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Kensun LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review

Kensun LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review

Kensun’s all-in-one LED Headlight bulb kit easily ranks with the OPT7 as one of the top LED headlight conversion kits in the industry. Currently ranked number one in customer service and quality, Kensun LED headlight conversion kit orders are fulfilled by Kensun but shipped by Amazon, which means quick and free shipping options are available.

The conversion kits ship in a solid aluminum case that is durable enough to ensure the bulbs are kept safe from the warehouse all the way to the consumers’ hands. Backed by a 2-year warranty, and free full technical support from the Kensun team, thousands of satisfied customers have been happy with their LED headlight conversion kit purchases from Kensun.

The features, including ones unique to Kensun, the pricing, and the customer service make this LED Headlight conversion kit with Cree bulbs a great one.

Features and Benefits

Not only do these bulbs have built-in cooling fans and heatsink to stop the bulbs from overheating, but they also have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours, while running on 30 watts. The cooling features ensure there is no internal wear from headlight heat because they produce almost no heat.

The kit includes:

  • The smart aluminum carrying case.
  • A pair of super-bright performance LED bulbs with a 500m range.
  • A waterproof IP68.
  • The heat-protected and integrated cooling chip and fan for heat dissipation, and
  • Two extra color filters, in yellow and blue tinted.

The LED chips are manufactured in the United States and made by Cree, a company known for making products that are long-lasting, energy efficient, and a more environmentally friendly option.

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Similar to the OPT7, Kensun also offers manufacturer technician support for the lifetime of the bulb as well as a 2-year full warranty.

Kensun specializes in auto parts, and universal car accessories and their efforts are evident in these versatile LED conversion kits that work with most headlights. If you choose to upgrade your OEM stock halogen or HID low beam, high beam, fog light, interior lights, or off-road driving lamps, you will find that the Kensun bulbs significantly surpass other bulbs in having a bright light.

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What’s Unique

After installation, you will immediately notice how crystal clear the beam is, with a 6000K ultra bright white light they produce. The range of the bulbs is up to 500 meters, and their IP68 waterproof feature makes them safe to use in the rain and snow.

The Kensun LED Headlight Conversion Kit is different from many others because of quality, their superb customer service, and the aluminum carrying case that it comes in.

While other LED headlight conversion kits offer heat reduction, the Kensun lights have both a cooling fan and heatsink to stop the heat which makes them safe and damage-free.

Also, Kensun headlight conversion kits are easy to install, with most installations being completed in under twenty minutes.


These lights come in the following sizes for LED headlights: H4, H8 (H11), H10 (9145), H13, 880 (884), 5202, 9004, 9005 (9011), 9006 (9012), and 9007. Prices range from $59.99 to $69.99 depending on the model number.

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Qualified customers can get a $10.00 bonus on the first reload of $100.00 or more with the specific details available on

For consumers who are unsure of the model of headlights needed, you can confirm your bulb size on the Osram Sylvania and the Phillips websites.

Potential Drawbacks

While most customers have reported satisfaction with the Kensun LED headlight conversion kit, there were a minimal number of complaints about fitting issues, where the lights don’t fit solidly into the housing and cause a vibration that would eventually damage the bulb.

Another couple of customers mentioned their bulbs going out quickly, but also reported that Kensun was easy to work with, honored their warranty, and immediately sent out corrected bulbs. The customer service quality easily offsets any potential drawbacks from a few random burned bulbs.

Sometimes even the best products can have a non-working bulb at times, and Kensun is no different. Otherwise, the biggest potential drawback would be if there is not a lightbulb that works with the vehicle you drive.


If you are looking for a product that is sold by a company that is maintaining a number one in the industry rating for customer services and quality of goods, the Kensun LED headlight conversion kit with Cree bulbs are top of the line and preferred by many.

The variety of sizes, fair prices, and easy installation make these lamps ideal for most people. LED headlights are significantly more environmentally friendly than Halogen bulbs but also offer higher quality.

The bulbs provide a crystal-clear beam because of the 6000K ultra bright white light that is produced. Customers have been satisfied with the quality of the lights and the 500-meter range of the bulb. Many have reported the Kensun bulbs to fix low beam, high beam, fog light, interior light, and off-road driving lamp quality of their stock bulbs. Also, because Kensun bulbs are made with the IP68 waterproof feature, they continue working in all different weather events. The yellow lights and blue tinted lights that are included in each kit add additional lighting choices for personal preference. Also, the colored lights can help people see better in different lighting situations.

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Shipping and return options are perfect for most customers, and Kensun takes quality to the next level with their inclusion of the sturdy aluminum carrying case that is made to protect the bulbs during the shipping process.

While the Kensun LED headlight conversion kit is comparable to other headlight conversion kits on the market, Kensun offers features that are exclusive to Kensun products, and the back all of their promises with their 2-year warranty and free technician support for the life of the bulb. Kensun bulbs are durable, weatherproof, bright, clear, and made by Cree. These bulbs are both high-quality and affordable, making them a great option for anyone whose bulbs fit with the Kensun LED headline conversion kit.