With at least 50,000 hours of life, the bulbs often last longer than the life of the vehicle.

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All bulbs have a cooling element that keeps them from overheating, and are CanBUS-ready, working with any vehicle CPU. The driver, housing, and fan are rainproof, snow proof, and even safe in a full submersion.

Between the prices, quality, the variety of models, warranty deal, and unique features, the ECCPP LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion kits with Cree is a great option for consumers looking to replace their bulbs. The stock bulbs in most vehicles don’t offer the range of features, or the brightness, of an LED headlight bulb. ECCPP is a leader in the automobile industry which makes them a great option for all of your LED headlight bulb conversion kit needs.