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Best Car Foods to Eat for Kids

Best Car Foods to Eat for Kids

Going on a long road trip is certainly a fun activity that almost every family loves, especially kids. And while the tome on the road is a lot of fun, it can be a bit exhausting. If you are traveling with kids, the entire ride can be even more challenging.

Remember the time when you vowed not to turn your car into a trashcan for food crumbs? Well, that resolution should now be a distant memory.

On a road trip, there is nothing as satisfying as handing out snacks to your munchkins when they start getting anxious because of their hunger. Here are some of the most easy-to-make and best car foods to eat for kids that you can carry with you on your road trip.

Best Car Snacks for Kids

1. Granola Bars

Long road trips will bring down your children’s energy. Sitting idly for an hour or more can also irritate the little ones to no end.

For instant energy, however, granola bars are your best bet. High-fiber, low-sugar granola bars are a good way to increase the kids’ nutritional intake during the ride. If you want to make the snack even tastier, carry a yogurt cup with you so that your kids can dunk the bars in yogurt and enjoy the snack.

2. Popcorn Trail Mix

If you want to have a mix of sweet and salty snack, popcorn trail mix is the perfect option for. In a travel-friendly, lunch-size paper bags, mix popcorns with raisins, apple rings, and almonds. Serve the snack to the kids and enjoy the trip.

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Tip: Be careful with younger children. Popcorns and nuts are choking hazards for children under age 4. Carry this snack with you if you have older kids.

3. Dry Cereal

Cereals like Rice Krispies or Honey Nut Cheerios can be easily taken on your road trip. The great thing about this dry snack is that it won’t leave your hands sticky.

Tip: If you love sticky cereals, don’t forget to use a protein shaker bottle to avoid making a mess in your car.

4. Grapes

Who doesn’t love grapes? Grapes don’t just taste divine, but they also contain a lot of water. The reason why they make a perfect snack for your road trip is that they can also quench your thirst during the drive.

5. Whole Wheat Wraps

Carry whole wheat wraps with delicious cream cheese filling during your trip to give your children a tasty dish to munch on. Add another layer of your kids’ favorite jelly to make the wraps even more delicious.

The Final Word

Traveling with your kids by road is indeed a fun activity. But the children get tired easily and you will have to deal with their hunger pangs. When on road, it is virtually impossible to find a snack shop or to stop by a gas station to grab some snacks. So, the convenient way is to carry snacks with you so that you can fight with your kids’ hunger pangs. The only thing that you have to remember is to carry dry snacks so that your car doesn’t turn messy.  

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