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Starnill LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review

Starnill LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review

starnill led headlight kit

The Starnill LED Headlight Conversion kit offers a 36-watt bulb that has great visibility because of the high lumen of lights supplied by the bulb. For people who are looking for an affordable way to replace standard halogen lights, fog lights, and HID lights, the Starnill LED headlight bulbs are a great option, with a conversion kit that is efficient and easy to use. These LED lights are twice as bright as a standard halogen bulb, are more environmentally friendly, and use much less power than the stock bulbs in most headlights.

The conversion kit makes installation quick and easy, with a plug and play design that means there are no wires to cut.

Features and Benefits

The Starnill LED headlight bulbs have a built-in IC Circuit that prevents damage from voltage spikes or variations. The lights are easy to install, maintenance free, and have a service life of up to 30,000 hours.

Some of the newest LED headlight features include:

  • Plug and play installation which makes it quick and easy to install.
  • A low power consumption rate which makes it long-lasting and energy efficient.
  • A two hundred percent brighter light than halogen and HID lights.
  • A high precious constant current driver chip that offers low voltage protection, and
  • Aluminum material that makes it durable.

The Starnill LED headlight bulbs produce 6600 lumens of light compared to the 900-1000 lumens from a regular halogen bulb. Starnhill made these bulbs virtually maintenance free by making them shockproof, waterproof, with slim ballasts that resist high vibrations, and also protection from overheating feature.

The super bright white LED headlights, replacements for the HID Xenon and a traditional Halogen lamp, have a 360-degree light emission. Long warm-up times are not an issue thank you to fast response times.

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The LED headlight conversion kit has the IP65 waterproof feature which means it will work during all weather conditions, including extreme weather, and will stay safe even if it is submerged in water.

Starnill offers a one-year warranty for their LED headlight conversion kit. While most of the competitor companies offer at least a two-year warranty, the fact that Starnill has an option of guarantee is good, and helpful to many consumers.

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Unique Features

The Starnill LED headlight conversion kit offers significantly more benefits than Halogen and HID bulbs. It shines brighter, is more affordable, and offers features to make it maintenance free for up to 30,000 hours. Many vehicle owners find that the Starnill LED headlight bulb can outlast many vehicles.

When comparing it to other LED headlight conversion kits, Starnill has features that are more basic than some competitors, but still offer great lighting functions. Even better for some, the Starnill LED headlight conversion kit is considerably more cost-efficient than its competitors.


The Starnill LED headlight conversion kit is made for three different models, including: H4, H11, and 9004. Prices for new conversion kits are $22.99 for new packages, and currently only $11.64 for used kits.

For consumers who just want to replace their standard Halogen or HID bulb, the Starnill LED bulb is a good choice because of its affordability and more advanced features.

These conversion kits cost less than a high-quality HID kit but offer features that are more improved than HID bulbs.

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Potential Drawbacks

While there are many satisfied customers who have had no issues with the Starnill LED headlight conversion kit, there have been several reviews that express problems with the durability of the lights. More specifically, here are some of the potential drawbacks:

  • The consumers who were unhappy with the Starnill LED headlight conversion kit expressed appreciation of the brightness of the lights but stated that the bulbs burned out too quickly, within a few months of use.
  • A small number of customers had issues with installations being complicated.
  • Another small number of consumers had problems with the kit not fitting correctly.
  • Starnill only offers a one-year warranty instead of a two or three-year warranty. A few people reported bulbs burning out right after the warranty was up but said they would buy again if there were a longer warranty option, and
  • The other reliability issue that I saw in a few comments stated that the installed lights would flicker either regularly or in certain environments.

It is important for all customers to check the available housing kit model numbers and the stock bulb numbers to make sure Starnhill conversion kits are compatible with the vehicle you want to install them on.


If you are looking to switch from halogen or HID bulbs, and want to experience some of the best features of LED headlight bulbs, but at an affordable price, the Starnill LED headlight bulb conversion kit is a good option.

The blue-hued bright 6600 lumens of light is significantly brighter than the stock halogen or HID bulbs. Also, Starnill’s conversion kit is easy to install and works for many different vehicles. The easy to install feature also includes a shockproof, waterproof, and safe from voltage spikes. It has built-in fans that keep the lights cool so they will not overheat or damage any of the housing.

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With up to 30,000 hours of bright, and 360-degree views, the Starnill LED housing kit has been a perfect fit for many consumers. The waterproof and shockproof housing make it safe to use in all weather conditions, including rain, sleet, snow, and even fully submerged in water.

While some consumers have experienced reliability issues, there are still four times more consumers who have been happy with Starnhill and the LED headlight conversion kit, with only a small number of customers who have not been able to efficiently resolve their issue and have then left a poor review.

Overall, Starnill has produced a product that is not only affordable but also durable and easy to install. For customers who want to make the switch, the Starnill LED housing kit is a good option and can show you the significant difference between the stock halogen and HID bulbs, and the LED bulbs which are quickly becoming the preference for most vehicle owners.